Hearing And / Or Seeing Frances Swaggart?

This is a rare occurrence, today is now almost the second day in a row of forgotten dreams, but this time it is not really my fault.

I had to wake up early because I was supposed to be leaving to the city of L with some people, we were supposed to be leaving at a certain time and so I woke up early to be ready for that time, but they have not even awakened yet to leave when they said.

So now I woke up over an hour earlier than necessary, at this rate I will have awakened over two hours earlier than necessary, and they are now even awake yet.

So basically I got about five hours of sleep or less because of this, and I forgot most of my dreams as well because I did not have enough time to dream much.

I might have had one dream (or I possibly heard her/them on the radio when I went to use the bathroom during the night) where I possibly remember hearing and/or seeing Frances Swaggart and one or more men talking, probably on her show Frances & Friends, but that is all that I can remember unfortunately.

I know I dreamed of something else and/or that there was more to that dream, but that is all that I can remember now because I did not have a chance to sleep long enough to dream more.

The end,

-John Jr


4-5-2010 | Wake Up From Dream, Go Back To Dream, Repeat 10 Times

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Last night I had a very odd dream experience or experiences, which involved me being able to wake up from a dream remembering exactly where the dream ended and being able to go back to sleep in seconds right where the dream had stopped, and I did this about 10 times.

From what I can remember of the dream, it was just a goofy dream, nothing special; it just involved me driving Mr. L to a doctor’s appointment or something like that.

I helped him inside the building and waited for his appointment to end and the as I was driving him back home police cars started chasing us, and he told me to not stop so I kept going.


A Lucid Dream Within A Dream

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Last night I had a dream that I was in a apartment-like place with two beds in a room that looked like a large living room mixed with an area at college where students can relax & study.

My brother GC was there about to get in bed to sleep, and I was about to get in another bed across the room & sleep as well.

I laid down and I quickly went to sleep in the dream & I started dreaming in the dream, and somehow I realized that I was dreaming in the dream.

I did not get that strong feeling of my body being in bed, like I usually do when I first realize that I am dreaming, and so I decided to take control of the dream.

At this point I was having a lucid dream in a dream so I jumped into the air and I went through the roof of the building like a ghost, and I then started to fly in the air.

Then I jumped back into the room and I went through the floor of the room like a ghost again, and that led to an ocean or some body of water.

I then decided to form a room under the water, and in this newly formed room there was a pillow.

I forgot to mention that the room looked like a bedroom that was dimly lit.

I decided to turn the pillow into a woman, and it slowly started to become a woman; it was a bit like making a painting or something.

I felt the pillow start to become like skin and it started to look like the shape of a woman, and I tried to focus so that the process would continue.

I could not see her face because her back was facing me but I did see that she had brown shoulder length hair and she had whitish colored skin, but as she was still forming I woke up out of the lucid dream; and I was back in the other dream/dream world because my brother GC was leaving the bathroom in the other dream/dream world, and that woke me up into the other dream/world.

I woke up into the other dream feeling excited and disappointed that the lucid dream ended, and I felt like I needed to use the bathroom; and so I went to the bathroom. (Oddly I woke up with an erection in the non-lucid dream, that is strange. 😀 )

I tried to use the bathroom but I was having a hard time due to the erection. 😀

I then woke up again, but this time I was in the real world (with no erection, thank goodness 😀 ); and I had awakened because my brother GC was vomiting.

I think that I was able to have that lucid dream within the dream, because I had awakened about half way through my normal sleep cycle and I stayed up for a while; and then I went back to sleep.

I think doing that can increase your chance(s) of having a lucid dream(s) up to 300% according to some research I read, I think.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂