Flooding & Factions

I remembered at least three of my dreams, unfortunately I forgot to record two of them, and so now I only remember barely part of one dream.

This dream took place during the day, and there was a flood.


Alice Morgan Working As A Spy | A Flying Saucer

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in a fictional city.

A probably American spy agency (intelligence agency) recruited some people, including me & one or two people I knew, including a man who looked like or was the actor John Dye.

The character Alice Morgan from the TV show Luther was recruited as well.

She possibly was recruited before us & she possibly was involved in having me & maybe the people I knew recruited without me / us knowing it, but I am not sure.


Endless Elevators | Mr. Wednesday’s Plan

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day & I was returning to a college that I had not been to in maybe a month so that I could go to class, there was a fighting tournament taking place as well, but many of the fighters were getting taken out (attacked) before they could even reach the tournament.

The college campus was pretty big with multi-story buildings, I thought that my class was on a second floor, I was not sure, but I tried to make my way there; and I was wearing dress clothes.


A Fake NRA-Like Group Recruiting Gun Rights Supporters Into Terrorism? | A Doctors Appointment | A Norton AntiVirus Employee? | An Altercation Outside A Business

I went to sleep on the living room couch, I woke up without recording my dreams, and then I finished a few things on the computer before getting in bed and having more dreams.

I managed to record part of several dreams, I had more dreams and some were very detailed, but some more dreams were not recorded and some parts of the detailed dreams were not recorded because they were too detailed and somewhat long.

Dream 1

This was the longest and most detailed dream, it was so long and detailed that parts are forgotten now, and my memory of some of the order of it is possibly incorrect.

The dream took place during the day, I was in a fictional city, and I remember going into a small restaurant-like place where a lot of law enforcement officers seemed to like to hang out.

I remember going into a back room where most of the law enforcement officers were hanging out, by the entrance when I entered were two older out-of-shape male police officers with dark-color skin talking, and there were more police officers further inside.

Before I got any further something happened that caused the police officers to pull out their guns, I assume some gunshot-like sounds had caused a panic, and they started pointing their guns toward an open area along the possibly screened wall on the left side (this area was possibly like a screened-in porch-like area).

Some of them possibly started shooting sometimes, they had no idea what they were shooting or pointing at, and so I did not think that this was a good idea.

The two police officers next to me had revolvers, one of them dropped his revolver, and he asked me to pick it up.

I would have but I did not think that was a good idea so I paused, he then realized that it was not a good idea to let me pick it up because another police officer might shoot me by mistake, and so he asked the other police officer to pick it up for him and he did.

During the panic the highest ranked officer seemed to be a detective-like man with light-color skin wearing maybe dress-like pants and a bullet resistant vest over a long-sleeve dress shirt, he had a black pistol, and he was giving orders to the others; and he looked like an actor whose name I can not remember who has played law enforcement officers on various crime shows / crime movies and who probably has ancestors from Mexico and/or South America.

At some point the assumed detective ordered everyone to stop firing, I can not remember what happened next, the next thing that I remember as possibly on a new day.

I went to another restaurant, by the entrance was the front desk where you pay after eating, and a lazy male employee with light-color skin was working there and he moved between there and the areas where you eat your food.

I sat at a table, while I waited I noticed various unusual things, there were some fliers around the restaurant that advertised some NRA-like gun rights-like group was giving out free steak dinners here at this restaurant if you would listen to their discussion about gun rights et cetera while you ate your steak dinner at the restaurant.

A middle class-to-upper class middle-aged man with light-color skin with brown hair wearing a plaid button-shirt and dress pants entered the restaurant, and he sat at a table looking around after maybe letting the male employee know that he was probably here to lead the free steak dinner and gun rights discussion.

A Michael Westen-like man who looked and acted like or was that character from the television show Burn Notice entered the restaurant, got and ate his food, and then went to the front to pay but the lazy employee was in the eating area not paying attention.

The Michael Westen-like man noticed the fliers for the free steak dinner and he came up with an idea to get his previous food for free and a free steak dinner, the lazy employee did not notice that he had already eaten, and so when the lazy employee walked to the front the Michael Westen-like man pretended to have just arrived for the free steak dinner.

This worked and the lazy employee got him the free steak dinner, and the Michael Westen-like man took a seat to eat it; and then the man who was over the free steak dinner and guns rights discussion approached him and sat down to start the talk.

Michael played along pretending to be into gun rights, he was so good at this that their discussion caught the attention of other people (who were all men), and actual gun rights supporters who heard them talking and those who had come for the free steak dinner joined the discussion.

At some point Joe Biden and his United States Secret Service agents entered the restaurant, Mr. Biden seemed to be campaigning, and at some point Mr. Biden and the man over the free steak dinner/guns rights discussion had a discussion/debate/argument (Mr. Biden stayed professional, but the other man was the one who was loud and angry).

The man got too aggressive and used some threatening language that led to the Secret Service agents approaching him, getting Mr. Biden out of there, and him and the rest of their group almost got arrested; but they got lucky, and maybe the Secret Service agents did not arrest them but they did get warned.

After this a confident upper class-like well-dressed (probably a female suite and suit skirt with some jewelry that made her look like a politician/high-level business woman/leader) somewhat older woman with light-color skin with yellow and/or graying hair entered the room with several men, she seemed to be over the NRA-like group funding this free steak dinner/guns rights discussion, and she heard about the incident.

She talked to the man who was the cause of it, she was not happy about the situation, and during their conversation it seemed that they were possibly a fake group that was using this as means of recruiting people for something else that was connected to the shooting situation earlier in this dream.

The woman then talked with the others, Michael spoke on their behalf, and she was impressed with Michael; and she wanted him to take the other man’s place, and maybe this happened but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is being outside during the day, and I went to an event that was taking place outside an area near a college where there was a body of water with a field on my side and a concrete area on the other side and another field to the left that led to a covered area that was fenced in partly on the side facing a sidewalk and street.

People were lined up and sitting along the field on my side, some were on the other side in the concrete area, and I walked over to the field area on a hill to stand and sit there.

I am not sure what kind of event this was, I just remember my brother GC being there, and maybe a few other people I knew.

At some point I realized that something was wrong, some of the people from that free steak dinner/guns rights discussion had been recruited into what I guess would count as a terrorist group, and they were here among the crowd.

They had planned an attack, they had traps and other things planned to make a statement and to lead the crowds in certain directions during the chaos, and so I assume that maybe Michael had joined and helped them to make a better plan this time compared to the previous failed shooting situation.

When I went to leave to try to warn others/escape/stop them, one of them grabbed my leg, and they started a chain of people grabbing each other.

Some explosions went off to start the chaos and to led people into running in certain directions, someone grabbed the person grabbing me, and this allowed me to move.

I moved my brother GC and we went to escape across the shallow part of the body of water to escape across the other field, there were some traps that we had to avoid, and there were explosions and fireworks going off.

We avoided the traps and I led some other people across the water, across the field, and to the covered area.

When we arrived to the covered area the police were arriving there, the detective-like man in charge from earlier was there and some fully armed SWAT members with personal defense weapons/submachine guns and some normal police officers, and we took cover behind pillars.

While behind cover they were looking in the direction of the chaos trying to figure out who the enemy were and where they were, they were hidden among the people, and possibly had escaped by now; but we were not sure yet.

One of the people I helped lead over hear was a tall overweight man with light-color skin who pulled out a FN P90 with a black shoulder strap to my surprise/confusion, during the chaos in this area, and then we got flanked from behind by another set of attackers.

They used the chaos at the event as a distraction, they knew where the police would likely arrive from because the explosions kept them from entering in those other areas, and so they had planned to flank the police from behind.

A SWAT member got shot and dropped his personal defense weapon near me, the detective in charge got shot in the vest by the man with the P90 and he fell, supposedly it was an accident according to the man who then said that he was sorry.

I grabbed the personal defense weapon that the shot SWAT member dropped, I grabbed the detective and I dragged him behind the other side of a pillar with me and my brother GC, and I asked the detective if he had his sidearm and he said yes and I asked if he could still fire it and he said yes.

I then started to help the surviving police in our shootout with the attackers, the situation was bad, and so I was going to retreat with my brother GC and maybe the detective (if he could still run) if things got too bad.

But I woke up during the shootout as we were still taking cover as we tried to recover from getting flanked by surprise and taking several causalities, and the attackers had assault rifles.

Dream 2

This dream involved me going to a large one-story house-like building that was actually a doctor’s office because I had a doctor’s appointment, in the narrow long lobby were all female employees who I assume were nurses, and there were some patients there as well.

I waited to sign-in, then I signed-in, and I was told that they had free snacks further down to my right so I went to get some snacks.

They had a nice buffet bar of various snacks and desserts, but before I could get any a female nurse with light-color skin led me to the back to wait for the doctor.

I was taken to a large carpeted multi-purpose room that was also a bathroom with a toilet at the back of it with no privacy oddly, I waited there alone but I needed to defecate, and so I sat on the toilet defecating hoping to finish before anyone walked into the room.

I thought that I heard someone approaching so I got up off the toilet before I was completely ready, and I probably washed my hands.

No one entered the room as expected but I felt that someone would soon so it was too risky to finish using the bathroom, and so I decided to go back to the snack bar to get some food.

While doing this I was once again approached by a nurse who said that the doctor was ready to see me now, I wanted to get some snacks, but she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back to the back to see the doctor; and I woke up as she led me to the back again.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside a store that I was shopping inside, there were several men with light-color skin with medium-to-dark color hair who worked at the store and possibly owned it, and while I was shopping or waiting a man with light-color skin entered the store talking to the employees.

He had a clipboard and some paperwork with him, I could only hear part of their conversation, but it seemed that he was an employee of Norton AntiVirus/Symantec.

He told them that he was here in reference to a previous giveaway where they gave away some free licenses (probably temporary licenses) for the antivirus program Norton AntiVirus to some customers at this store, and it seemed that he was probably here trying to get those customers to start paying for Norton AntiVirus now that the temporary free license period was up and/or that maybe some people used it beyond the free period so he wanted to collect the money not paid during that period.

I remember the employees telling him that was not a good idea and trying to convince him not to bother the customers about that, he did not listen to them, and he pointed to me as one of the customers on his list.

I had a false memory of getting one of these free licenses for Norton AntiVirus at this store, I remembered very briefly trying it (probably less than a month), and then I uninstalled it as far as I could remember; and so I doubted that I owed any money, and I was not going to buy a license because I have always only used free antivirus/antimalware services.

I started thinking back to these false memories trying to get my story straight while planning what I would say to the assumed Norton AntiVirus employee, and as I was doing this he approached me and greeted me.

He started to explain that I was on his list of customers who had gotten a free license in the past, I told him that was correct, and then I told him that as far as I remembered that I had only used it briefly for probably less than a month before uninstalling it.

But I woke up as I continued to listen to him while preparing my responses to resist any of his attempts to try to sell me a license and/or get me to pay for any assumed unpaid time beyond the free license.

Dream 4

This dream took place during the day in what looked a lot like my parents house but it was possibly somewhere else and/or it was a combination of my parents house and somewhere else.

I was in what looked like the living room when I was approached by my coworker/our library branch manager Mrs. MB, and she pointed toward the living room window where my computer should be.

MB told me that an altercation was taking place outside so we looked through the window, and we saw some people outside a fictional automobile repair shop-like business trying to rip something from off the outside of the building.

There were tree branches blocking our view of what they were trying to rip down, they seemed angry and like this was a protest of some kind, and as they were trying to do this employees from the business were trying to stop them.

So both groups were yelling, pushing, grabbing, et cetera; but that is all that I can remember of this dream before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Going To Apply For A Job | Waking Up Still Recovering From Food Poisoning

Dream 1

This dream involved me going to apply for some kind of maybe military-like / security-like job that included real training et cetera.

I remember going inside a building that had a store inside, the instructions said to go to a certain location, and so basically you had to find that location and wait.

I reached what I thought was the location but no one was there, I then realized that this seemed to be some kind of test, and that maybe you had to find clues and follow them to reach the true location.

But I was not sure, but I started investigating this possibility but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a fictional house were I lived with my family, and I assume that I woke up during the morning in the dream still recovering from food poisoning (which is true in the real world as well, I had a fever of 100.3, and I was cold before I went to sleep).

My mom and my brothers TDC and KDC were there, I only had minutes to decide whether to call in sick for work or to continue getting ready for work and leave, but I woke up.

In the real world I woke up in a similar situation where I had 30 minutes to decide whether to call in sick or to get ready for work, my fever went down to 98.8 but I still have some of the other symptoms, and so I called in sick for work for the first time since I have been working at The BP Library.

The end,

-John Jr