Broken Strings

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I had several dreams last night, but I only remember part of two of my dreams.

I can not remember the other dreams, but I do know that each one had different subjects/topics and probably did not have much in common.

Dream 1

The first dream I remember actually was not remembered by me until I went to play tennis with my brothers today.

For some reason I thought my racket string was broken, but when I stopped to think about it, I realized that my strings really were not broken; it was just that I had mistaken a dream for a real event.

The dream also took place at the park, I was about to play tennis in the dream but noticed that my new racket had a broken string, and the rest of the strings were very loose & not aligned properly.

That is all I remember on that dream.

Dream 2

The second / last dream I remember, was a The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Film)-like dream.

It was about a boy who was born and lived most of his life separated from the rest of society and was raised as an Innocent, I think that is what someone said in the dream.

The boy may have even grew up without parents, I am not sure, I just know that he was now going into a public area for the first time in his life.

The boy was now a man, and probably at least 18-24 years old.

The man and a woman went to some area that looked like the outside of maybe an airport or train station or mall or something.

I think the man was amazed by what he was seeing and was like a kid, in the sense that the World was more alive to him.

At some point in the dream, I think the man got attacked when the woman was not with him by some group of street thugs.

They may have robbed him too, all I know is that this event really broke his heart like when a best friend betrays you are something.

Also this event made him very angry, he felt like killing the thugs that attacked him, for some reason he did not tell the woman about the attack.

While the man was walking with the woman and thinking about the attack, he noticed another man walking near a building.

The man walking near the building walked past a group of thugs, which could have been the same ones that attacked the other man, but I am not sure.

Anyway, the thugs walked toward the man to attack him, but he was ready to defend himself.

So the man jumped on one of the thugs and started to punch him in the face, the man was actually on top of the thug’s face while the thug was still standing.

The other thugs ran in to help, but the man somehow was about to kick a few of them, while still on the one thug’s face.

The man was fighting like a wild animal, and it was working until the group of thugs finally grabbed him.

The man started to lose the fight then, but he fought well.

The other man who was watching this started to feel like going to help the man, and he still felt like killing the thugs but he stopped those negative thoughts & let them go quickly before they consumed him.

The woman with the man asked him what was wrong, but he did not tell her, and they both started to walk off.

The thugs had already beat the other man, but not too badly, they left because he was fighting so hard.

I remember the dream closing with a question, the question was something like this:

If humans could be born and raise themselves instead of having parents raise them, and make up most of their own beliefs, thoughts, behaviors (Culture basically) do you think that would be better than the current system which has parents raising their kids and teaching them many of their beliefs, thoughts, behaviors (Culture basically)?

My thought was even though the idea of humans being able raise themselves from babies to adults sounds good for creating more unique humans with more of their own personally made up beliefs, thoughts, behaviors (Culture basically) it is probably not better overall than the current system because the sharing of beliefs, thoughts, behaviors (Culture basically) from our parent’s is a key part of building relationships and allows us humans to have enough similarities socially that usually allows us to survive together & better as a species.

Even though I would like the idea of more unique humans that are not so weighed down by old cultural beliefs, too many unique and new cultures would probably create too much chaos and conflict; humans would not have as much in common and the division would probably make us less likely to survive together well as a species.

Those were my thoughts as the dream quickly faded away, with that question and my quick answer.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂