Looking At Housing Prices And Training With A Martial Arts Master

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day in a fictional version of L I think, and my dad, maybe a few other family members, and I went somewhere out in the country near a school; one of the reasons or the reason seemed to be that we were looking at housing prices, to find somewhere for me and/or someone else to stay/rent.

I remember looking at a few for sale signs outside of some houses and/or apartments, and then at some point I got lost/separated from my dad and whoever else was with us; and then I went into a building that was a school, which I did not know at first because it looked a bit mall-like.

I walked through the building looking for my dad and the others and I was looking for housing that was for rent, and at some point I came across some students; and I asked them a question that I can not remember, and a female student pointed me in the right direction which was outside of the school somewhere.

I thanked her and I started walking there, but a group of rowdy members of some racist group with whitish colored skin dressed in stereotypical poor country / Southern style clothing with hound dogs drove into the parking lot yelling racist slurs or something with heavy Southern American English accents; they did not see me yet and so I sneaked away, but this part of the dream felt like an older time period where slavery and/or racist violence was still legal or something.

I sneaked through an alleyway that led to what looked like my parent’s yard and some of the kids of the racist group members were playing basketball, and so I tried to sneak past them covering my face with something while walking in the shade so that they would be less likely to see me; I was afraid that if they saw me that they would tell their parents, and that they would start hunting me along with their hound dogs.

When I was almost done sneaking past the kids, one of them saw me & at first things were normal until he looked at me closely, and he started to yell questions & racist insults at me; I pretended to be stupid/dumb/et cetera and a slave looking for my Massa‘ (Master), I felt that this would trick them/prevent them from alerting their parents/ and I felt like being annoying/joking around/playing mind games on them since they acted like some bratty race believing kids with racist beliefs. 😀

I even changed my voice & accent & talking style while saying words improperly to trick the kids, after insulting me & after I answered their questions & after they answered my questions, I started walking in the direction where they said the/my Massa’ (Master) was; and so my planned worked, and I sneaked off laughing to myself to a mall-like place that might have been near or connected to the school.

The dream was now normal again where I did not need to pretend to be a slave or something, and inside the mall there were many small businesses and there were even rental properties inside the mall that could be used as housing; and I found an old man with grayish/whitish colored hair with long facial hair wearing a traditional decorative Chinese style outfit, and he was a martial arts master who also owned a business and several rental properties in the mall.

We talked and either he offered or I asked him if he would train me in the martial arts, since I never had formal martial arts training except for one 1 hour self-defense class that I took with my mom once as a kid along with my cousin DE, and he said yes; I probably paid him but I am not sure, and then we started my training.

Before the formal training could start exactly he needed to see what I could do first and so we did a test where he had a metal fingernail file in place of a knife, and I would have to defend myself against him with the fingernail file until he said to stop; and he warned me that this test would involve contact, so I would probably get cut/hurt, but I still wanted to do it.

I felt that I really needed some formal training to help me find my weak points so that I could improve them and to learn a variety of new skills especially some mêlée fighting skills, and to toughen up a bit.

We were in the mall in the quieter entrance area near some stairs and/or an escalator and so we did the test fight there, and I remember that the martial arts master was easily dodging & blocking my attacks; and he would cut me a bit with the fingernail file sometimes, and I could see the cut marks on my skin & clothes.

While we fought he was pointing out mistakes that I was making with my stance(s) & my footwork, and he wondered what in the world kind of stance(s) & footwork was I using since they seemed so terrible to him. 😀

He gave me some advice/tips as we fought as well and he might have given me a fingernail file at some point to fight with as well, I am not sure, and he probably easily defeated me so bad that he stopped the test fight.

He said that I needed so much work/training that he could not start formally training me until I improve my stance(s)/footwork/knife/fingernail file fighting skills, and he told me to keep practicing using the advice he gave me & to come back to him once I felt that I had learned/improve on those basic skills; and then he would test me again to see if I was ready for formal training.

I was determined to improve my skills and I said goodbye, and I walked through the mall practicing my skills while looking at the rental prices on the properties in the mall; and I accidentally started with the expensive properties first, which were very expensive.

I remember that there were some very uniquely designed properties for rent and you were allowed to look inside them, and so I saw other people looking inside some of them as well; and I remember seeing a man in one of the properties wearing a pimp-like outfit that was all pinkish and/or purplish & it was a suit with dress pants with fancy gold shades with a fancy hat with a feather & he wore a lot of jewelry. 😀

He was looking at a small several floor property that had a pole down the middle and a spiral stairway with a small club-like room at the bottom with club-like lighting & modern club-like furniture, but it was too expensive & small & I walked off to look at another property.

After looking at several expensive properties, I finally found the lower priced properties which/that were probably still more expensive than I would have liked, and they were more basic looking in appearance & furnishing which was good enough to me.

I then finally came across my dad and/or whoever else was with us at the beginning of the dream, they said that they had looked around at housing prices all this time, and now they were looking at housing prices in the mall like I was.

I was still not happy with the prices and then I remembered that the martial arts master owned some rental properties in the mall, and so we went to find him to see which properties that he owned & if he would give us a discount or something since I was one of his students; I also remember telling them about my test fight with the martial arts master and showing them the scars from the times that I got cut by the fingernail file, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂