Public Bathrooms

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lazy Overview:

I have not remember much of my dreams the last few days, but I think several have had school related themes.

Last night I know I had one or more longer dreams that took place in a fictional school / college, one or more of which are somewhat common for some of my dreams.

I remember parts of the dream(s) taking place in classrooms, hallways, lobbies, bathrooms, a few other places, and maybe the cafeteria even; so the dream(s) must have been longer than usual, since I had the time to explore that many places.

I do not think anything unusual happened probably just school stuff, eating, drinking, talking, walking, going to the bathroom, etc.

I went to several bathrooms, several times, and spent a while in some of them; for some reason I sometimes have this reoccurring dream theme which involves me looking for a bathroom to use, but I usually have a hard time finding a bathroom that is not full and/or private.

So I usually either have to keep looking for another bathroom and/or wait for some of the people to leave the bathroom and/or use the bathroom with little or no privacy; I am not sure what those kind of dreams could mean, but I always have them every so often and they are usually in school/college related dreams.

I can not remember the other dreams.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂