An Unstable George Clooney

Unfortunately I only recorded barely part of the end of my last dream that took place mostly outside, some of it probably took place inside, but most of the dream is forgotten now.

The inside parts of the dream are mostly forgotten and unclear now, but I do remember going outside a Walmart or a Walmart-like store.

In the parking lot and along the sidewalk I would see and hear people who seemed like they needed help, and most of these people seemed to be unstable with issues like: mental disorders, being high or drunk, feeling depressed and / or angry and / or nervous et cetera, having mental breakdowns, et cetera.

An increasing amount of these people were celebrities, I would see and hear how they were saying and how they were acting, and sometimes I was possibly able to see what they were thinking and maybe somewhat feel what they were feeling; and I possibly would see some of their memories / flashbacks.

I am not sure if the was there and / or just in someone’s thoughts / memories / flashbacks but I remember seeing and hearing Anthony Bourdain at some point, but I can not remember the details.

Some people would accept my help and let me talk with them on my first approach, but with most it took one or two or three tries to get them to talk with me and accept some help; but some refused my help even after three tries.

The person who rejected my help the hardest and the most was the actor George Clooney who was causing the biggest scene of everyone, and he seemed drunk and / or high and / or mentally unstable.

Mr. Clooney was talking to himself, ranting at people and just out-loud, et cetera; he was angry, maybe slightly depressed, he needed a shave, his hair was a bit wild, he looked and was dressed rough and acted rough, he was possibly somewhat slurring his words sometimes, and he was basically a mess like someone having a breakdown and who had lost something and / or stress and / or some other problems had gotten to him.

I approached him at least three times but he angrily refused help and to talk with me each time, each time I got a bit closer to reaching him though, but he kept getting angry and moving away from me each time until I stopped.

After my last attempt Mr. Clooney walked around walking up to people ranting, ranting to himself, somewhat stumbling around the parking lot and sidewalk, et cetera.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


John Jr Finds A Baby

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I had several dreams, with one dream that took place at a shopping center in D during the day, but the shopping center had parts of a school there; and I was a student, and my class went into one of the school buildings in this shopping center.

At some point the military came to the shopping center and they did not allow any of us to leave, and there seemed to be something big about to happen; but I am not sure if it was an internal experiment gone bad or an external attack of an unknown origin.

I remember the sky getting darker & the colors in the sky were a strange series of colors & it was darker outside at some point, and the military kept us inside during most of this; the military unit was led by an older military officer with whitish colored skin & grey/white colored hair, and he stayed inside the building that my class was in most of the time.

He seemed to be using our building as his temporary headquarters, and he would not tell us what was going on.

At some point he was talking to someone about the situation on some military communications device, the situation was very bad & out of control, and the military officer stood there in a bit of shock.

I then started to hear gunshots & screams & yelling outside, like a battle was going on, and I asked the military officer what was going on; but he was in shock & he was acting like he was defeated, and he would not tell me anything still.

He sat down at a desk, like he was waiting to be killed eventually, and he still did not give us permission to leave; and so I yelled for him to stop sitting around, let us leave, and start protecting people.

I then went to look out of the windows and I think that I saw a strange greenish colored creäture attacking a soldier outside, and the situation was out of control outside & the attack/battle was no normal attack/battle; and then I started to try to decide what I could do to help, and I started to ask the military officer to explain to me what was going on again.

He was still in shock and I tried to give him some inspiration & I tried to alert him to the reality/seriousness of the situation, and I told him that we did not have time to sit around & give up & that we had to act now to protect people; but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream that I remember is a bit confusing and it might have taken place at a school that was connected to parts of my grandfather’s house, but I could be wrong.

I just remember being in my grandfather’s house at some point, and I found a baby in my grandfather’s family room.

I think that the baby was a girl with whitish colored skin & yellowish colored hair, the baby was old enough to sit up but she could not walk yet probably.

No one was around and the baby was alone, and so I picked her up; and then I walked around trying to find her parent’s.

I found my parent’s at some point and they helped me search for the baby’s parents, and outside was a large crowd of people hanging out in my grandfather’s yard & where my grandfather’s garden should have been.

The baby was very well-behaved & cute, and I remember playing with her & making her laugh & smile as I searched around for her parents; and she did not cry or anything, and she just enjoyed the adventure of searching for her parents. 🙂

After awhile I started to think that I would never find her parents and that I would probably end up having to take care of her, which did not seem like that much of a problem to me, and I actually was enjoying spending time with the baby. 🙂

At some point a rough & aggressive & suspicious & possibly semi-drunk group of men came up to the baby & I, and one of the men claimed to be the baby’s father; but I asked him for proof.

He and the other group of men were acting in a threatening way toward me, and they seemed to be ready to take the baby by force; and so I kept a distance and I prepared to defend myself & the baby if necessary.

The man refused to show proof that the baby was his and so I asked him what was the baby’s name, but he hesitated like he did not know the baby’s name; maybe because of the alcohol.

I asked him if he had any photographs of the baby, but he did not have any.

He was acting suspicious and aggressive, so were the other men, and soon my dad came over; and I told him about the situation.

I asked the man where was the baby’s mother as the stand-off continued, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂