A Doctor’s Appointment & JB Takes Me To Several Businesses

This was probably several dreams that continued mostly where each dream left off, so a series of continuation dreams; but I could be wrong.

Also, I did not record this dream / these dreams until later, so there are missing details & missing parts of these dreams & probably missing dreams.

This dream took place over the course of maybe two or three days, I remember being in a fictional city, that was probably partly based on Lake Charles, maybe it was a fictional Lake Charles.

I went into a small one-story motel-style college dorm (dormitory) room to wait for a doctor’s appointment that I had at a nearby small one-story medical clinic that was next to the right of the parking lot for this dorm.

I am not sure if someone was letting me use the dorm room or if I just walked in there, saw that no one was there, and decided to use it temporarily; I can not remember, but I kind of feel like I was not officially supposed to be there.


An Automobile Accident On Vacation And A New Baby Sibling And My Cousin TE And My Cousin CE

By the way, this picture of my Japanese baby c...
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I only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place during the day in a fictional place where I was on vacation with my family, including my/our new fictional baby sibling (I am not sure if it was a boy or girl, but I think that it looked like a girl), and our fictional small pet dog.

We were staying at a house / motel in a field next to a highway that looked like a house that was equally divided into three parts with three different doors, one for each part, and my family and I stayed in the middle part; and one or more families were staying in the other two parts.

On the left side of the house/motel was a bank I think, on the right side of the house were several connected houses / condominiums that had mailboxes near the sidewalk that went through this neighborhood, and on the right side of the condominiums was an indoor recreation center for this neighborhood that had a swimming pool, gym, et cetera.

I remember holding my/our fictional baby sibling several times in this dream, during one of these times I was outside with my family and our fictional small pet dog enjoying ourselves, and one of the other families staying next to us were outside enjoying themselves as well; but something happened that I can not remember where I think we called the police for some reason(s).

As we waited outside I saw a woman with whitish color skin with reddish colored hair whose hair was obviously not really a reddish color but a very fake reddish color that was obviously dyed driving a sports car at the drive through window at the bank, and she drove her car into another two-door car that was stationary and being driven by a woman with whitish colored skin.

The woman with the fake reddish colored hair knew that she hit the other car but she reversed her car and she tried to escape, but the other woman drove after her and she blocked her car from leaving the parking lot; and she called the police, and the police arrived by helicopter because we had already called them for something else.

The police went to deal with the automobile accident first and so we decided to go to the recreational center to wait for the police to finish with that first, and I carried my/our fictional baby sibling and the fictional small pet dog and some other things; and once we walked into the recreational center we saw our female cousin TE and her daughter our female cousin CE, and we greeted each other.

They looked at my fictional baby sibling saying how cute he or she was and how he or she looked more like me than the rest of my brothers, and I remember looking at the baby or a baby who had yellowish/light brownish/whitish colored skin with dark hair in a nice unique braided hair style that was somewhat long and seemed more feminine; and the baby was cute and the baby looked female to me, but my cousin TE maybe had referred to the baby as he but I am not sure.

The baby looked a bit like me combined with my cousin TE and my cousin CE, I remember the baby smiling, and I remember my cousin TE saying that the baby looked like he or she had my immune system; which I thought was a strange thing to say and I tried to make sense of that because I did not see how it would be possible to figure that out just by looking at someone and the baby was only my sibling not my child, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


The Recreation And Tourist Center

Last night I barely remembered any of my last dream, and I have not remembered much of any of my dreams the past few days.

This dream took place in a city, and I was traveling with my family; at least at first.

We were riding in our van and reached a building that was like a recreational center mixed with a tourist center that had a basketball court, small restaurant, arcade room, small movie theater, and more.

It appeared that my family was here to vacation and either I was too or I already lived in this city or I was going to soon move there, I am not sure.

My memory of the dream is terrible, I think my parent’s left on a tour around the city or their van got stolen, whatever happened my parent’s left me with my brothers for a while.

My brother’s split up to explore different areas of the building and at some point they either joined my parent’s again, or some of them joined me, I am not sure.

I just remember being on my own during the end of the dream while I explored part of the building looking for something or a way out, I came across several people, one was a woman with short orange hair that talked with me a few times.

At some point I came across my cousin and he told me that he had a job in the city doing something that involved stocking a warehouse or something, I briefly stopped to talk to him about jobs and maybe my plans, and then I remember having my automobile on the outside of the building; but I am not sure if I gave my cousin a ride to work and/or if I took some of my brothers to my parent’s.

Whatever happened at some point I was back at the building, if I even had left at all, and at some point I think I came across the woman with short orange hair again and a few other people.

The part of the building that I was at was darker and was like a hostel or something with a small bathroom that was the same as at my parent’s house, and every one at the hostel shared that one bathroom.

I had to go use the bathroom and as I walked to the bathroom, I noticed that the door was cracked and the woman with the short orange hair was in a nightgown or something and was either brushing her teeth or hair or something; she told me that I could come in if I wanted to and I told her that I could wait to use the bathroom when she finished, but she insisted that I could go ahead and use it.

I hesitated for a moment, especially since I would not normally use the bathroom with someone I do not know well around, but for some reason I felt just comfortable enough to go on inside the bathroom; but I turned my back toward her for some privacy.

I was somewhat surprised that I had done that and that I felt somewhat comfortable around the woman, I was curious about her and wanted to know more about her, so I stopped to talk with her instead of just leaving the bathroom.

She appeared to be at least 5 years older than me, she seemed to have a relaxed personality, but she was mysterious to me; I knew I had seen her several times in the dream and even had talked with her briefly a few times but I did not know her name or really anything about her.

I told her how I was surprised by my own actions and that I was curious about who she was, and that I normally would not stop to have a long conversation with a person I did not know like this.

She seemed to have a slight smile as I was talking but I could not tell what she was thinking or feeling, she still seemed mysterious to me, but I did not feel threatened at all; but I was very curious about her and felt that something was different about her, maybe she even seemed somewhat out-of-place compared to the other dream characters.

I also had this strange feeling toward her or about her, well it was a very weak dream-like (it is hard to describe) feeling, and I was not sure what it was.

At first I thought it was just a feeling of attraction from me to her or her to me or both, but I was not sure, and from the way she acted and looked; I still could not decide/figure it out since she was somehow unreadable to me and mysterious.

I wondered if she was setting me up for a trap at first and maybe she was one of those dream characters that was there to interrupt my dream by attacking me, like a few of my other dreams recently, but I did not feel threatened so I doubted that.

I was somewhat cautious though and curious at the same time, and I was trying to figure out what was that weak unknown feeling I felt.

But before our conversation really got started, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Hostage Dream And Several Random Dreams

My dreams last night seemed very random because each dream was about something else.

I ate some food before I went to bed and my stomach started to hurt a bit, but I went to bed anyway.

I had at least 5 dreams last night but I can only remember a bit of 4 of the dreams.

Dream 1

My 1st dream started at an apartment I think, all I remember is that I was walking through the apartment building and I was carrying something but I don’t know what it was.

I think someone else was with me and I was helping them carry stuff, a group of gothic looking people were going into their apartment room but they stopped to look at the stuff I was carrying and they gave me a compliment about the stuff I was carrying.

I said thanks, and I was going to tell them the stuff was not mine, but I did not.

That is all I remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My 2nd dream was in a building, me and a group of people were hiding from something or someone.

We were on the top floor of an old house, building, or some small apartment.

The group of people was a mixed group of different people of different ages, and the only person in the group that I knew was Mrs. SF.

We were trying to figure out what we should do, stay in this room hiding or try to run out of the building.

I think a few of us had weapons and maybe a gun.

We decided that a small group of us should go look for a way to escape, and so me and a few people left the room with our weapons.

That is all I remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The 3rd dream was about a movie actress from the television show ER and a few other celebrities that were going to a recreation center, but she was going to a public recreation center instead of a private one.

The recreation center seemed to be at the top of a big building in a big city like New York City, the outside looked a little old and dirty.

She went inside and things looked nice inside, there were many things to do inside for people of different ages.

It seemed that she was going to exercise at the gym, but on her way there a kid said something to her so she stopped.

The kid was at some game table and needed a partner to play with, so he asked the actress to play with him.

She smiled and said okay, then the kid said something that was funny and surprising.

The kid said : “Hey lady no offense but I know a lady like you that normally looks good would not usually stop to play a game with a kid like me, but today you do not look that good because your hair is pulled back, so I guess this is my lucky day, and I am sure that next time you will fix you hair and will look better & will ignore an annoying kid like me.”

The actress laughed and made no comment, and then they started to play the game.

Then that dream ended.

Dream 4

My 4th dream was about me, my dad, and other workers at the school board getting held hostage by a group of criminals.

We were leaving a building that looked like the building from my second dream, and some guys with guns told us to stop.

Outside the building there was a big field with a baseball field, soccer field, sidewalks, and a neighborhood.

There were kids riding their bicycles, but no one noticed that we were being held hostage.

We just sat outside for a long time, and I did not know what the criminals wanted.

It seems that maybe they were going to rob the school board or something?

Then I woke up,

-John Jr