Protecting Prince William’s And Princess Kate’s (Catherine’s) Wedding And The British Royal Family

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Lazy Overview:

I had these two dream fragments about a month ago, and I am not sure if I typed the first dream down or not yet.

Dream 1

It took place in the day in The United Kingdom Of Great Britain (The UK), and I was at the beginning of the parade route for the royal wedding for Prince William & Princess Kate.

It seemed that I was one of the undercover security guards or something and I was checking the security for the parade route, a few hours before the wedding; and I also saw some secret agent looking men in suits wearing shades, and they were checking the parade route or something but I thought that they looked a bit suspicious & I wondered if they were The Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

We were in a small town square and there were some people already there early, waiting for the parade to start, and in front of me were some men in white suits that looked like members of the music group The Hives or something; and a group of women came running & screaming to meet them.

We continued walking along the parade route and I was looking for possible security threats & weaknesses in the security like: snipers, bombs, suspicious looking people, lack of barricades, lack of proper spacing of the barricades, etc.

I noticed that the security was very weak (no security guards were in place yet, no anti-snipers, etc.) and there were no barricades at the beginning of the parade route, which I saw as a problem, and I wanted to finish checking the parade route so that I could report those weaknesses and have them fixed.

After passing through the town square, the parade route then went through a nice open field, and there were/was a few crowds of people already there; but I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream fragment is a bit unclear, but I remember being in a pub with Prince William, Prince Harry, and Princess Kate; and small television crew seemed to be filming them or something I think.

Prince William and Princess Kate were supposed to be on their honeymoon in a secret place, which was in some small unknown city, and Prince Harry had come to visit them; and so they were relaxing in a pub and having fun.

At some point Queen Elizabeth came to visit them, without any security guards, and her driver leaves; and so I guess I was supposed to drive them back to their hotel or wherever.

But something happened but I can not remember what happened exactly, and I just know that it was a security threat of some kind; and so we had to run out of the pub, we ran down the sidewalk, we climbed a ladder that led to a hollow metal thing on the side of a building, and we hid in the metal thing.

I had no weapon, I had no armor, our automobile was in the back of the pub & we could not reach it yet, we had no help, we had no mobile phones, and so we were trapped.

At some point when things seemed to be clear Prince William decided to go back into the pub to get help, even though I told him not too; I would have done it, but I did not want to leave them alone, since we did not know where the threat was.

Prince William went into the pub anyway and I stayed with the others, even though I wanted to go help protect Prince William, but I could not risk leaving the others alone.

At some point Prince William came back with two young men that looked somewhat like him and Prince Harry, and he had a plan to use them as decoys, so that we could reach our automobile at the back of the pub & escape.

Prince William was standing down on the sidewalk talking with his decoy, the Prince Harry decoy was standing near them, and the rest of us were still hiding in the metal thing, well I was on the ladder guarding it.

At some point the Prince Harry decoy climbed up the ladder and I noticed that he was only a teenager, and he was acting strange; he did not talk, he just smiled in a scary way, I noticed that he had a backpack on, and then as he was on the ladder in front of us he pulled out a detonator for a bomb.

I yelled to the others that he had a bomb in his backpack and I told Prince William and his decoy to run, but Prince William was standing on the sidewalk in shock; I decided to push the Prince Harry decoy off the ladder so that the explosion would hopefully not kill us, and I once again yelled to Prince William telling him to run.

I pushed the Prince Harry decoy off the ladder and he was falling toward a shocked Prince William, and then the Prince William decoy pushed Prince William out-of-the-way; and the bomb exploded killing the Prince William decoy and the Prince Harry decoy, but Prince William was still alive.

I decided to run to the back of the pub, I got the automobile, I drove it next to the ladder, I got the Royal Family into the automobile, and I drove off.

The dream jumped to a few hours later and the next part of the dream is very unclear, but I remember that a small group of Royal Family Bodyguards or something and I went to attack a warehouse; and in the warehouse were/was the group that was responsible for attacking the Royal Family earlier in the dream or something.

It was dark in the warehouse and a group of strange men & women, that seemed to be a gang or something, attacked us; and they had us out-numbered.

At some point either the dream went lucid or I somehow gained some dream powers, either way, the fight became crazy.

I remember shooting, people shooting fireballs, people teleporting, people moving super fast, people dying, mêlée fighting, hand-to-hand combat, and other crazy stuff.

I seemed to be unstoppable/invincible at this point, my team was losing at first, but with my help we defeated the strange group; and we kept some of them alive so that the police could arrest them for questioning or something, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Reversed Music And The British Royal Family

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I remembered part of my last dream, and I remember being in a small gym where Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II were about to enter and The President Of The United States Barack Obama as well; there were news reporters and security outside the building and I guess they went through a small parade route before they got to the gym.

I stood with or near someone watching as the Prince and Queen came into the gym-like place, they smiled and shook a few people’s hands; the gym was full of politicians, high level military members, and other high level people.

President Obama came into the gym-like place shortly after the Prince and Queen, but appeared to be ignoring them and only made a brief appearance and I think he then left with his security.

I was standing near a man who was talking to the Prince and at some point the man asked a serious question that sounded something like: “Who all will be in charge during a major global event?”.

The Prince stopped smiling and looked serious, and then he looked at me, like he could not answer the question with a low-level person like me listening; so he ignored the question and tried to nicely change the subject.

I felt uncomfortable and decided to leave, I can not remember what happened next exactly, except I remember standing in a yard next to a street.

I was with a member of the British Royal Family, I am not sure who, and we were at one of their properties & the Queen was supposed to be there at the time; there was a house in the distance that she was supposed to be at, but I did not get a good look at it.

The member of the Royal Family and I were talking, and he received a phone call from Prince Charles; who was across the street watching us from a second floor window of a house across the street. 😀

The Prince was telling the other member of the Royal Family about something that, I think, had something to do with some plan the Prince had that involved a marriage/wedding; but that is all I remember since I could not hear most of the conversation.

At some point after the conversation was finished the member of the Royal Family and I went near a lake that was on their property, and somehow we went into the lake underwater & somehow we could still breathe. 😀

We reached the bottom of the lake and this is where the dream gets very blurry, I think I remember us getting attacked by these fake toy looking sharks, but some fake toy fish things were helping us fight the toy sharks; it was all rather goofy and silly, I am amazed that I did not realize that it was a dream at this point. 😀

At some point we swam back up to the top of the lake, but this is where things get real freaky!

After reaching the surface of the lake I noticed that the dream world felt different/strange, it was quiet, the lighting & sky outside was an odd unnatural combination of colors, there were these odd flowers in different colors all over the ground, there were these strange lily pad (water lily) like things with flowers on top of the lake, and I felt that something was not right.

I started to climb out of the lake when suddenly some strange classical-like / harp-like instrumental music started to play throughout the dream world, and it sounded like a reversed version of some song that I may have heard before; it was nice music but scary at the same time. 😀

I felt that something definitely was not right and I was starting to get worried, the member of the Royal Family was not out of the lake yet, and I was on the edge of the lake; we stopped for a moment as this strange reversed instrumental music was playing.

Then suddenly the flowers on the land near me and the lily pad things in the lake started to grab us with their roots or whatever, and it started feeling like they were draining us; they pulled me back to the lake and the water turned blood-red, I yelled to the member of the Royal Family to wake up! (I know how to wake myself up from dreams, even non-lucid dreams 😉 )

Then I woke myself up from the dream, hoping that he had woken/awakened himself up from the dream as well.

Dream 2

I forgot to mention that I had another dream that night before this one, where I also had to wake myself up since the dream world seemed to be attacking me or something.

In the dream I was at my parent’s house at night-time and one of my brothers and I felt that something/a presence was outside, but I was afraid for some reason (probably because it felt powerful), I felt like there was a trap waiting for me outside.

My brother took his pellet gun and went outside, and I decided to go outside with a baseball bat to make sure my brother was okay.

When I got outside it was dark and maybe foggy, and I did not see my brother; I felt that I had just fallen into a trap, like I had expected.

This part of the dream gets blurry, but I think I felt a powerful presence in the dream world, it was like it was hiding in the darkness of the sky in the dream world or in the dream world itself or something.

I started to realize it was a dream and then the dream went lucid, I am not sure how I realized that it was a dream.

Suddenly these shadow things started to attack me from different areas in the dream, I started to fight them, but more and more kept being created from dark spots in the dream; I felt that something was using my dream world against me, so I got angry and yelled at the powerful presence to stop hiding and come fight me.

I got no response and it did not come out of hiding, so I flew into the air and I released energy from my body like an explosion to destroy everything that I could, the energy was like a white light and everything went white for a few seconds during the explosion.

It destroyed all the shadow things around me, but I still felt the powerful presence, and it felt more powerful than me; even though I was lucid at this point and when I am lucid, I usually feel like superman. 😀

But this presence felt more powerful and it was still hiding in the dream world, so I decided to wake myself up instead of wasting my time, and then I woke myself up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂