Giveon – This Ain’t Love

Giveon – This Ain’t Love (Audio)

My favorite parts of this song (This Ain’t Love by Giveon from his music album Take Time) are the parts when the song picks up & starts to sound a little like a different song.

Giveon – World We Created

Giveon – WORLD WE CREATED (Audio)

This song (World We Created by Giveon from his music album Take Time) somewhat reminds me of a certain song from the past that I can not remember at this time.

Floetry – Say Yes

Say Yes

Years ago my former male classmate DH shared his music collection with me, this song (Say Yes by Floetry from their music album Floetic) was one of the songs that was in his music collection, and I still have this song in my music collection until this day; and this song still holds up until this day as a slow jam classic in my opinion.

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