Library Washing Machines & President Joe Biden | Boxing

Joe Biden’s mixed legacy on sexual misconduct

Lazy notes of my dreams:

Dream 1

In this dream I was at a fictional version of The BP Library that was located where The Post Office should be, our library had a washing machine section with washing machines, and I remember seeing my female coworker TR.

At some point our assistant director Ms. JM said no to me when I was cleaning a chair that someone had spilled pork and beans on it.


Flooding & Factions

I remembered at least three of my dreams, unfortunately I forgot to record two of them, and so now I only remember barely part of one dream.

This dream took place during the day, and there was a flood.


Two Sides At War And Trying To Recruit People From The Other Side

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I did not voice record my dreams during the night and so I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream, and I had a job interview but I doubt that I will get the job.

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream which took place during the day on a fictional version of the street that my parents live on, and there was a war going on between both sides of the street.

On the side of the street where my parents’ house should be was one side/group who showed up as red dots on a map/radar like on the video game Age Of Empires III when looking at your map/radar, and on the other side of the street where Mr. RD and the people who live in the B House stay was the other side/group who showed up as blue dots on a map/radar.

I was with the side/group across the street from where my parents’ house should be and our area looked like a combination of how it looks in real life combined with a fictional version of the D Junior High School, and the other side looked like a combination of my parents’ yard/house combined with a mall.

I have no idea why both of our sides were at war but I know that my side was trying to end the war with a plan where we would recruit/bribe/pay people on the other side to join us, and we hoped to get enough people or enough important people from the other side to join us to finally end the war peacefully hopefully or at least with less violence.

I remember joining a small group of men (about three men in disguise) and one woman (who wore a burqa as a disguise) on a secret mission where we snuck/sneaked to the other side to meet a high level person on the other side to recruit/bribe/pay him and other to our side, and then we would help them safely reach our side.

I remember going inside the mall-like building on the other side with my group and we went up an escalator to the second floor to meet the high level person from the other side, we had a meeting with him without getting noticed, and he shared some information with us after we paid him half the agreed upon amount which was 500,000 (but I am not sure what currency he was paid in).

He told us that there were other people on his side that would join us and that he would go talk to them immediately so that they could join us as we sneaked them safely to our side, but after he walked off his side released a new experimental weapon to fight our side which was a muscular maybe blueish colored humanoid with maybe organish colored spiky hair who looked a bit like a thinner version of the video game character Blanka from the street fighter games and the super hero Hulk.

The experimental weapon walked by the woman and I without noticing who we were and he seemed to be on his way to attack our side maybe, and so someone from our group left to warn our side; and the rest of my group continued our mission to recruit people from the other side, and safely escort them to our side.

I remember looking at a portable map/radar device following the progress of my group and the people we recruited as they moved to our side, but the dots of the people we recruited started to disappear as they reached our side; and so I was not sure if the experimental weapon killed them or not, and so I went to investigate.

I came across the high level man we recruited and a few people from our group, the high level man possibly said that he would try to talk to the experimental weapon to see if he/it would join our side too, and he said that there were still more people who wanted to join us; and so they left to finish our mission.

I walked across the street back to our side to see if we were under attack or not and to make sure that our mission was going well still, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Commander William (Bill) Adama’s Lesson & Forbidden Love During An Election & Being Betrayed By A News Reporter (Journalist)

I slept pretty well last night only being awakened a few times by noise and heat and I got a bit too cold later during the night which probably helped cause me to forget some of my dream or dreams and I accidentally got awakened from my last dream because of something that happened in the dream, and unfortunately I forgot most of the only dream that I can remember part of which was my last dream.

My last dream was a somewhat long and detailed dream that was positive overall but there was tension throughout the dream and the dream had a terrible ending, unfortunately I forgot most of the dream and many of the important parts of the dream, and so the dream does not make much sense and it is very unclear to me; and I wish that I could remember more of it, especially the parts with a woman I liked / loved in the dream, because I can not even remember her name or her appearance very well after waking up accidentally during an emotional part of the dream.