Getting Injected In My Cheek | Undercover Missions & Disguises

Dream 1

This dream involved me at a doctor’s appointment, my doctor was a woman with dark-color skin, during my medical examination when she was behind me, she either injected me with something and / or she took a blood sample from my left cheek (face) without warning; and I woke up as I confronted her about this trying to figure out what she did to me & why et cetera.

Dream 2

I probably was not in this dream, it involved two rebel women who were undercover on a mission in an unknown country at an outdoor & indoor event.


A Snowy Dream World Gets Attacked

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Last night I remember part of two dreams, but I have forgotten many parts, since I was gone away from my computer earlier today & so I had to save them in my mind.

Dream 1

The first dream took place in a small fictional dream world that was a tiny snowy country that had a small mountain, a field, and a complex that was surrounded by a fence with only one entrance gate.

I entered the country through the entrance gate and I walked around the field enjoying the snow & view, in the dream I could change my outfit from a civilian winter outfit to a military-like snow outfit by thought, but I am not sure how I was able to do that; and I can not remember what I did in the field and who else was in the field, and I can not remember what happened when I went to the complex.

The dream world looked a lot like the dream world that had the fortress in the snow in the film Inception, but the complex was not like the fortress and the dream world was smaller.

At some point a group of men with assault rifles & military-like gear led by a General-like man, who all seemed like a small rebel military force who looked partly like a rebel group from South America mixed with a rebel group from the Middle East, came and they started attacking the country.

It seemed to be a military/rebel take over and people were being shot and/or being taken prisoner inside and around the tiny country, I can not remember what happened exactly, but I think that my dad, some unknown people, and I somehow had some guns at some point & we fought our way outside into the field.

We had to sneak around snow dunes, to avoid gunmen on the mountain top from seeing us, and to avoid gunmen patrolling the field from seeing us; and I was able to change the color & type of outfits that we were wearing, by just thinking, and that allowed us to better sneak around.

We got close enough to the entrance gate, but it was heavily guarded, and so I decided that we should hide our weapons & I would change our outfits to normal civilian outfits; and then we walked normally toward the entrance gate.

The guards were going to let us pass but I made a movement that somehow caused one of the guards to almost shoot me and all the guards started to point their assault rifles at us, and they searched us for weapons & they asked us questions with strange Spanish-like/Arabic-like accents in English; and they spoke to each other in an unknown language.

Eventually they let us exit the country, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream had my former classmate DH talking with a man who was playing a video game, and the man was asking DH for tips on flying a helicopter on a video game; I was not in the dream, but I was able to see things from various points-of-view.

My view would go from within the video game zoomed in on the helicopter (but the video game world looked real) and then back to the room with DH & the man, and I could hear their conversation whether I was in the game world or dream world.

In the game world there was a huge medieval style castle-like complex that was so tall, that the man had a hard time getting the helicopter to be able to fly high enough in the sky to be able to land on the castle-like complex, and so DH had to tell the man how to control the helicopter.

At some point the man got the helicopter to fly high enough to reach the top of the castle-like complex and on the top I could see dragon-like symbols with some outlined in white with no color in/on the inside of except the color of the castle-like complex itself, with some of the dragon-like symbols being filled with a red color like blood; the red dragon-like symbols seemed to be the areas where the helicopter could land, and so the man struggled to land the helicopter on one of them, but he eventually landed the helicopter.

A man got out of the helicopter and I was now somehow this man, but it was not my body, and the man was a former soldier who had fought in a war or several wars, in what seemed to be an older time period without guns; I somehow knew this and I even saw some flashbacks from his days as a soldier, but I can not remember some parts of this dream.

The man/I found a wooden spear on the ground and a wooden sword, both of which were roughly formed & not professionally made, and then a wooden dragon-like thing attacked me; it was literally made of wood & it was stiff & it could only move one way, and I defeated it with the wooden spear & the wooden sword.

I then walked down a stairway to the bottom floor and I walked into what looked like a medieval style gladiatorial arena, and I got locked in as a crowd of people cheered in the stadium-like seating around the arena; and the current champion walked into the arena as the crowd cheered, and the champion’s weapons were a stick & maybe a whip.

Two other men, who I am guessing were slaves, were thrown into the arena as well & they might have had wooden short swords or real short swords but I am not sure which; and then an older man who used to be the General over the man/me came into the arena as well, with one or two wooden or normal short swords.

I had no idea what was going on and I started to ask for someone to open the gates and I told the other men that I did not want to fight them, but it was obvious that they were going to try to kill me; and I asked the man’s/my former general why was he there and why was he about to fight me/us, and he said something that I can not remember.

The fight began and the champion & two slaves worked together against me and the general, but none of us were really on teams, it was every man for himself.

I tried to avoid fighting but it was a fight to the death it seemed and I remember the general killing one of the slaves with a stab through his eye(s); and the champion killed the other slave.

Then the champion attacked me and the general attacked me, and then they attacked each other, as I still tried to get them to stop fighting; and the champion started to attack me again & he was giving me a hard time, but I eventually killed him with a forearm choke & neck break, and I felt bad for having to kill him.

The general then started to attack me as I begged him to stop fighting and I talked about how I used to look up to him as a soldier and I talked about old memories, but he kept trying to kill me.

At some point something happened, I think one of our former soldiers drove a truck through the arena gates to save us, but he accidentally hit the general and me; and the general got stuck & crushed to death against a wall but he managed to tell me that he was sorry before he died; I was only slightly injured & I got into the truck.

I was sad about the general dying and I think we stopped so that we could quickly put the general’s body in the truck, and then we were going to escape before the guards or whoever could catch us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂