Reason To Believe

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Reason To Believe, and this is what it said:

In Reason to Believe, Bruce Springsteen sings, “At the end of every hard-earned day / people find some reason to believe.”

What’s your reason to believe?

And this is my response:

The end,

-John Jr


1-22-2010 | Dream Fragments | Yet Another Kings Inspired Fragment And This Time With Robots?

3D visualization of Bathroom created by FMD 3D...

Last night I had several dream fragments that were connected to each other, well some of them, but I forgot most of them unfortunately.

My memory of these dream fragments are terrible for some reason, I remembered part of them each time I woke up during the night, but for some reason I have forgotten almost everything; I do remember thinking about something involving a person’s face changing to that of a wolf (an image of a wolf maybe) or something strange like that, I guess it was a face dancer or something.

Anyway, the parts I do remember were of me in some modern looking building that may have been that building that looks like a combination of a hospital and college, that is in some of my dreams sometimes but with a more modern look to it.