Rushing / Hurrying / Running / Racing

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The main background theme of this dream seemed to be hurrying/rushing/running/racing/et cetera and all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember being inside a fictional building that had a buffet, a school or college, and maybe one or more other parts/areas to the building; and I was with most of my family and family members from my mom’s side of the family, and we seemed to be having a family gathering at the buffet.

My brothers KD and TD were young again and I remember wanting to eat some carrot cake, everyone was having a good time, and I remember walking around the buffet getting food on my plate; and then I tried to find a place to sit with my family, I think that the seating was around/near/part of the buffet bar/area oddly, and I remember finding a seat but I do not think that I got to start eating or I only got to start eating briefly.

My brother TD went to the bathroom but did not return so I went to look for him, I can not remember if I ever found him or not, either way somehow I missed being able to finish my food and I did not get any carrot cake because my family was leaving like the buffet was over or like they were in a rush; and I remember wanting to finish my food and get some carrot cake, and I think that an unknown man with whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair stopped to greet me because he recognized me as a former schoolmate of his and maybe he said that he was in the Quiz Bowl Club back in high school when I was in it.

He knew/remembered our former male classmate AK, I remember us briefly/quickly talking about him and old memories from high school, but I still did not remember his name even though I recognized him; and at some point we said goodbye, and I remember walking in the hall of the school or college part of the building where there were students walking through the hall like everyone was leaving.

Some of my former classmates were in the crowd of students like my former male classmate TC and a former male schoolmate of mine named BR, I think that my former schoolmate BR or someone else was talking about a woman who he said was crazy and a murderer, and then for some unknown reason(s) everyone started running wildly like they were racing to get somewhere first like it was a competition so I started running too.

I jog about five days a week so I ran at a steady pace looking around as the others struggled as hard as they could while I was not even trying hard, somehow the hall ended up being/going outside into the street my parent’s live on, and the finish line seemed to be my parent’s yard maybe; and I reached my parent’s yard first, and my former classmate TC reached it second even though he was taunting me as we ran.

I/We walked further into the yard on the side of the house near the picnic table, my mom and some of my family were inside the house and I saw and heard them from the window talking about a kitten or small pet was missing, and stuck in a hole in the ground next to the house was the kitten or small pet; and so I helped the kitten/pet out of the hole, and then I probably told my mom about it.

The next thing that I remember is maybe driving my automobile around a slightly fictional version of the city of D downtown as everyone was in a rush and there were long lines at various places like the bank/et cetera, I think that I saw the music artist Jack White near the bank where there was a long line of automobiles, and at some point I possibly walked around some of the businesses downtown to avoid the traffic.

People were walking around quickly in a rush and maybe I stopped inside a fictional business that had an arcade, maybe some people were playing an arcade racing game, and maybe I joined them and/or we were really racing; either way I remember racing from downtown up the street past/passed the theater in maybe a motorcycle against the other people, and I remember a male police officer with whitish colored skin wearing sunglasses chasing some of the others as we raced.

The finish line was inside a store past one of the aisles of shelves, possibly part of the building from earlier in the dream, and I was the first person to reach the finish line again and a thin woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with shiny long blackish colored hair was the second person to reach the finish line; and she was a bit disappointed in losing, I waited for a few others to arrive, and then I left and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A School And Grace Randolph And I Trying To Get Students To Participate

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I had several dreams last night but I only remember part of my last dream which was very long but I only remember part of the end of the dream, and the dream took place at a fictional possibly multi-story school that reminded me of a fictional version of D High School combined with some other schools from my memory and/or dreams so it was a familiar fictional school that is sometimes in my dreams.

The school had dark-colored carpet with various maze-like hallways with various classrooms, bathrooms, rooms, lockers, et cetera and I think that one part of the dream that I can not remember possibly involved a young woman with whitish colored skin who had short hair, her older sister, and maybe their dad; and maybe this took place in a house-like area, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Most of the dream involved me walking around hallways, going to classrooms, talking to former classmates of mine like my former male classmate AM, going to bathrooms, going to lockers, and various other things that I can not remember during this long dream; and at the end of the dream I was walking in the hallway when I met Grace Randolph from the YouTube Channel Beyond The Trailer.

I remember us walking and talking together like we knew each other/were friends/were starting to become close/or something like that, we walked to a classroom with an idea/plan to try to get the students to participate in the class, and it was going to start with Grace pretending to hate me and trying to avoid sitting near me as I keep trying to sit near her because I like her.

This was supposed to get the students attention and this was the first part of our plan, Grace did not tell me the rest of the plan and so I had no idea what to expect after this, and so we entered the classroom and one of my former male classmates KW was one of the students in the class; and Grace and I started the first part of our plan.

The seating in this classroom was wooden pews oddly so Grace sat down and I sat next to her smiling, she looked at me in disgust and she stood up to move to another pew, and so I followed her to sit on the same pew; and she angrily moved to another pew, and her acting was so good that I was not sure if she was really acting or if she was serious.

We continued this pattern a few times with me even trying to talk to her as she angrily annoyed me and kept moving away from me, at some point Grace stood in front of the class, and she announced that someone was calling out another student; and she asked me to stand, so I stood up, and she told the class that I called out my former classmate KW.

I had no idea where this was going because Grace did not tell me the rest of the plan so I did not know what to expect, my former classmate KW was confused and annoyed, and Grace said that we both would compete against each other in a racing video game; and so both of us started playing a racing video game against each other in front of the class.

We both drove a two door sports car, I think that mine was a black and white striped/colored older muscle car like maybe a Dodge Charger or something like that, and my former classmate KW was driving a reddish colored modern possibly Japanese sports car; and our race took place on an obstacle course with ramps, a beach, water, street, tunnel, et cetera.

I think that I won the race and I remember apologizing to my former classmate KW letting him know that Grace and I had been acting and we were doing this to try to encourage the class to start participating, and then my brother GC was in the classroom playing the racing video game against several students as I helped coach him.

My brother GC either got second place or first place, I can not remember, and then I went to talk to Grace to tell her that her acting was so good that I was not sure if she had been acting or not; and I just wanted to talk to her and be closer to her since we both seemed to be interesting in becoming closer as friends/or more, but I woke up as we were talking.

The end,

-John Jr