Ice Cube Falls & Has A Seizure

In this dream, I was working at a slightly fictional version of The BP Library, and there were more patrons there than usual.

At some point, I started clearing things from a study room that had been temporarily stored there by the library, and a thin Ice Cube walked over to help me.


Too Much Caffeine & Soldier Boy Is Alive

THE BOYS – Season 3 Episode 4 – PROMO TRAILER | Prime Video

Last night, I made the mistake of having a large mocha frappé, hamburger, and two chocolate chip cookies from McDonald’s; unfortunately, all three things were disappointing.

The caffeine in the frappé disturbed my sleep and dreams.


Turrets + Memory Foam Mattresses + A Blood Pressure Monitor = ?

Dream 1

I did not voice record my dreams during the night so I forgot most of them except for part of two dreams, but I can not remember most of the first dream.

I think that this dream from last night possibly took place at a shopping mall and I was walking around alone and maybe with some other people, it was probably a large mall with many people, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


My Wife / Girlfriend Is Dying?

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of one very interesting and detailed dream from last night, but unfortunately I can not remember most of this interesting dream; and unfortunately my memory of this dream is too unclear to properly represent how interesting and detailed this dream really was.

The dream took place in several different areas in a fictional neighborhood in a fictional city, the dream had a dream-like feeling/maybe look to it probably because I was sleeping pretty deeply, and so certain things about the dream does not make sense like: it was day or bright in some parts of the neighborhood, but it was evening or night or dark in one part of the neighborhood at the same time.

The dream involved different people and situations and I was in the dream as well but I can only barely remember part of two or three of these situations, one situation that took place later in the dream involved a mafia family, and the family (wife, kids, et cetera) of one of the head members of the mafia were riding in a van with their bodyguards in the bright/day parts of the neighborhood.

The family probably had whitish colored skin and maybe they spoke English with either an Eastern European accent or an Italian accent or another kind of accent but I could be wrong, and the neighborhood was a nice quiet neighborhood with houses/sidewalks/et cetera; but suddenly several automobiles blocked their path and surrounded them, and they assumed that it was a rival mafia there to kill or kidnap the family.

There was a tense standoff where the family thought that they would be shot to death but eventually the automobiles escorted them to a house somewhere in the neighborhood and an older man with whitish colored skin with whitish/grayish colored hair with a somewhat long beard stood in the doorway of the house looking out at them, and he seemed to be one of the leaders of their mafia and his family was probably the family in the van; and so this seemed to have been a test to see how his family and their bodyguards would react if attacked/surrounded by a rival gang and/or something like that.

The older man nodded at them and he said something to them and/or had someone send them a message, then they were sent on their way, and his wife or the woman with kids was not happy and she was angrily complaining about this test/whatever for several reasons like: it made it seem that he did not trust them, it made it seem like he was not sure if they were ready for a situation like that/this, and they really thought that they were going to die, et cetera.

The second situation/part of the dream (there were other situations/parts of the dream before these two parts, but I can not remember them unfortunately) took place on the dark or evening or night  or cloudy (in the sky maybe) somewhat dream-like part of the neighborhood in a strange area that was like a dark partly/mostly outdoor store/warehouse with rows of tall shelves combined with a small outdoor hospital with nurses/doctors combined with a junkyard combined with a small neighborhood park combined with a few other things, and this area was somewhat walled off (probably by shelves and/or something else) with one open entrance to the street and sidewalks I think.

In this area were some of my family (my mom, my dad, and maybe some of my brothers), maybe some of my family members (maybe a few aunts, uncles, cousins), maybe a few of my former classmates and/or people I know, probably fictional people from the neighborhood, nurses/doctors/patients, et cetera.

The second situation probably involved me visiting with my family/people in the area that was closest to the entrance where there were tables/chairs/et cetera, and exploring the various parts of this dark area and the various objects/things in this area; and so I got to see and probably even help some nurses/doctors in the hospital area, and I explored the various shelves and other areas in this dark area.

One part of this dark area that I can somewhat remember other than some of the rows of shelves having hospital areas is that there was a corner area on the back left side that I went to several times and I liked this area (it felt like a nice/safe hiding spot), it was a nice quiet area that you could use to quickly get to the area where my family/other people were or you could quickly get to the hospital area or you could quickly explore other areas, but unfortunately that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The third/last situation/part of the dream took place in the dark area as well after I walked back to where my family and the others were, and a woman with whitish colored skin with probably reddish colored hair or orangish colored hair was with them now (maybe she was there earlier but I can not remember); and we warmly greeted each other and we were happy to see each other, and I think that she was my wife or my girlfriend who I was going to marry soon.

I am assuming that she was my wife but I could be wrong, either way I will refer to her as my wife even though I am not sure if that is correct or not, and my wife seemed to get along well with my family and the other people there; and they seemed to like her, and I remember being glad that she was there.

I wanted to take my wife on a tour of the dark area to show her the various areas that I explored, I was excited and I knew that exploring the areas with my wife would be even more exciting than when I explored them alone, and we probably held hands and walked closely as I told her about my adventures so far.

My memory and my memory of my feelings are too unclear now but I think that I felt a close connection with my wife and I really enjoyed spending time with her, and she enjoyed spending time with my family/the others.

At some point we walked to my favorite area in the corner and I think that a female friend of my wife walked over to talk with her so I started to walk away to give them some privacy, but then my wife collapsed to the ground; and her friend and I rushed to help her, but I could not feel her pulse like her heart stopped or her pulse was so low that I could not feel it and I remember feeling terrible at the thought of my wife dying.

I yelled for help because we were close to the hospital-like area and I ran to find some nurses/doctors who I probably helped earlier in the dream, a female nurse and a high level female nurse or doctor with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair came to help, and the high level nurse or doctor did not have her equipment with her; and so she was going to try to hook up something to my wife to help pump/filter her blood and/or something like that because her heart had stopped or it was beating too slow.

On the wall or shelf near my wife was a small radiator-like thing that was possibly part of a running air conditioner or something like that, the nurse/doctor was going to connect it to my wife to pump/filter her blood, but she needed water; and so I ran as fast as I could with an empty paint bucket and an empty ice cream bucket to get some water in the hospital area and I was doing whatever I could to help save my wife’s life (the part when I was rushing to get water was terrible as I thought about my wife possibly dying, and I was moving as fast as I could to get the water).

When I ran back with the water my wife’s friend told me that more nurse/doctors came with a stretcher/equipment and they took my wife to the emergency room to try to save her life (I wondered if the nurse/doctor sent me to get water so that I would not have to see them take my wife away because she knew that I would want to go inside the operating room and/or she did not want me to suffer any more than I already have and/or she wanted me to feel like I was helping), I wanted to go in there, but no one was allowed; and so my wife’s friend and I walked to tell my family/the others about the situation, and to wait for news about my wife’s condition from the nurses/doctors.

My family/the others were very supportive as we waited for news from the nurses/doctors (one of the others was a bald man with light-medium brownish colored skin who was a rapper or boxer (Floyd Mayweather, Jr.?) or someone from Eastside, and he even gave me a strong hug as a sign of support), the waiting was terrible and I kept replaying the situation in my mind and thinking about the various possibilities, and this was like torture; and I kept wishing/hoping that my wife would survive, and some of my family/the others prayed for her/me.

I could not even sit down so I kept walking/pacing around the area (this part of the dream was pretty realistic, and I was so over-whelmed that I did not know what to do or how to react), I kept on pleading/hoping/wishing/et cetera that my wife would not die, and the thought of her dying so soon felt so cruel because after all of these years/most of my life I had finally got married/finally found someone who I loved and they loved me/we were happy/my family liked her/et cetera but she was possibly going to die/be taken away so soon; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Aunt CE Almost Dies Again? | A Better World / Culture / Life

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I slept good and long for the second time in a row this week, I have not slept well for most of the week, and so I only remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream that I remember was pretty realistic, even though my aunt CE who died this year was in the dream, and in this dream she was in bad health like she was before she died in real life; and so she was in a bed maybe in a special area of a hospital or somewhere, but she was in an area alone away from the main building I guess and I was there with her at some point.

My mom and some of my aunts were probably there but probably left to eat in the hospital, to get there I guess you had to leave my aunt CE’s room and walk down a sidewalk that led to the main hospital building, I think that the dream took place during a dark-cloudy time of day but I am not sure since the sidewalk/catwalk had a cover to protect from rain.

I was left alone for a moment I guess to watch over my aunt CE, I can not remember most of the dream but my aunt CE & I probably talked at some point, but then her heart stopped or started slowing down (in real life she had heart problems and needed another heart transplant); and she lost consciousness.

I went to check her heartbeat but I did not feel it or it was too slow, I think that it stopped, and so I yelled/called/pressed a button for help; and I remember trying to figure out what to do to help, and I was panicking a bit.

There were no nurses in this area, oddly, and so it would probably take them a while to get to us or to contact them; and I remember talking to my unconscious aunt CE telling her not to die on me/us (again(?)), and my mom came running into the room.

Time was running out and so we needed to start her heart back now before it was too late, and so my mom told me to grab an emergency needle/syringe-thing that probably had something in it (a drug/chemical/medicine) & I knew that it had to be stabbed/injected into the person’s heart (like on Pulp Fiction?).

I did not want to do it but I saw no other choice, it was hard trying to get myself to do it & my mom had to keep encouraging me, and then I finally stabbed/injected the needle/syringe-like thing into my aunt CE’s heart (this was pretty realistic and it was very hard to do & dramatic); and then I removed it, and we waited to see if her heart would start back, and in a few moments her heart did start back.

That gave me some relief but I was still shaken up from such a stressful situation, which I thought was real, some of my aunts came into the room late to see what had happened as we waited for the nurses/doctors to arrive.

My aunt CE was still unconscious, so we were not sure how much damage was done from when her heart had stopped, and so we hoped for the best as we waited for the nurses/doctors; and I woke up.

Dream 2

The last/second dream that I somewhat remember took place in a slightly fictional version of Eastside on my parent’s street during the day, and I seemed to be a worker/helper/principal/a person who was looked up to/a role-model/hero/whatever for a school-like place for kids and adults.

Everyone seemed to know me and were positive to me as I walked around inside and outside this fictional school-like place where people of many ages were talking, eating, drinking, playing, learning, et cetera.

It seemed that I had finally learned a way to cope with this life/world/culture in some way that allowed me to make money/survive and help people, and my life was mostly positive now; and I was making a positive difference in the lives of many people, who were inspired by me for some unknown reason that I was not even sure of in the dream.

I walked around playing with kids, giving advice to teenagers, teaching various things to adults, helping around here & there, and making sure that things were going smoothly around the area.

It was a very nice dream, too nice to be real, and mostly everyone was getting along with each other; and this school-like place was providing most of the things that we Humans need to survive like food, drink, shelter, healthcare, community, education, a purpose/mission/jobs/hobby/et cetera.

It was the kind of world/culture/life that I did not have a problem living in, unfortunately I can not remember some of the dream, but there was much more to this dream that I can not remember.

At some point outside I played with some of the kids, my cousin ME & maybe another cousin of mine were with that group of kids, and they had wanted me to play with them & so I did; and I told them some stories from my childhood.

It seemed that I tried to help people learn from some of my mistakes so they would not repeat them, help them learn some of the many things that I learned through the years, help them to find things in life they enjoy doing, help them learn to work together, and many other things.

It was amazing getting to see the world/culture/life change for the better and actually being part of the positive change, it was finally a life worth living, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr