Spike Spiegel & Vicious | Karl Rock & A Hindu Temple In A Store

Cowboy Bebop | Official Trailer | Netflix

Lazy notes of my dreams:

Dream 1

This dream involved Cowboy Bebop, maybe the Netflix live action parody version (I can not remember, and it involved something involving the characters Spike Spiegel & Vicious; and someone was trying to get something that both of them had.

Dream 2

This dream started outside during the night in DeRidder with Young Don The Sauce God (Don Hinds) & I arriving by vehicle to a fictional parking lot almost across the street from a fictional version of the field by my parent’s yard.


The Pentyrch UFO Incident | Documentary Special

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The YouTube video The Pentyrch UFO Incident | Documentary Special by the YouTube channel The Paranormal Scholar:

The Pentyrch UFO Incident | Documentary Special

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In 2016, a peculiar pyramid-shaped UFO was witnessed over the Welsh village of Pentyrch.

What is claimed to have followed was shocking: military intervention, resulting in the alien spacecraft crashing into woodland on the outskirts of Llantrisant, Wales.

In the years since this happening, information related to the Pentyrch UFO Incident has been suppressed, leading some to believe it to be one of the greatest UFO mysteries of all time.


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Film Theory: Joker Is A Billionaire! (Batman The Dark Knight)

Film Theory: Joker Is A Billionaire! (Batman The Dark Knight)

What Is It?

The YouTube video Film Theory: Joker Is A Billionaire! (Batman The Dark Knight) by the YouTube channel The Film Theorists:

Film Theory: Joker Is A Billionaire! (Batman The Dark Knight)

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Check out Food Theory!

Is Kool Aid Man the next Thanos?!

Batman, or rather Bruce Wayne, is the richest man in Gotham.

We all know that.

Well, today, I am here to prove that FACT is a LIE!

Yep, good ole Brucey has been beat by none other than his biggest rival.

Somehow, our favorite ever smiling big bad Joker has come out on top of the money game.


Well, Theorists, to answer that question, we’ll need to revisit one of my favorite Batman movies ever – The Dark Knight!

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What is Disney’s Body Count?

No One Survives Disney!

Wall-E’s SECRET Villain




Rapunzel’s Hair is Destroying Itself!

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Working At Dollar General And My Orgonite Pyramid Arrives

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately I forgot most of my dreams from last night except for part of my last dream, and that dream took place during the day in the city of D.

I was working at a slightly fictional version of the Dollar General on Eastside probably stocking shelves and cleaning, and there were at least two female coworkers working with me.

This building had two stores in it with a small clothing store on the left side of the building and the Dollar General store on the right side of the building, there was no wall separating each store so they were in one open building, and the only thing that separated them was a hard white and black floor that was basically a walkway that went straight through most of the building and started at the entrance door or doors.

As I worked I remember thinking and wondering if the large no-frills orgonite pendant that I ordered from Karin’s Orgonise Yourself Etsy shop  during the 20% off sale and the medium orgonite pyramid that I ordered from Orgonise Africa during the 27% off sale had arrived yet or not.

At some point my work was done for the day and I was going to leave, I found out that the medium orgonite pyramid had arrived, and so I was going to take it home with me.

I walked outside but then I had to enter the building again for some reason that I can not remember, I remember walking up the walkway inside near the clothing store, and there was a woman with whitish-colored skin working in the clothing store but I can not remember what happened.

I just remembered going back outside to leave and feeling energized, like being near the orgonite pyramid was making me feel more energized, and then I possibly got on a bicycle to ride home.

I possibly had the orgonite pyramid in a brown bag that I was holding as I rode the bicycle home, but I woke up I rode the bicycle feeling happy and good and energized.

The end,

-John Jr