Roll Call | FPSRussia (Kyle Myers) + Reckless Tortuga + Supernatural Problems = ?

Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in a class, and our teacher was my former Calculus teacher Mr. G; and I was his best behaved student in this class, and so he asked me to do the roll call & maybe something else at the end of class.

He wanted me to take over the class for a moment while he went to do something very briefly, I thought that he was going to come back in a few minutes to show me how he wanted me to do the roll call and whatever else, but he never came back; and so I tried to figure out how to do the roll call & whatever else as I looked at two books/pads/notebooks that Mr. G had given me & both seemed roll call related but one had something else on it too, the class was ready to go but I was trying to figure out how to call/do roll call with what Mr. G gave me, and so everyone was getting annoyed & I was stressing a bit trying to figure out what to do but I woke up.


Reckless Tortuga In The City Of D

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Dream 1

I had several dream fragments that I somewhat remember from last night, with one dream fragment being like the video game Fallout: New Vegas, and I was inside the abandoned casino in Primm, Nevada where the Deputy was being held hostage by the Powder Gangers; and I had an energy pistol of some kind I think.

I walked into the main room next to the room where the Deputy was and I walked to the room where the Deputy was without being noticed somehow, I guess I walked in so directly that the Powder Gangers did not notice me at first, since I was not sneaking or running.

Before I could un-tie the Deputy the Powder Gangers saw me and a shoot-out began, and I am guessing that I won & that I helped the Deputy escape; but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 2

I had another dream that took place in D during a cloudy/dark evening or early night where it looked like it might rain or had rained, I was driving my automobile, and I had bought some feeder fish that my brothers D&D wanted; and I was on my way to buy some groceries for the house at BB.

I parked my automobile in the parking lot of BB and several other people were also there trying to get to the door before BB closed, and we walked to the door but it was locked; and BB looked closed already.

I noticed Lindsey Reckis from Reckless Tortuga in the small group of people, and we noticed a small sign on the door that had the name of another store; so it seemed that BB was closing down to be replaced by another store, but we were not sure.

Mrs. Reckis, the other people, and I briefly talked about the situation; and then we started to leave, but I noticed a boy in the parking lot and I stopped to see if he needed help.

The boy was alone but maybe one or both of his parents was going to come back to get him soon, I guess one or both of his parents dropped him off to shop for them or something like that maybe, not realizing that the store was closed.

I was not going to leave the boy alone in the parking lot at night and so I decided to wait with him until his parent’s returned, and he needed help with something; and so I spent time helping the boy with something that I can not remember exactly, it was something that was fun to the boy, but that is all that I can remember.

It was nice helping the boy and at some point his parents came, and then I called my mom to tell her that BB was closed & about the sign on the door; and I told her about Mrs. Reckis, and I remember trying to describe her to my mom by mentioning that she somewhat looks like Princess Diana to me.

At this point I had forgotten that I needed to bring the feeder fish to my brothers D&D, I finished my conversation with my mom, but then Mrs. Reckis & Eric Pumphrey from Reckless Tortuga drove up.

I went over to talk with them, Mrs. Reckis was showing the sign to Mr. Pumphrey, and they did not seem to really want to talk with me like they were afraid/did not like the locals in D or fans; but they talked with me anyway & they tried to be nice to me.

Mrs. Reckis still wanted to buy something and so she asked me did I know where Fantastic Sams was, they also asked me about how to get to several places in D, and so I tried to explain to them about how to get to some of those places.

I was not sure where Fantastic Sams was anymore, so I told them that I would ask around, and I remember asking them if they were living in D; and they said yes, that they had their own apartments.

I remember asking Mrs. Reckis if she lived close to Eastside, I was not too specific in my question because I knew that she would not be comfortable answering my question, and she almost did not answer my question & she made a facial expression showing that she did not want to answer the question; but she answered the question and she said that she lived close to Eastside.

I welcomed both of them to D and Mrs. Reckis to Eastside, and I offered to show them around D a bit; and they hesitantly/barely accepted my offer, and then I drove them around D.

At some point we went to a fictional Walmart-like store or a fictional Walmart that is sometimes in my dreams, and for some strange reason I was carrying Mrs. Reckis & Mr. Pumphrey like babies on my shoulders at this point. 😀

I walked around carrying them in the store, they must have been sleep or something because they did not talk or move much the entire time during this part, and I saw some of my former classmates JB, DH and several others in the Electronics Department.

I stopped to talk with them and I asked them if they knew where Fantastic Sams was, but none of them knew exactly; but they offered some advice on how to find it.

I woke up as they were showing/giving me some advice on finding Fantastic Sams for Mrs. Reckis.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Reckless Tortuga Scene?

I had several dreams last night but I forgot most of them and my last dream had various parts, but I forgot almost all of those parts as well.

I know several parts of the dream took place in and outside of a fictional building that was like a school/building complex; and I think that it was a one-story building with many halls & rooms.


A Boating Accident

I only remember part of one of my dreams from last night, which took place in a fictional area during a somewhat dark cloudy day, but I can not remember the beginning of the dream; but I think that Aaron Jones (played by Eric Pumphrey) from The Online Gamer on the Reckless Tortuga YouTube Channel was having a game-like competition against some people at a dock near water.



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Source: Wikipedia

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night, which was a strange & confusing combination of things, and it took place at my grandfather’s house, a fictional area, and my parent’s yard.

I remember being inside of my grandfather’s house with several people and connected to or next to my grandfather’s house was a fictional area that was either connected to the house directly or we saw in on an electronic device of some kind, this area had a pool and next to that was a tall building with a lot of windows, like a building in a big city.

Several things happened in my grandfather’s house that I can not remember, but at some point I remember seeing parts of a show that was a combination of RecklessTortuga from YouTube (some of the cast and some of their style of comedy) mixed with a reality TV show mixed with something else; and I think that the dream between things happening in my grandfather’s house and things happening on that show, so this dream is very confusing.

At some point maybe the cast of the show were at the fictional area that might have been connected to my grandfather’s house, and they did a skit where they jumped around doing crazy stuff where they were partly injured after each stunt; and after that maybe the cast of the show came to talk with the other people and I in my grandfather’s house.

I wish that I could remember what happened in my grandfather’s house during most of the dream, because I think that it is important, but I can not remember; and I just remember leaving my grandfather’s house and I remember finding/coming across a naked woman who looked like the Ashlyn Rae, but I can not remember how I met her or why she was naked or anything else exactly.

I just remember sneaking her into my parent’s yard, it was dark or gray outside, and we went into one of the storage buildings in my parent’s yard; to avoid her being seen naked, to maybe try to find her some clothes, for some privacy, for her safety, and maybe a few other reasons.

The naked woman acted puppet-like/robot-like/zombie-like/et cetera, sometimes in some of my lucid dreams & some of my regular dreams, certain dream characters seem to almost have no personality of their own, like they are part of me & like I can control them & they do whatever I say; so I literally have to tell them what to do or ask them questions for them to talk or for them to do almost anything.

This part of the dream seemed almost semi-lucid and I was partly hoping to have some private time with the woman, sexual opportunities in my dreams are rare and almost always get interrupted and/or stopped and/or censored, and so at this point I was trying to avoid any other dream characters seeing us.

I remember looking through the windows in the building to make sure that no one was around and I remember starting to talk to the woman, I probably had to ask questions to get her to talk, and I was trying to get to know her a bit & I was trying to understand her situation; and I had noticed her puppet-like/robot-like/zombie-like behavior where I had to literally give her commands for her to follow me & for her to go in the storage building & I had to literally help her a bit to walk up the step to the storage building & I had to ask her to stay away from the windows & to wait in a certain spot & she would do everything that I asked/said & her only form of communication was probably short simple responses to my questions or commands.

I felt a bit weird like any possible sexual contact with the woman would be like taking advantage of her or almost like having sex with a mostly lifeless robot or something (because she would do anything that I asked probably & she seemed to lack her own personality), and so I started to talk/ask the woman questions to better understand her & her situation instead; but then the usual interruption happened and some of my family & some other people came into the storage building to hang out or something.

I found a blanket or something for the naked woman to cover herself with and I asked her to wait in a comfortable corner area in the storage building, and I stopped to see what some of my family & the other people wanted; and as usual there was no real or clear reason for their interruption, other than to interruption/stop any possible sexual or intimate contact that I am having or might have as usual in dreams, then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂