Rafts And Androids And President Barack Obama

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately I can not remember important parts of this dream so it does not make much sense, and all that I can remember is that several people and I seemed to be stranded on the ocean/sea during the day on separate wooden rafts that we probably made; and so I assume that something happened to our boat, money, mobile phones, et cetera leaving us stranded/homeless/lost at sea.

We did not know where we were and all that we could see in the distance was water so we had to just keep moving hoping to find somewhere to dock before our rafts break, before dehydrating, before starving, and before getting eaten by sharks; and so our situation was bad.

Our rafts started breaking but fortunately we found a place to dock at a dock/platform-like area that was connected to a larger structure and/or island, there were some other homeless people in this area, and so we looked around for somewhere where we could sleep and find materials that we could use for various things and hopefully some food and water; and I remember finding a wooden pallet/raft with some blankets that I decided to use.

I remember wanting us to save energy and avoid swimming to a new location unless we had to because we did not have food and water, also my biggest fear were the sharks eating us if we tried to swim to a new location, and I remember us looking around for supplies and transportation and food and water and trying to ask people where we were and where was the nearest land et cetera; and I remember picking a spot where I would sleep later.

The dream gets confusing and unclear at this point but I remember someone or some group testing a male robot / android that they built that was humanoid shaped but made of grayish/silverish metal and slightly bulky, they were testing it in the area where we were, and then they started testing a newer model female robot/android who was shaped like a real human but she was made of a completely maybe mostly solid shiny black material.

They did some testing and adjusting/improving of both robots/androids, later in the dream they had both androids looking and dressing like humans with the female android having whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair pretending to be the mother of the male android who now looked like a teenage boy with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair, and maybe we were on the larger structure or part of the island now; and some of my family was there like maybe they had come to get me, and The President Of The United States President Barack Obama was there to tour the area and give a speech so there were US Secret Service agents around the island.

I remember walking around with my family and the androids were not far from us, I remember seeing and hearing part of President Obama’s speech that he was giving from a high area not far from a parking lot, and after it was over President Obama and some of his Secret Service agents started to leave toward the parking lot to a small airplane; and my family, the androids, and I happen to be going there as well.

The androids wanted to avoid standing out too much and so did I, we did not want the Secret Service agents to think that we were threats so we tried to act normal, but for some unknown reason the male android decided to pretend to be a Secret Service agent and somehow he looked like a man wearing a suit; and his disguise worked because he managed to get on the small airplane where President Obama and the other Secret Service agents thought that he was one of them, and he even went into the room where President Obama was and somehow I saw this even though I was not there probably.

The male android told President Obama that the actress Sarah Jessica Parker had some video footage of his wedding that she possibly was going to upload or had uploaded and he asked if it was okay for her to do this, and President Obama laughed and he said that it was okay; and the male android left the room, and then he left the airplane to meet up with the female android.

I think that my family and I let them ride with us in my parent’s automobile, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr