A Doll-Like Child | Printers & An Attempted Framing

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in a fictional city and I was with my mom, my brother GC, and my brother KDC and / or my brother TDC.

We were walking outside across maybe a small field by a street, this area reminded me of the area near the McDonald’s on B Street in the city of LC, and we saw a white and black cat.


Playing A Mobile Grand Theft Auto-Like Video Game

Young Maylay in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)
Source: IMDb

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and I remember walking up the street that The E House is on while I was doing something on my mobile phone.

I remember something automatically opening things on my mobile phone, and so I was dealing with that possibly mostly through a web browser.

After dealing with that I started playing a Grand Theft Auto-like mobile video game on my phone that was like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with better graphics, and I was controlling a main character who was like or who was Carl “CJ” Johnson.

I was possibly near the where the volleyball court should be at this point and / or in the video game my character was in a similar location that had a beach there instead, and a group of men attacked him and so I had to fight them using my character in hand-to-hand combat.

The fighting was very similar to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it was simple with some combination attacks, but there were some finishing moves and even some environmental kill moves.

I moved my character around a lot to avoid attacks while attacking my opponents from exposed angles, when there was only one guy left I did a combination attack, and then I used an environmental kill (finisher) move where my character drowned him in a water puddle that was on the beach near them.

I was surprised by this, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Unstable Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) | Recovered UFOs?

Dream 1

As I was falling asleep on my stomach (which is my least used sleeping position) I realized that I still had enough consciousness to attempt a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD), and so I tried to have a WILD.

As I was falling asleep, I rode it like a wave, staying conscious even through the weird parts.

It worked, so now I was in a lucid dream, but I could still somewhat feel my body in bed still on my stomach.


May 2, 2009 | Dream Fragment | The House Salesman


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered one of my dreams, but I do know that the dreams that I can not remember exactly, were inspired by the movie City Of God; which I watched last night.

The dream I remember started with my family, my cousin DW, and I arriving by automobile to a field area near some trees.

My mom said that we came here to meet a house salesman that was going to show us a house that he was selling.

We did not see the salesman so we decided to walk toward the trees, to see if he was behind them.

The tree area had water puddles and was like a mini-jungle with vines, bushes, trees, etc.

As we were entering the tree area, I noticed a small green snake with a triangular-shaped head like a viper, it was near my mom’s foot in a water puddle.

I told my mom to watch out because there was a snake, so we all started to look around to make sure there were no more snakes, and suddenly we started to see more snakes.

Some were in water puddles, some were under leaves, and a few were on bushes.

Almost all of them looked poisonous, but like almost all my dreams with snakes, they did not bother us or try to bite us.

I grabbed a stick and started to hit the ground as we walked, so I could find the snakes easier, but suddenly a man in an automobile drove up near our automobiles.

The man got out of the automobile wearing body armor and a helmet like he was a riot police officer or something, that just left work.

He took off his helmet and put it into his automobile, and asked if we were the ones wanting to see the house that he was selling, we said yes.

The man then told us to follow him, and we walked through the mini-jungle which then led to a field and across the field there was a school.

On the other side of the school there was a nice two-story house made of brick with a nice large yard, the man said that was the house that he was selling.

The house salesman had brown hair, appeared to be in his 40’s, was a bit fat, and he acted somewhat annoying & un-trustworthy; he reminded me of some of the cheesy guys that you would see in a movie from the 70s.

Instead of walking around the school to get to the house, the house salesman lead us through the school area, he said that was a shortcut.

The house salesman did not seem to know where he was going and we started to get lost, but after a while we made it to a baseball field that was close to the yard of the house.

The house salesman was getting hot in his armor so he had taken most of it off at this point, and there was a fence around the baseball field, so we were going to have to climb it.

Some of the students were outside and helped us climb over the fence, and after that the house salesman was very tired & embarrassed.

The house salesman then fell on the ground and started to tell us the truth, he said that he did not really own that house and that he was just pretending that he owned it; to make himself seem to be successful.

He said that he used to be a classmate of my mom and that he used to like her, so he was hoping to impress her.

We were all shocked and just stood there wondering what to do or say, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Lady In The Puddle

File:Exploring new continents 1200728.JPG
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Saturday night I remembered a bit of two of my dreams, and in the first dream I remembered part of a strange and detailed story I was told by a dream character; and I think the second dream was related to my body’s fight against a real sickness, that I had since Thursday.

The first dream took place in a fictional version of my job, the building had no windows and the building was almost empty.

There was only one work table and there was a room that may have been the office or offices, and I think some workers were in there were talking.

In the main area my cousin CE was working by herself at the only work table I saw, and I stopped to talk to her; but I can not remember what I said.

Not too far from her across the room, there was a dark area near the only entrance I saw in the building.

The only light in the area by the entrance, was from the crack in the entrance door.

I walked over near the door to look outside but I saw water in the dark area, and it was like a small deep pond or aquarium; but I did not see any fish or anything.

I then walked toward the door but I heard a voice of a woman, so I looked down, and next to the door was a water puddle between the door and the small deep body of water.

The water puddle was only about ankle-deep maybe, and in the water puddle there was a small woman with long blonde hair and whitish colored skin.

She was under the water but I could hear her voice clearly, and she began to tell me a story about her past.

I do not remember the entire story, but it is probably one of the most detailed conversations I have had with a dream character that really did not have anything to do with the dream or me.

I think it is rare for a dream character to tell me a story about themselves like that, and for me to actually remember some of it.

She told me that she used to be a scientist working with a team of scientists, that were researching marine animals.

I do not remember why they were doing the research, but I think she mentioned it.

She talked like you would expect a scientist to, she gave details and used scientific-like words.

She said something about one day she had the desire/need/want/wish to kill the marine animals or something, but I forgot the details she gave me about this.

I can not remember why or what made her start thinking about killing the marine animals.

I think she described how she started noticing some strange changes in her thoughts, behaviors, and personality.

All I can remember is that she said that she killed the marine animals, and that they were doing research with/on a neurotoxin made from a plant or tree.

She put it in the water, and I do not know if she killed the other scientists or not; she did not say.

As she told the story, I think her voice started to slowly sound crazier & crazier, as she told the story.

I can not remember if she stopped talking or did I just leave while she was still talking, because she started to sound pretty crazy.

I remember wondering what happened to her colleagues, why did she kill the marine animals, I thought she was crazy, and since she was trapped in the water puddle and she was so small, I was not worried about her hurting anyone else; so I walked off.

I then talked to my cousin CE, my cousin TE was there also, and some random workers in the office.

My second dream took place in a building with no windows again, which is common for my dreams.

It was like a big garage for automobiles and small boats.

My mom, uncle JF, and I were talking on one side of the room and on the other side there was a party.

At the party there were Humans and Vampires, and they were talking and dancing I think.

All I remember is that a fight started between two female Vampires and some Humans, and the two female Vampires seemed to be too tough/powerful for the Humans to defeat; so the Humans ran outside.

I ran outside and I tried to stop the fight, but the two female Vampires wanted to fight and they seemed to hate Humans.

They were the ones that started the fight, and it appeared that the Humans and Vampires were trying to get along; but these two Vampires wanted to stop that.

As we were about fight, a group of Vampires flew from the air and attacked the two female Vampires, and then they ran into the building to fight.

The group of Vampires came back outside and said that the situation had been taken care of, but they did not say if the two female Vampires were dead or not.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂