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I went to sleep on the living room couch and I had dreams that I did not record, I got awakened because I got too hot because someone turned off the air conditioner so I lost those dreams, and then I got in bed and I had more dreams but I was too tired to record some of them so I only recorded part of several of these dreams and sadly I did not record the others.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that several different leadership styles and / or leaders were shown, and you had to choose one; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


John Jr Has Triplets?

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This continuing dream (I probably woke up and went back to sleep continuing the dream several times without recording my dreams, and so now I have forgotten most of my dreams except for barely part of this continuing dream) was possibly partly inspired by an anime (animated) television show called From The New World that I watched several episodes of yesterday before taking a nap on the couch late in the afternoon.

I did not record my dream or dreams during the nap or that I had later when I went to sleep early the next morning, but I managed to barely remember part of this continuing dream.

My memory is unclear so I am not sure if I started out on foot or not (this probably changed each time that I returned to the dream) during this part of the dream, but I possibly was at a school and / or college at first or I walked to one or them and / or around one or them; and I met various people I knew and possibly did not know along the way and during my stops.

Another part of the dream probably involved me going to several places using my automobile, and once again I met several people along the way and during my stops.

Another part of the dream involved me traveling by bus and / or school bus as a passenger to several places, and once again I met several people along the way and during my stops.

Another part of the dream involved me traveling maybe by bus and / or school bus as the driver, and once again I met several people along the way and during my stops.

My final parts of the dream involved me traveling by recreational vehicle (RV), possibly as a passenger and as a driver during different times, and I met people I knew along the way and during my stops and some of them I knew would join me on board the RV at stops and / or during drives and at some point they would leave and I would continue my journey meeting others along the way and during stops.

A lot of these last parts were possibly spent on the RV and some of the stops included: parking lots, gas stations, restaurants, stores, and more.

I am not sure at which point in the dream they appeared but at some point I had triplets, they were still infants who could not even open their eyes, and two were boys and one was a girl and they had light to light-medium color skin.

I assume that I had a wife but I can not remember if I got to see her in the dream or not, I possibly remember flashes of her in my mind (she possibly had light-color skin) but I am not sure if those were of me thinking about her in the dream and / or if she was in the dream briefly, and I am not sure if she was still alive (she could have died after birth or something, but I have no idea) or where she was (maybe she was still recovering from giving birth or maybe she needed to go somewhere while I watch the children but I have no idea) or anything.

I am not sure if this is correct or not but there is a possibility that the government required that newly married couples have at least one child within their first year or two of marriage, I guess we were newly married and probably had no plans on having children (but that could have changed in the future) but we were possibly required to so we went on and did it to get this government requirement out-of-the-way, and to our shock and surprise we had triplets instead of the one required child.

I am not sure if we got married on our own or if the government had assigned us as partners if you do not get married on your own after a certain age, and I am not sure how or when our babies joined me on the RV (maybe my wife brought them or maybe one of my family members brought them or maybe someone else brought them or maybe I brought them but I have no idea).

I just know that during one or more parts of the dream my brother GC and / or some of my other brothers got on the RV and helped babysit my triplets on the RV as I drove the RV, and some times I watched them as he or they drove; and maybe most of the time we were parked, and at some point he or they left.

During one part of the dream my dad got on the RV and helped babysit them on the RV as I drove, and maybe he drove while I watched them sometimes; and maybe most of the time we were parked, and at some point he left.

During the last part of the dream my mom got on the RV and helped babysit my triplets while I drove, and maybe she drove while I watched them sometimes; and once again we were possibly parked most of the time.

I remember us changing diapers, feeding them, burping them, holding them, watching them as they slept, et cetera.

I remember holding all three of them sometimes using my arms and maybe a baby backpack that was on the front of my body, this all probably reminded me of when I used to help my parents take care of my younger brothers when they were young including the twins who I used to hold at the same time sometimes, and so those experiences helped prepare me for this but it was even harder this time with three babies.

It was a lot of work but there was probably something special watching my sleeping triplets and getting to hold them, I did not want to or expect to be a father any time soon or ever and I did not expect or want triplets, and so it was still a surprise and did not seem like it was really happening but it was cool thinking about how these babies were our babies that we created and that they were made from part of us and are part of us in a way and I planned on trying to be a good father even if this went against our plans and wishes (since the government probably required us to have at least one child).

One of my babies started crying when they were sleeping, maybe my daughter, and so I had to pick her up before she woke up her brothers.

I probably held her and rocked her back to sleep while watching over her brothers, this probably brought a smile to my face, and I probably thought about what they would look like and be like when they get older and what would life be like now and in the future trying to raise triplets.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate LM

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Dream 1

My memory is fading fast because I did not voice record my dreams and I went back to sleep several times and I spent my morning trying to troubleshoot a Zemanta bug, and so now I can not remember most of my dreams.

The first dream took place in a slightly fictional version of the city of D during the day and I was at my parent’s house which was a fictional house in another part of the city probably on side of the highway that goes to the city of LC before you get to the old SC building on the left side of the highway where there are a few nice houses further back from the highway with large front yards with no fences/gates, and somehow my former female classmate LM was there.

I remember my former classmate LM talking to my mom and she shared a piece of cake with us, I probably cut the piece of cake into several pieces so that several people could have some, and this dream seemed to take place during a time of celebration like Christmas or a birthday party or graduation party or something like that because we had gifts in a small living room by the door.

We talked about several things, it seemed that my former classmate LM was somewhat stranded at our house until someone could come pick her up or until we could take her home (maybe her automobile broke down or something like that), and this was my first time seeing her again since college; and I remember things being a bit awkward, but things slowly improved as we became more comfortable as we all talked.

My current situation was/is not very great to talk about so that was making me feel even more uncomfortable but my former classmate LM did not seemed bothered by it, she actually seemed like she was interested in becoming friends and it seemed that we had more in common than I thought, and we both did not seem to be married or dating or have kids.

I thought it would be nice if we could become friends because I could use a friend, especially a female friend who could help me learn more about women and other things, and it is hard making friends at my age when you are someone like me and someone in the situation that I am in; and I started to think that maybe we could even start dating one day possibly or she could help me with in that area.

At some point I let my mom and my former classmate LM talk alone because they were having a good time talking and because my mom was sharing embarrassing information about me when I was a kid, and when I returned my former classmate LM had wrapped a gift for me/my family that had my name written on it and she presented it to me; I was surprised, and I thanked her.

My former classmate LM said that her family was having a gathering/celebration too soon and she invited me and maybe my family, I decided that I would go even though I was not comfortable, and it would be my chance to meet her family and get out of my comfort zone; and I remember us having a more relaxed conversation about some of the things that made me uncomfortable, some of my weaknesses, and about some of the advice that I needed on various topics and we talked about our years since graduating from high school and since she graduated/left college.

There was more to this dream that I can not remember, I do know that I was going to cook some food and serve it to everyone including my former classmate LM, but I can not remember if anyone ever came to pick up my former classmate LM or if we took her home.

Dream 2

This dream was a slight continuation of the first dream except that my parent’s house was back in its normal place and the house looked like their normal house again, I do not think that my former classmate LM was there but I can not remember because I was outside, and my brother CC was there visiting so I was spending time with him.

Across the street our neighbors and some people visiting them were outside and inside at Mr. RD’s house and The B House, in front of The G House playing in the street was my uncle ME and my cousin ME and my cousin ME’s kids who are also my cousins, and at some point my brother CC and I were going to go to the store or something like that; and I remember a strange box-shaped automobile drive up the street and turn around, and there were many people inside of it like a bus or RV (recreational vehicle).

This same automobile did the same thing again like they were either lost or spying/being nosy, I remember telling my mom about it, and maybe something was wrong with the automobile that I was going to use to drive my brother CC and I to the store so there was a delay; and I remember thinking about my former classmate LM and various other things that was going on in the dream, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Lost In College-Like Buildings

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is being at a college-like campus that possibly had a few areas that were like a fictional military academy/base/location/place that is sometimes in my dreams, and I remember walking around exploring and getting lost in the various connected buildings.

Some of the buildings had classrooms, some had dorms and/or apartments, et cetera and I possibly had a dorm room or apartment in one of the buildings, but I got lost; and I remember walking into a tall/narrow tower-like multi-story RV (recreational vehicle) which few people seemed to pass through.

I walked down the various small/narrow floors of this RV, each was a very small room, and one of the rooms had a woman with medium brownish colored skin with blackish or dark brownish colored medium length hair who possibly lived in it or used it; and she had entered the room as I was passing through it, she possibly used several other floors as well, and I probably greeted her.

I continued walking down until I reached the first floor which was the RV itself and I saw the drivers and passengers seat and the windows to the outside, it was a nice day outside, and then I walked back up each floor until I reached the area where I had originally walked from; and I walked around to several halls that I walked through several times, and I went down some stairs that I went down several times that led to a room with a door on the left side that led to another hall.

This room was had a television, some chairs, and some more stairs on the right side of the room and this room was a room that you would pass through when trying to reach one of the halls; and so many people passed through this room, and I had passed through it several times in the dream.

I got tired of walking around lost and so I decided to watch some television so I sat on the stairs on the left side, I remember reminding myself that I needed to tell my dad that we should check the heater outside of the bathroom for a possible small gas leak, and I remember a news report on the television talking about the actor Bill Cosby.

A few other students sat in chairs and on the stairs to watch television and talk and do their homework et cetera, and the next thing  that I remember is being outside in a field near a garage/storage-like building where some soldiers and some other people were; but I can not remember what was going on exactly, maybe something was being filmed here and we were part of it, but I can not remember.

The soldiers were wearing their combat uniforms with no armor or weapons and they were standing against the garage/storage-like building, they seemed pretty relaxed and one of the soldiers was possibly Mr. MH the father of my sister-in-law JC, and he walked over to me to show me something on his mobile phone.

He was smiling and he showed me an image that one of his fellow soldier friends sent him, it was an image of a long-haired and bearded statue head of a man who looked like maybe a Greek god (or in that ancient style) with a non-statue/flesh/normal topless woman with whitish colored skin female upper body, and I thought that this was inappropriate especially because it seemed that him and the other soldiers were on duty but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that I was once again lost in some college-like buildings, possibly at the same college campus-like place from the first dream, and school was over for the day and the building was supposed to be closed/locked; and so everyone was gone, and I was trying to find the exit before someone thought that I was a burglar/robber/et cetera.

I was wearing a reddish and blackish colored nylon jacket, dark-colored winter gloves, a winter knit hat, pants, shoes, et cetera and at some point I reached some stairs that led to a room where the wall on the left side was windows/glass; and I remember trying to climb up on the rail a bit to see if I could see and exit, but I decided to look around for security cameras first and I saw one across the room on the wall.

I decided not to climb up on the rail because that would look suspicious and I kept my head down and I walked down the stairs away from the security camera hoping to find the exit before they notice me and call the police, I heard a door open and I saw a female janitor with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair pushing a cart outside, and so I waited a few seconds and I walked outside hoping that she would not see me.

It worked and I walked outside unseen and it was possibly a whitish/grayish colored day but I could be wrong, ahead of me was a courtyard where students were and some of them were selling things at stands, and so I went to look around.

I saw a probably male freshmen with medium brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair, a probably female freshmen with whitish colored skin with maybe long reddish colored hair, and my former female classmate FS packing up the stuff at their stand like they were moving to another college/city; and so I stopped to see if they needed help.

I greeted my former classmate FS and she looked and acted negative-neutral toward me, I wondered if she was angry with me for turning her down many years ago back when we were in high school when she told me that she liked me (I did it as nicely as I could, at the time I liked my former female classmate CW, and I explained this to her nicely), and so I felt a bit strange/uncomfortable; but I woke as I was talking to them.

The end,

-John Jr


Annoying And Escaping From Security Guards

Last night I had several dreams but one or more of my dreams had a lot of detail(s), repeated several times, and I woke up a few times which caused me to forget most of my dreams; but I do remember some of my last dream fragments.

It took place during the day and night in a fictional version of D, at a building that might have been a clinic, and I remember walking around this building; and at some point I met a man and his young daughter(s), who were poor, and they could not afford the medical treatment & they needed a place to live.

I understood their situation, since I am in the same situation, and I remember trying to help them talk to the workers at the clinic to help them; but the workers were treating them like most of society seems to treat those of us in the lower class/low-income/poor of society, and so they/we were being rejected coldly due to our lack of money/et cetera.

The man begged the workers for help and he tried to tell them about the serious condition that his daughter(s) had, and that they could die without treatment; but the workers still rejected us coldly, and they did not offer any advice, no money, no service.

I remember walking off and talking with the man and his daughter(s), trying to think of ways to help them, and at some point we found an abandoned RV-like house connected to or near the clinic; and so we went inside of it to explore.

It was obviously abandoned but the man and his daughter(s) could live there, but two security guards for the clinic came to tell us to leave.

One security guard was an obese woman with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair and the other security guard was an overweight man with whitish colored skin with short hair, and they both wore blueish colored security uniforms.

We asked the security guards about the abandoned RV-like house, I am not sure what they said but I think that they confirmed that it was abandoned and that the clinic had no plans on using it, but that we were not allowed to use it or explore it; and so they coldly told us to leave, but we tried to convince them to ask the clinic if the man and his daughter(s) could use it.

But the security guards threatened to call the police on us if we did not leave, and so I think that we went to ask the workers at the clinic about the abandoned RV-like house; but they rejected us again, and so we angrily & sadly left the clinic.

I was not ready to give up and so I decided to sneak back into the RV-like house, but the security guards caught me again and they started asking me my name and my other information because they were filing a report to the police on me; so I kept my back turned to them mostly so that they could not get a good look at my face and I only told them my first name (John), and while they were distracted writing the report, I ran.

I climbed through a screened window, I opened and jumped through another window, I jumped over a fence, and I ran to the highway near where Walmart should be; and the security guards could only slightly describe my appearance and my first name to the police, and so the police were not able to find me.

Later the dream repeated several times, each time I would escape from the security guards, improving each time usually; until I would escape before the security guards could even get close.

During these repeats and/or multiple escape attempts, I would sometimes play around, and one time I hid in the woods waiting for the police to arrive and then I started walking up the road so the police could see me; and I asked a police officer for directions or something, and he had no idea that I was the person that he was supposed to be arresting. 😀

Sometimes I would taunt the two security guards, who were too out-of-shape to catch me. 😀

I got so good at escaping that it was like I was doing an obstacle course and/or an Olympic sport, I knew exactly what to do, and here was my usual pattern: sneak into the RV-like house, wait until I see the security guards coming and that they realize that I am inside of the RV-like house, climb through the screened window, jump through a glass window which I usually already had opened, run across the field, jump over the fence, run through the woods and/or on side of the highway, and/or hid in the woods and/or explore some of the shops near the highway.

I sneaked into the RV-like house and escaped so many times that I can not remember how many times that I did it, I did it so much that the dream went from day to night to morning, that is how many times I did this. 😀

I am not even sure why I kept sneaking into the RV-like house exactly, I know that I wanted the man and his daughter(s) to use it, but I am not sure how sneaking into it would help.

At some point I finally stopped playing around and I remember walking across town talking with a few people occasionally, to hide from the police, on my way back home.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂