Business Stuff | Joey Diaz In A Library | A Woman Trying To Kill An Animal

Dream 1

This dream took place outside during the day in a parking lot of a store, and a woman and I were helping each other.

She had a chocolate-like candy bar product that she had to figure out how to sell, and so she was going over business stuff.

A Weird Room | Shopping | A British YouTuber

Dream 1

At the end of this weird dream, that I had shortly after going to sleep, some of my brothers and I were inside a weird somewhat large windowless part / room of a possibly metal building.

We were in a large room where we had a wall-less bedroom raised off the ground where the outer edges were like a very short wall that anyone could walk over.

A College & Shooting & An Apartment On A Cruise Ship

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in a fictional city, I was there with most of my family, and at some point some of us were at a college when we started hearing gunshots in the distance.

Either rapid fire semi-automatic gunfire or it was automatic gunfire, either way it was possibly close and possibly at or near the college, and I remember people panicking and running and hiding et cetera as the shooting continued.

Alice Morgan Says Goodbye To John Luther

Source: IMDb

Dream 1

The first dream is very unclear and confusing and so I am not able to make as much sense of it, but I think that the last part of the dream was inspired by the video Who Is John Luther? which I watched before going to sleep as I tried to decide if I should keep it on my About Page or not:

At some point in the dream I remember walking inside a mall-like building with my former classmate JC as other people walked around shopping, and we walked inside a Subway-like restaurant to order some food but some little kids were running around making a lot of noise and being annoying as their parents’ watched doing nothing.

Their parents’ were a bit over-fat with whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair wearing large whitish colored T-shirts with shorts, something happened that I can not remember where the kids did something to or near us, and then the parents’ acted like it was our fault when it was the kids who did it.

The next part of the dream that I remember is very confusing and unclear because I can not remember parts of it and I experienced the dream from several points-of-view at different times like: maybe being directly in the dream, seeing things like a camera person without being in the dream, seeing things from the view of several dream characters, and possibly temporarily becoming one or more dream characters.

I remember being outside during the day in a fictional place in a mostly empty junkyard-like yard with some items on the ground including what looked like an empty human sized human-like rabbit costume that was somewhat like the yard of the E Manor, and John Luther from the BBC TV show Luther arrived with his wife in this area.

John Luther brought his wife to this area to repair their relationship so that they could be back together again, they talked and I think that she agreed to get back together again, but then they were interrupted by a person who had hidden on the ground near them in what looked like a human-like rabbit costume.

It was really a person wearing the rabbit head of the costume and this person told them that they were there to say goodbye to John Luther, and the person took off the rabbit head of the costume and it was the character Alice Morgan from the BBC TV show Luther.

Alice explained that even thought she liked / loved Luther that she was not going to get in the way of their relationship and that she hoped that they would be happy because she wanted Luther to be happy or something like that, and she promised not to interfere with their relationship.

She walked up to Luther very closely probably touching him near his chest while looking at him directly in the eyes like she was going to kiss him but I can not remember if she kissed him or not, she paused and she said a few things, and then she said her finally goodbye; and Luther and his wife walked away.

Either I became Alice Morgan or I entered the dream directly again but I am not sure which, either way I walked into a house in the yard that seemed to be E Manor, and I went into the kitchen to cook something on the gas / electric stove.

I turned on the oven and I put my food inside of it but I heard gas leaking on the top of the stove, and so I went to adjust the gas knob and it stopped; but then one of the other stove tops lit, and so I turned it off but another lit.

I started having a hard time trying to turn them off and the fire level kept changing until flames grew very tall melting something on the top of the stove, and I started to panic a bit trying to find a fire extinguisher while trying to turn of the stove tops; but then the inside of the oven started burning because a large flame came from it and burned my food, and a fire alarm went off as I struggled to turn the flames off but I woke up by accident from the panic and maybe because a bug was flying by my ear.

Dream 2

In the second dream I remember being inside a house/building that had whitish/grayish colored carpet and it was located where E Manor should be, and my family was inside the first room when you enter the house except for my brother CC and my dad; and connected with no barriers/walls to the first room was a small diner-style restaurant with sitting areas near the first room.

The first room was probably a living room and I was talking with my family and my aunt JE entered the house waiting to get some food and/or something else that my mom was making for her, and I was on a computer but I am not sure who the computer was for; and my aunt JE noticed a nature image on the computer and she said something about it, and we talked briefly.

My aunt JE asked for some images on the computer and so I started searching for images to give her, but I notice many pornographic images in different folders on the computer; and so I tried to distract my aunt JE and my family as I talked with them as I tried to avoid them seeing the pornographic images as I tried to find non-pornographic images to give to my aunt JE.

I was not sure who put all the pornographic images on the computer or who the computer was for, it was an annoying and uncomfortable situation, but I can not remember if I found enough non-pornographic images to give to my aunt JE or not; and I just remember my aunt JE leaving with the food and/or whatever my mom gave her.

Several fictional women I knew walked into the house and we walked to the sitting area of the restaurant and we sat down and we probably ordered our food, and then I noticed my former female classmate KM and another former female classmate of mine sitting at a table to our right side; and I said hello to them, and we briefly talked.

Then I continued talking, eating, and probably drinking with the women I knew but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

The Special Recovery Mission & The Betrayal

Last night I remembered parts of my last dream, which took place in some unknown country in Asia (The Middle East) and I was in the military (I guess).

I was with a unit that was sent to recover something and we all appeared to be soldiers, but all of our uniforms did not match, so maybe it was a joint NATO mission or something; I think that the USA military was in charge of this mission though.