My Brother GC’s Surprise Attack | Two Women Turning People Into Supervillains? | An Old Murder And A Secret Underground Facility

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Dream 1

I had this dream shortly after falling asleep.

This dream took place at night or early in the morning when it was still dark, and I was inside a bedroom with my brother GC.

My brother GC was possibly sitting on his bed as I talked to him from across the room, and during our conversation a chokehold was mentioned and I probably told my brother GC that I would show him how to do that chokehold (probably a rear naked choke) later.

At some point when I was walking away to maybe use the bathroom, my brother GC grabbed me from behind, and he pulled me backward on his bed trying to put me in a rear naked choke with hooks.

This caught me by surprise completely, fortunately his technique and the position that I fell in helped give me time to recover and defend before he could get it locked in properly, and then I broke out of it with brute strength.

I told my brother GC why it failed and that he almost got me, and I told him that he should have waited for me to show him the rear naked chokehold first instead of trying to try it on me in a surprise attack without practicing it first.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that my former male semi-neighbor T, who used to briefly semi-live at The Semi-Abandoned house, was in the dream.

I was somewhere probably during the day when I met T, I was surprised to see him, and I did not want to see him or have anything to do with him but he happened to be in the area unfortunately.

Unfortunately T started to talk to me, but that is all that I can remember of this dream other than me not wanting to see or talk to T and I hoped that he would leave soon and that I would not see him again.

Dream 3

This dream took place outside during the day, and there were two women who either they and / or someone they knew seemed to have the power to turn / mind control / brainwash / whatever people into villains and / or supervillains who would have red eyes.

My brother GC, a Deadpool-like man and / or a Chester Conklin-like man, James McAvoy as one of this superhero characters (probably Charles Xavier), maybe several other people, and I happened to be approached by these two women who then started trying to turn / mind control our group into villains / supervillains one at a time.

One of the people on our group who they managed to turn / mind control into a supervillain was James McAvoy / Charles Xavier, and they used him to try to mind control the Deadpool-like / Chester Conklin-like man.

During the mind control attempt I remember some red ice and / or watermelon-like stuff in a solid flat square or rectangle formation slowly moving from the Deadpool-like / Chester Conklin-like man’s head, but he managed to resist the mind control attempt so it probably went back inside his head.

The Deadpool-like / Chester Conklin-like man seemed to resist the mind control due to his personality, he was talking and joking around a lot, and that seemed to help him resist the mind control.

The mind controlled / supervillain James McAvoy / Charles Xavier was surprised by this, he could not believe that someone like him could resist his powers, but I woke up.

Dream 4

This dream took place during the day at a somewhat fictional larger and nicer version of The BP Library, and I was there working.

At some point I walked over to a slightly fictional version of The Teen Section where I saw a female teenager with dark-color skin, and two women with dark-color skin and very short hair with one of them reminding me of my female cousin AE.

I greeted them and the woman who reminded me of my cousin AE started talking to me, during our conversation I noticed how nice the view was outside through the fictional large glass windows / walls in this area, and I noticed some fictional areas outside.

Outside the window there was a fictional small canyon like area that went under where the street that crosses by the library and The BP School Board should be, that area was raised with maybe a small bridge to cross over to the street that The BP School Board is, and the canyon-like area went below it and looked like it had been carved out so the two large sides were dirt mostly.

Past the right of where The BP School Board Computer Department should be I saw an underground sewer-like area that seemed to connect to another underground area that was below and in front of the street that crosses by part of the new courthouse areas that used to be The First Baptist Church, I am not sure if the female patron I was talking to mentioned this or if I saw something on the wall that mentioned this or if I just had a vision, either way I had a flashback or vision of a murder that happened in this underground area years ago back in maybe the 1950s or 1940s or something but I am not sure.

It was evening or night, there was an underground warehouse-like area there past the sewer on the right side, a thin male warehouse-like worker with light-color skin wearing his work uniform had murdered an attractive woman with light-color skin, and he disposed of the body in or near the underground sewer / underground warehouse area it seemed.

After the flashback or vision, I finished my conversation with the patron, and the next thing that I remember is going to investigate that area to see if I could find the remains of the woman’s body after all these years.

I can not remember if I found the spot or not, I just remember exploring the underground warehouse-like area until I found another hidden area that led to an underground facility, and while exploring it I saw a flashlight so I hid.

A security guard was patrolling, and then I found more security guards patrolling as I tried to sneak away.

At some point some new security guards, including a young woman with dark-color skin who was talking to her manager or boss, started to patrol in the area that I needed to escape to so I was forced to hid in a room.

Unfortunately the female security guard found me, but I managed to trick her into thinking that I was a new security guard.

She asked me where was my uniform, ID, et cetera and I came up with believable enough lies / excuses that she believed me.

She got her manager or boss, he asked me some questions and I lied to him too, and he believed me enough to get me an uniform and help me redo my paperwork (I lied and said that I guess someone lost my paperwork).

He got me signed up and everything, and eventually I became an official security guard at the secret underground facility.

My plan was to investigate the old murder and this facility, and expose them once I had enough evidence; and so I continued working at The BP Library during the day, and at the secret underground facility during the evening or night.

The areas that we guarded were probably only the second level so we did not get to see the active areas of the facility, and so we did not have any idea of what went on there or who else even worked there really it seemed.

While doing a security patrol and trying to investigate one evening or night, I caught at least one young woman and young man with dark-color skin sneaking around trying to investigate, and they told me that a family member of theirs had went missing and they found this facility and felt that it was probably connected with the disappearance.

I told them that I was also investigating this place and I asked them to join me and maybe become security guards here too temporarily, and so they did or I got them dressed in security guard uniforms as disguises.

While we were patrolling and investigating there was a security breech, a group of men with maybe light-color skin, and there was a bit of chaos and we got split up and I had to possibly fight or almost fight some intruders but I managed to talk them down.

They too were possibly trying to investigate this place, I told them that I was too, and I asked them to join me and the others.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Security Alarm Goes Off & People’s Eyes Turn Red & We All Get Paralyzed

Dream 1

I had this dream almost immediately after I went to sleep last night, and I can only remember part of the end of this dream.

I remember being inside a windowless building following a man with whitish-colored skin with maybe medium-length brownish-colored hair, and for some reason he seemed suspicious to me and so that is why I was following him.


Hide-And-Seek | Ice And The Twenty Fifteen Theme And A Genjutsu? | Red Eyes At A College

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place inside a house, possibly during the night but I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, and there was a family in this house playing hide-and-seek; and there was a creäture in the house that would possibly turn you into a creäture if it caught you, so they were trying to avoid it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that it possibly was inspired by the Japanese original video animation (OVA) called Ice, the soon to be released WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme, a birthday, the Japanese animated (anime) Naruto television series and maybe several other things.

I remember that there was something anime-like to this dream and there was a woman, the WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme was released or about to be released, it was someone’s birthday or about to be someone’s birthday, and several other things going on and possibly repeating until I realized that something was wrong/not right; and I started to suspect that it was all an illusion / genjutsu that was possibly being controlled by the woman.

I started trying to investigate this while trying to resist/break free of the illusion/genjutsu, it seemed to be a super genjutsu that was very powerful and that could effect/affect a large area and a large number of people, and so many other people seemed to be trapped in it; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third/last dream was the longest and most detailed dream from last night but all that I can remember is that it took place at a fictional college during the day where I seemed to be a student, and at some point in the dream I remember being in a small seating area with stadium-like seating that started low but that went higher the further you went back.

I remember sitting in a corner/side area next to a man with medium brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair, there were students from different countries here speaking different languages, and I remember sitting and watching and listening until the man sitting near me and I started talking.

We talked various things like languages with me using a bit of French and talking about language learning and trying to figure out what language a group of men sitting near us were speaking, countries with the man being surprised that I did not think that The United States Of America (USA) was the greatest country to live in and so we had a debate about that and about why I did not think that it was the greatest country in the world/of all time, and we talked about some other things that I can not remember.

Another part of the dream possibly took place at the dorms where I stayed and there was something that happened involving a woman, but I can not remember this part of the dream.

Later I remember being outside in an area that looked like the yard of E Manor connected to the college campus and there were a group of male students with dark brownish colored skin who were mostly from Africa probably who I suspected of pretending to be a religious group to hide their illegal activities (possibly selling illegal weapons, drugs, and committing various violent crimes), I saw them committing various crimes, and so I reported them because their crimes were violent and dangerous; but they denied it and they tried to claim religious discrimination.

After walking away from this back toward my dorms something happened to me, maybe someone put something in something that I ate or drank to get revenge on me reporting those students, and they illegally recorded video of me in my dorm without my knowledge.

All that I can remember is eventually returning to my dorm and I did not feel well/good so I possibly went to sleep,  and later I remember using a computer and going online and I found illegally recorded videos of me available publicly online, and one of them had music and was made to look like a fake trailer for the video game Far Cry 4.

The video had a scene showing me looking in the mirror in my dorm bathroom and my eyes looked larger than normal (almost alien) and they were a reddish color (even the whites of my eyes which looked like they were full of blood instead of being a whitish color) and my pupils were maybe a darker reddish color and they were so large that they took up almost all the space on/of my eyes, it looked creepy/scary/disturbing like my eyes were bleeding and/or very infected and/or that I was possessed by something and/or like I was transforming into something non-human/alien almost like my eyes were larger alien-like bloody sharingan-like eyes, and the video ended like I was the villain in a video game.

I ran to the bathroom to check my eyes and they did look like that for a moment, I started to panic wondering what was wrong with me and I was worried that I would go blind and so I needed to see a doctor because I already felt sick, but then when I looked back in the mirror my eyes looked normal again; but they probably changed back and forth a few times oddly.

I remember leaving to try to get medical help and I came across another student while I was walking and he told me that this had happened to him and/or someone else, he said that someone probably purposely infected me with a non-human animal/alien/parasite/whatever that had a certain name that possibly sounded like The Zorg or something like that, and he said that The Zorg/whatever were a peaceful species.

He said that once infected that you would start to change either into one of them or it would fuse/combine with you making you either a hybrid or it would be like two entities possessing the same body and/or something like that, he told me not to worry, and that he saw it as an improvement because you would get new abilities/powers/et cetera.

I possibly started trying to communicate with The Zorg/whatever that was now inside of me, we probably were able to communicate somewhat but I could be wrong, but I can not remember the rest of the dream and I woke up at some point.

The end,

-John Jr