Playing Basketball | Talking With My Uncle EE

I had more dreams, but I did not get out of bed to voice record them, so I cannot remember those dreams now.

Dream 1

This dream involved me playing professional basketball it seemed, and my team and I were playing against another team inside a gym in front of a crowd.


A Man’s Son Turns Into Wolverine?

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that the end of the dream took place during the day and I was standing in the parking lot of the shopping center by W Park in the city of D, I remember hearing and seeing and being told a story about a fictional basketball player from many years ago, and his story was in black and white because it took place so long ago (during a period where maybe racial segregation was still going on and/or had just ended).

The basketball player was a tall and large and muscular man with dark-brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair who was said to be an amazing athlete and basketball player with a lot of potential, I saw a black and white video clip of him playing in a basketball game, and a referee with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair called a foul on him saying that he fouled another player who had whitish colored skin.

He obviously did not foul the other player, it was obviously an intentional bad call made by the referee probably because of his racist beliefs (the player was not even close to the other player, and there was clearly no foul), and it was so obviously a bad call that even the announcers were confused by the bad call; and this terrible call because a source of jokes even many years later as comedians and others would use it in some of their comedy routines.

One day the basketball player had to have surgery for something that I can not remember, the doctor botched the surgery, and the doctor botched the surgery so bad that the basketball player was never able to play any sport again; and even many years later people wondered what he would have achieved if that had never happened, and this saddened many people.

His family sued the doctor but I am not sure if they won or not because I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in an area that seemed to be where the McDonald’s in the city of D should be, Donald Trump was standing in a room with an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair who I assumed was his assistant, and there were journalist filming them and taking photographs as they both stood in front of the journalists.

They were in a kitchen-like room with maybe a window separating them from the journalists, so maybe the journalists were outside in the parking lot outside the windows but I am not sure, and sitting behind Mr. Trump and his assistant was a thin dangerous-looking man wearing a long sleeve maybe plaid button shirt who had light brownish colored skin with very short hair who looked like he used to be in a so-called Latin gang or cartel; and I assumed that he was their bodyguard, and it looked like he possibly had a gun sitting on the counter where he was sitting but I was not sure (I possibly was not even in the dream, but I am not sure).

Mr. Trump and his assistant would look at the journalists and then look back nervously at the man behind them like they were afraid of him, they kept doing this and looking stiff like maybe they were being held hostage but I was not sure, and the man sitting behind them looked calm and dangerous and in control like he was maybe enjoying this and letting them suffer a bit not knowing what he was going to do to them or not; but I was not sure, maybe he was no threat to them, but it was not clear.

Also I sensed or assumed that Mr. Trump and his assistant were in a sexual/romantic relationship but I am not sure, they continued to awkwardly stand there for the cameras and look back sometimes at the man behind them, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I had another dream before this but I got interrupted before I could voice record or think about it because the repair man came to fix the telephone line, so I can not remember that dream, but I do remember part of my last dream which was about a man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair who possibly had a wife or girlfriend or mother who he cared about; and I think that his father was a vampire and his father’s assistant was probably a vampire, and all of them probably lived in the same multi-story house.

The dream took place during the day and at some point in the dream the man’s father and his father’s assistant locked his son in a windowless room and chained him up to do some experiments on him while his wife or girlfriend or mother was possibly somewhere else in the house unaware of what was going on, it seemed that his father wanted to turn his son into a dangerous weapon by making him: stronger, faster, violent, ruthless, et cetera through various experiments to turn him into something else.

At some point it seemed that the experiment was working and the son started to change and grow bigger and stronger and wild and violent and he lost control of himself, the father and his assistant were excited and happy and they started to celebrate, and the father complimented his son; and something possibly happened before this or after this where maybe the wife or girlfriend or mother was possibly killed by the father and/or his assistant and/or his now out of control son, but I can not remember.

The son looked like he had turned into basically a bigger and stronger and wilder real life version of Wolverine from The X-Men, the now out of control son was angry at his father and his assistant for doing this to him and for possibly causing the possible death of his wife or girlfriend or mother, and he was so strong now that he broke his chains; and he killed his vampire father, and then his father’s assistant ran so he chased him but he escaped.

I was in the dream at this point trying to calm the son down a bit, I remember him calming down a bit and he put on a bigger and looser version of the blueish and yellowish colored uniform that Wolverine wears, and he started running outside on the roof; and I remember saying:

“Really? Yellow and blue spandex? I am sorry, but that looks ridiculous man.” or something like that.

We laughed and he said that it did not look bad to him, and I replied that at least he likes it and is comfortable wearing it regardless what others things.

He vowed to hunt down his father’s assistant and after killing him he wanted to find out what they did to him and see if he could cure himself/return back to normal, if not, he would try to use his new abilities to help people; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


On An Alien Spaceship? + Visiting A Family + True Detective? + A Casino Scam + Refereeing A MMA Fight | A Card Signing Tradition & A Multi-Purpose Building

Dream 1

I still do not feel like typing my dreams but I will try to add a super lazy overview of my dreams from this/that night instead of taking the time to type everything that I remember, and so I will probably skip many details of these long and detailed dreams that I had; I slept very well last night.

In the first dream I remember being on and/or waking up on what looked like an alien spaceship and/or an underground alien facility (the inside somewhat reminded me of the Derelict Spaceship (LV-426) from the movie Alien (1979) if the lights were working), I guess the aliens realized that I was awake or free, and so they sent robots shaped a bit like guns/cannons/et cetera after me; and I remember running through a mostly metal room into another room where the robots were looking for me.


A MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Tournament At My Grandfather’s House

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I only remember some of the end of my last dream from last night, which took place at my grandfather’s house, and my grandfather & my uncle CE were there; and a group of unknown people were there too.

This makes no sense especially since I can not remember most of the dream, but there was to be a small MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) tournament at my grandfather’s house, but I am not sure if we had gloves or not; probably not.

I was going to be in the tournament as were the group of unknown people, who looked like they could not fight, but one man who entered the tournament looked like professional mixed martial artist Houston Alexander; and he looked like he could beat any of us, and so I hoped that we would fight first so that I could either lose to the best or beat my only real challenge.

He was in better shape than any of us and he looked tough/dangerous, I knew that looks can be deceiving, and so I tried to not let that intimidate me; and I started to think up a strategy so that I could defeat him if we fought.

My grandfather was the judge I guess and my uncle CE was the referee, and they went over the rules with us; and everyone who was going to be in the tournament got signed up.

As us fighters were talking and waiting for the tournament to start, I went to the bathroom to think, and I came up with a strategy of defeating the man who looked like Mr. Alexander; and I started to prepare myself for a possible fight against him, each fight would be a randomly picked so no one knew who would fight each time.

My strategy was an extreme all-or-nothing strategy, since my fighting style is defensive & I am comfortable with grappling & ground fighting but uncomfortable with striking & stand-up fighting, and since the man who looked like Mr. Alexander looked stronger/bigger & was probably good at striking & stand up fighting; I decided that my strategy would be to attack aggressively using striking/stand up fighting very briefly as only a distraction, wait for an opening, counter with a take down, and finish him with ground & pound (ground strikes) and/or by submission.

My goal was to end the fight as quickly as possible before he could even think or get comfortable or realize that he has an advantage.

After making my strategy and preparing myself, it was time for the first fight to be randomly selected, and my wish came true; the first fight was to be me and the man who looked like Mr. Alexander.

We got into position to fight in my grandfather’s living room as my grandfather and the other fighters watched, and my uncle CE stood in the middle of the room as the referee; I was a bit nervous, but I was ready to instantly run across the room once the fight started to push the fight to a quick end.

My uncle CE called the start of the fight, I ran across the room toward my opponent the man who looked like Mr. Alexander, and I began a quick jab & straight combination that put my opponent on the defensive.

I threw a few other strikes while moving around and toward my opponent, and my opponent went on the offensive just like I wanted, but for a second he almost got me with a good strike; but I managed to take him down, and I used my grappling skills to get in a good ground position & I began a ground & pound (ground strike) attack.

I only wanted to stun him enough to put him in a submission, but to my surprise I ended up knocking him unconscious it seemed, and so I looked to my uncle CE the referee to tell him that I think that my opponent was unconscious; and so he checked, and he was unconscious.

My uncle CE called an end to the fight and my grandfather announced me the winner as the other fighters were shocked/stunned & so was I, and then I started helping my uncle CE make sure that my opponent was okay; and we tried to help him wake up & wait for him to regain consciousness, and I remember my grandfather talking about the fight while we did this, and he gave us some advice on safely handling the unconscious fighter.

I expected him to regain consciousness in a few seconds but he did not, so I started to get worried, and I asked if we should call for an ambulance; but I woke up as we continued helping my opponent.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Brock Lesnar Versus Fedor Emelianenko

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Just like the night before I forgot almost all my dreams, except one, probably due to my brother’s alarm clock going off over and over.

This dream took place at a mixed martial arts match between Brock Lesnar and Fedor Emelianenko.

Mr. Lesnar came to the cage first and he seemed ready to fight, this was a rematch, and Mr. Lesnar had lost the last fight to Mr. Fedor; and I think this fight was a title match.

Fedor came to the ring very calm and relaxed, and I think I was standing outside of the cage.

I think most people in the crowd expected that Mr. Fedor would win in the first round.

Mr. Lesnar was standing close to the cage door, and as soon as Mr. Fedor walked in & closed the door, the fight started as soon as Mr. Fedor barely took his hand off of the cage door.

Mr. Lesnar threw a three punch combination almost before Mr. Fedor put his guard up to block, but he still blocked the first two punches; but those two punches knocked down Mr. Fedor’s guard.

The third punch hit Mr. Fedor in the temple and he fell backward through the cage door, like he had died.

The referee stopped Mr. Lesnar from running over there, and he went to see if Mr. Fedor was unconscious; and then he ended the fight, and everyone stopped as Mr. Fedor laid there looking dead.

Mr. Lesnar looked worried, and everyone in the crowd was stunned and silent.

Mr. Lesnar went to check Mr. Fedor’s pulse, and he was alive, so he called for the medics to help him.

They came to help him, but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂