A Stomach Rash

Why do we itch? – Emma Bryce

I had more dreams that I remembered & there was more to this dream that I remembered, but I forgot most of it before I could record it; I do know that this dream took place during a gray day at a fictional house & yard that belonged to my parents.

In this dream I had a fictional sister along with my real brothers, my fictional sister was an adult & was possibly older than me or at least closer to my age, and she reminded me of my mom.


Crying About The American Dream

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in The United States and I was outside at a college with maybe my mom near a bus and some college buildings, and a young man was being interviewed about the college American Football (football) team and if he would play football for this college.

The young man wanted to know what was in it for him if he were to play football at this college, it had to be worth it for him to do so, and after the interview my mom and I possibly talked to him.

I am not sure if this was the same young man or not, but I remember walking and talking with a young man with light-medium color skin who I possibly thought was from Macedonia or Azerbaijan.

The young man did not seem to trust me or want to talk to me at first, but at some point he started to tell me about how back in his country there had been war/conflict with Armenia and how he had left from his country to The United States to escape jihad (probably taking part in it).

I asked him why did he choose The United States, and he started telling me about how he had imagined things would be there basically The American Dream and he felt that The United States would be a good place with its immigrant history et cetera; but now that he was here things were not the way that he had expected.

Hearing his story and how his dreams/hopes about The American Dream had been crushed and how The American Dream is not real and that the reality of The United States is different from that really saddened me on several levels, and I started crying.

This surprised the young man and after this he trusted me and was friendly toward me, and he treated me like a friend for the rest of the dream as we walked and talked around the college.

At some point I noticed a circular rash on my shoulder that I had false memories of, but now I noticed some new rashes inside this rash so I wanted to go get it checked finally; and so we went to find an infirmary at the college.

I remember walking across a street that looked like the street that The E House is on, and on the right side somewhat past where Mrs. MB’s house was an entrance way that possibly went down toward a one-story building that looked like it might be an infirmary so we went inside of it.

It was very dark inside, barely lit, and there was a lobby and front desk like an infirmary with several assumed nurses/doctors behind it.

I asked one of them who was a man with light-color skin if this was an infirmary, he responded rudely and mentioned something that would prove it, but what he mentioned was not proof.

I noticed several things that were not right and I felt danger and that these people were imposters, I started to walk away quietly telling the young man that we needed to get out not, and as I was doing this the workers/imposters noticed and I heard one telling the others and maybe they mentioned bringing a gun so that they could stop us but we ran.

One or more of them ran after us, I led the young man on a route to avoid leading the imposters to my parents street, and I ran to another street where we would wait and hide a moment and then either hide at my parents house or return to the college.

But I woke up.

In the real world I had fallen asleep on the couch while watching TV, and I woke up about 5 hours later.


My Brother GC Gets Into An Automobile Accident

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream is a bit confusing and does not make much sense, and it took place during the day and my brother GC and I were in a fictional city driving around in an automobile.

Somehow I ended up outside of the automobile and my brother GC was driving it, I was communicating with him somehow (maybe we were using our mobile phones), and he was supposed to be driving to me so that I could get back in the automobile.

I was walking up a sidewalk on the right side of the road as my brother GC drove up the street, but then I realized that he was reversing instead of driving forward and maybe he was driving backward in his lane toward oncoming traffic so I warned him about this.

My brother GC probably did not use the brakes and maybe he just switched gears as he was still driving so when he started trying to drive forward he was still going backward, and so he had to try to reverse his momentum.

There was an automobile driving toward him from his lane and they were going to crash into each other because my brother GC was not able to reverse his momentum in time, and so he switched lanes but so did the other automobile so they both had to drive off the street to avoid hitting each other which caused their automobile to start flipping because they had to turn so hard and fast so suddenly to avoid crashing into each other.

Amazingly they both landed on their wheels normally again, from a distance their automobiles did not look damaged, and they both drove to nearby gas station by the gas pumps oddly so I tried to rush over there to see if they were okay.

They parked very close to each other at the gas pump oddly, a thin small woman with whitish-colored skin with curly long yellowish somewhat brownish-colored hair who somewhat reminded me of the actress Danielle Fishel had been driving the other automobile, and her mom or grandmother was in the front passenger’s seat and a man with whitish-colored skin with short brown hair wearing a red A-shirt was in a back seat.

The woman who had been driving the other automobile was angry and crying and she ran out of her automobile and she ran to my brother GC’s automobile hitting on it with her hands and feet and yelling at him, and she opened the door and she tried to attack my brother GC while screaming and crying so he grabbed her and he pushed her back telling her to stay back and stop hitting the automobile and stop trying to attack him.

I was still rushing to make it to the gas station, as I was still trying to reach it I thought that it would be a good idea to get my mobile phone out and start filming this as evidence if the police arrived, and at this point I slowed down to think about how I should handle this situation.

The woman and the people with her were starting to get aggressive and they were joining the woman outside of their automobile, I ran through various ways to handle this situation to keep the peace, but I woke up right before I reached the gas station.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I went to work at a fictional job or fictional version of my shelver job at The B Parish Library, the building looked nothing like a library or The B Parish Library really but I can not remember what it looked like or what kind of job and business this was, but I do know that some of my coworkers from The B Parish Library were there like Mrs. K and Mrs. T.

Mrs. K was still angry with me, and at some point I remember going outside to the back of the building (it was probably time to leave).

The employee parking lot was behind the building, I probably said a few things to some of my coworkers as I was leaving to get to my automobile, and Mrs. K probably ignored me and did not respond to me because she was still angry with me.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was probably not in the dream, and the dream took place inside a house.

A father with whitish-colored skin and his two young daughters with whitish-colored skin were making some jewelry and/or orgonite/orgone generators/orgone devices, and the father had been dealing with (in the past and the problem was still going on) an irritation on his arm that seemed to be a rash and his arm was swelling so he left to get that treated while his daughters continued making the jewelry and/or orgonite/orgone devices.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Mia Wasikowska And Rashes

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams from last night that I had remembered and I had remembered more of this last dream from last night, but I woke up at a bad time when my mind had not started to organize my memories of my dreams yet so I ended up forgetting almost everything except for part of the end of my last dream from last night.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I remember being inside a school and/or college, and I remember the back of my right ear itching.

I remember scratching the itchy area behind my right ear and I could feel something back there, I assumed that it was a rash but I could not see it because it was behind my ear so I was not sure, and so I remember walking around trying to find something to put on this itchy area (assumed rash) to disinfect it and to hopefully help stop the itching.

I remember walking through a long narrow area or room that was like a hallway on the right side with various areas on the left side like a library and study area and sitting area et cetera next to each other and some parts combined with each other, and this was all along one long open area or one room.

There were students and other people in these areas, I remember going to the library and study area to find a librarian or teacher or worker so that I could ask them if they knew of anything that I could put on my assumed rash, and I remember passing shelves and books et cetera.

At some point I found a large bottle of rubbing alcohol on top of the middle of one of the shelves, I still had not found anyone to ask about it, and so I was going to go use the rubbing alcohol anyway; but I was approached by Mrs. H who is a real-life librarian at The BP Library, and in this dream she was a librarian at this school and/or college.

Mrs. H asked me if I needed help and she asked me why I had the large bottle of rubbing alcohol, I answered her questions and we briefly talked, and she said that it was okay for me to use the rubbing alcohol; and so I put some of it on my assumed rash, which possibly burned slightly but it probably somewhat helped with the itching, and I remember thanking her and putting the rubbing alcohol bottle back and saying goodbye.

Some of my former classmates and some of the members of Double Toasted called me over to join them in the sitting (hangout) area to the right of the area where I was, and so I walked over to talk with them; and among the group was Ray Villareal and several other members of Double Toasted but I can not remember which members, and I can not remember which of my former classmates were with them.

They somehow knew that I was single and they tried to set me up on a date with one of their female family members who they wanted me to date, they described her and they said that they thought that we were a good match and that they trusted me and they wanted me to date her, and they pointed to her in a crowd of students in the distance; and she was Shea Young from Double Toasted.

I remember asking about her and one of my questions was how old was she, to my surprise and shock and confusion they said that she was 17 (which made no sense), and I immediately told them that she seemed like a nice and attractive young woman but that she was definitely way too young and so I politely declined their date offer to their disappointment.

The next thing that I remember is maybe being indoors and outdoors in school and/or college-like areas and house-like areas, I met a woman and fellow student who looked like or was the actress Mia Wasikowska; who I quickly befriended and maybe we started dating or it seemed that we might start dating very soon, and we possibly even kissed and/or made some other kind of physical contact (maybe a hug or something like that).

I think that we were possibly planning on going on a date (maybe our first) in a downtown area that was like a fictional version of the downtown area in the city of D, and we were currently inside and outside an area that was like my aunt JE’s house and yard combined with the school and/or college.

I noticed something on Mia’s ear that looked like a rash or a leech, I think that it was itching her, and I worried that she possibly got it from me when we kissed or hugged or whatever because of the assumed rash that I had on the back of my right ear.

I remember telling her this and recommending that we both go to the doctor to have our assumed rashes checked and postpone our date because I and/or we could be contagious and I wanted to know what this rash or leech-like thing was and I wanted to get it treated, and I wanted to know if she had got it from me; but I think that she did not want to postpone our date.

She had a female friend with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who I remember her talking to and maybe giving orders to as she probably continued planning our date, she seemed like the type of person who usually got what she wanted and like she was used to bossing (ordering) people around (like her friend who seemed more like an assistant), and so she seemed like she was used to being in control.

She did not think that the assumed rash or leech issue was much of a problem that required seeing a doctor or postponing our date so she was continuing her plans like normal, and so I kept trying to convince her to change her mind because I was worried about her health and our health and the health of those around us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Skin Irritation

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty good last night but went to bed late, and so I forgot most of my dreams.

I had one dream where I had a skin irritation on my side and I showed it to my mom, it was a worse version of a temporary skin irritation that I had in real life that went away in a few minutes when I put some soap & water on it, sometimes if certain things touch my skin I will get a brief irritation in that area.

My mom suggested something to help with the irritation, but I can not remember what she suggested; and I woke up.

I had another dream that was more detailed than this one, but it was a bit confusing & my memory it too unclear about it; but I know that it took place in a building with no windows and there was a semi-upper floor area in the room.

An unknown man and I were in the room and there was something that was not working properly for the man, and so he kept experimenting/trying to troubleshoot the problem; and I tried to offer my advice.

When the man would do certain things the outcomes of those things he would do were different than they normally were, so maybe physics/natural laws were not working properly in this dream or something, but I can not remember what those things were exactly.

He kept doing those things over and over, so I knew what he was doing, but they were a bit confusing; and my mind forgot them after waking up & I hit my hurt foot on some weights that someone left on the floor, and so parts of my memory of the dream got lost.

The end,

-John Jr