British Radio & An Outdoor Dorm & Forgetting My Mask

Lazy notes of my dreams:

In another city, outside at table by and with two male British news reporters who were voicing radio news at another table.

One of them leaned back, and I accidentally bumped him.

An Old Room | Science Fiction & Greek Religion & An Inflatable Raft

Dream 1

This dream involved me working at a fictional version of The BP Library during the day, some of my coworkers were there like maybe my female coworker JB, and at some point I remember walking to some fictional quiet areas of the building.

I am not sure if I walked to another nearby building or what, I just remember possibly walking outside across a parking lot that was similar to the parking lot that the D Junior High School and the KR Elementary School share, I reached a building that probably looked like a combination of the KR Elementary School and the kitchen and breakfast room of The E House and a small somewhat abandoned apartment building, and my mom’s side of the family owned an old abandoned part of this building.

Hockey – Too Fake

I got this song (Too Fake) by Hockey several years ago when I heard it on the radio station 89.0 Generation X on the video game Saints Row: The Third.

The Black Cadillacs – Choke

I got this song (Choke) by The Black Cadillacs several years ago after hearing it on the radio station 89.0 Generation X on the video game Saints Row IV.

I am surprised that the official music video, live performance, and even song does not seem to be on YouTube anymore.

Seryoga – Liberty City: The Invasion

The song Liberty City: The Invasion by Seryoga is from the radio station Vladivostok FM from the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, it was one of my brother CC’s favorite songs from that video game, I added this song to my music collection years ago from his music collection, and it is also one of my favorite songs from that video game; but as usual I am not a fan of the curse words.

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