An Evolving Zombie-Like Contagious Outbreak & Using Superpowers To Survive

I do not think that this continuing dream went lucid, I think that it was a normal dream and that it never became a lucid dream, but I could be wrong.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this interesting dream from last night is that I probably remember someone talking about The United States President Donald Trump and I remember being inside a maybe one-story multi-purpose-like building with different rooms and halls and areas, and I remember walking around this building.

When Zombies Scream

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Dream 1

Last night I barely remember part of two dream fragments, with maybe the first & last dream/semi-dream/semi-daydream involving a new technology and/or ability that I learned that allowed me to effect/affect the outside world with my mind/brain, but I can not remember the beginning of the dream that explains this technology and/or ability.

I just remember being able to move things with my mind and basically do almost anything with my mind without using my hands or feet or the rest of my body, which was interesting, and so I practiced seeing what I could do with this technology and/or ability.

I got more comfortable/better using this technology and/or ability as the dream/semi-dream/semi-daydream went on, but that is all that I can remember of the first part of this dream.

Dream 2

I only remember the end of the second dream, where I seemed to be in a facility that had scientists/security/regular people like me?/and me/I, and I do not remember there being any windows in the facility but I am not sure if it was underground or not.

I can not remember most of the dream but it seemed that something happened at the facility that caused what I will call Zombies, to be released/made, like something infected/changed people; and they started attacking everyone.

I am not sure what they were or how they got that way but I will call them zombies since I do not have a better word, but they did not move or sound like the traditional zombies, they were liked crazy Humans pumped up on drugs/chemicals trying to kill everything & they ran fast & the female ones would make a loud terrible screaming noise & the male ones would breathe heavily or something like a wild animal or athlete pushing their bodies to the limit & they could jump/climb/et cetera.

Some of the scientists, security, other people, and I escaped slowly through various areas of the facility; staying a step ahead of the zombies.

The facility had a lot of separate rooms that were sealed from each room by special security codes/locks/procedures, and so moving around the facility was a slow process.

At some point we reached a room that had an upper area over a lower area that led to another room, but we needed to unlock the door first; and it took a while, but the scientists & security opened it eventually.

Before it was opened we talked and did some other stuff, our group was fortunate to have not come across the zombies directly yet, and so things were going pretty well for us.

Once the door to the next room opened we were walking down to the lower area to reach the room, but we heard screams in the distance that sounded like women/people getting killed/raped/tortured/eaten by zombies/or something & so we stopped; but it sounded far enough away for us to have time to reach the room we had just opened.

But suddenly zombies (I did not get a good look at them but they probably looked like regular Humans in clothes that got infected by something so their eyes probably looked different & they probably had veins or something that you could see on their faces but I am not sure) burst into the upper area & the female zombies made a terrible screaming noise that sounded like women getting raped/tortured/killed/or something & that stunned/scared/freaked us out, while the male zombies probably made a heavy breathing noise like an athlete pushing their body to the limit.

For a second some of us thought of fighting them while the others ran to the open room, but then many zombies burst into the upper room from two other areas, and we all ran for our lives; but the zombies ran fast like Humans running as fast as they could, and they could jump, so some of them jumped from the upper area to attack some of us.

I was one of the first people to reach the new room, which was an open gym-like room with a high ceiling, but we were trapped since we would not have time to open the door to the next room; and so a few other people/scientists/security/and I started to climb the walls in desperation.

This seemed pretty real and I was scared/freaked out/climbing for my life, and the loud screams & noises of the zombies was disturbing & realistic, and I could hear & see them ripping apart/killing most of the people in my group.

To make things worse, the zombies could climb the walls too & pretty fast as well, and in desperation some of us started climbing on the ceiling hoping the zombies could not reach us there; but some of the zombies could climb on the ceiling too, but slower than they could climb the walls.

The zombies were wild/aggressive/fast/brutal/loud, we were trapped, they were getting closer to the few of us hanging on the ceiling, and I felt that all hope was lost; and in my fear/hopelessness, I woke myself up from the dream, so that I would not have to get ripped apart/killed.

Later I continued the dream/semi-dream/semi-daydream where I was using that new technology and/or ability to effect/affect the external world with my mind, and I continued practicing & learning what I could do with this new technology and/or ability; but I woke up/partly woke at some point.

In the real world I partly woke up thinking that dream was real and that I could move stuff with my mind, and so I started trying to move stuff with my mind; but it did not work.

I then realized that I had been dreaming and that I was now awake, and then I felt stupid & I laughed a bit; but just in case, I tried one more time to see if I could move a painting/print on my wall with my mind, but I could not.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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