My Team And Almost Cheating?

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I went to bed a bit later than I should have last night and I had to wake up earlier than I wanted to and I got awakened during the night and I got awakened by my alarm clock, and so I did not have a chance to think about my dreams to remember most of them; and so I only barely remember part of one dream.

Maybe I will remember more of this dream and some of my other dreams later if I have time to think without interruptions and if something helps triggers some of my memories, anyway, the only dream that I barely remember part of took place during the day in a fictional place and I remember being at a fictional multi-story motel-like apartment.

Several times in the dream I went to and from the apartment to an apartment room with a motherly-like woman with whitish colored skin with long blackish colored hair who somewhat reminded me of my mom for some reason but she was not my mom, she only slightly reminded me of her, and this woman might have been my girlfriend or wife but I am not sure who she was or what our relationship was.

Each time I went to the apartment room the woman would smile and she would greet me warmly/nicely, and she would make me/us some food/drinks/et cetera; and we would sit down at her and/or our table talking, maybe reading the newspaper, maybe listening to the radio or TV or computer or music, et cetera; but I can not remember where I would go each time I left the apartment, I just know that I would always come back to the apartment room where the woman was.

At some point in the dream I and maybe the woman went to see My Team play a basketball game against another team, I am not sure if I was the owner of the basketball team or if I helped fund the team or if they were just my favorite team, either way the woman and/or other people and/or I called the basketball team My Team like maybe I owned it.

We (probably the woman and I) went to a somewhat crowded small gym to watch the basketball game probably sitting on the floor near the basketball court behind one of the baskets, and I think that all of my brothers were on My Team; and I remember watching the game, and I was so into the game that I decided to do something unlike me and I was going to try to cheat to help My Team.

I ran toward the basketball court to bump into and distract one of the players on the other team who looked a bit like my former classmate MJ, but I changed my mind at the last second; and my foot touched the line but it did not cross it and my arm barely touched the elbow of the player on the other team causing him to briefly glance at me without negatively effecting/affecting the game and I sat back down, and so the referees did not call a foul or do anything because did not do enough to break the rules fortunately.

I sat back down next to the woman wondering what had I been thinking and how could I have come so close to cheating like that because that was not like me at all, and some other people in the crowd were angry at me and they wanted the referees to call a foul for what I had done/almost done; but that was not going to happen and so I apologized to the referees and the people in the crowd telling them that I would not try something like that again, but I got awakened by my alarm clock in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr

A Street Fighting Tournament With Various Athletes And A Serious Beating

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I got awakened by a fire alarm, which scared me straight out of a dream and I jumped out of bed to make sure there was not a fire, and I somehow managed to remember part of a dream fragment or two as I ran to check for a fire.

I did not think about the dream fragments since checking for a fire was more important, there was no fire fortunately (someone had lit some heaters for some stupid reason(s)), but after that scare all that I could remember of that dream fragment or dream fragments was seeing a woman & maybe a boy; and so I got back in bed trying to remember the dream, and surprisingly I was able to remember part of the dream when I turned down the ceiling fan a bit.

The dream took place during the day outside in a fictional area near a small building, some athletes from various sports were lined up on a concrete/pavement area near this building (this area what mostly concrete/pavement like a parking lot), and they each were going to face another athlete in a match of some kind; and some observers & regular people who were to be referees were there.

Each athlete had opponents picked and the match order was set, we waited for the first match to begin, it was between a male tennis player and a very tall & strong-looking male swimmer I think; and the swimmer was expected to win easily, so I am guessing that some of the observers probably were betting money on fights but I could be wrong.

There were female athletes there too, maybe even some younger athletes as well, and I think that I thought that the matches would involve them each having to compete in a certain sport depending on the athletes; and I went inside the building for some reason, the first match started without me outside so I missed it, and I went outside to see a terrible scene.

The tennis player was badly beaten and a lot of blood was on the ground, I saw no referees or help, and so I yelled for people to call an ambulance; and I started trying to find out what happened & where were the referees & the help, and so while some people were helping the tennis player I went inside the building to look at security camera footage of what had happened.

The match was a fight to my surprise, a street fight without gloves & no referees were there oddly, and the tennis player over-powered the tall & strong swimmer to my surprise; and he was winning the fight, but another man hit the tennis player in the head with a weapon from behind & the swimmer & the man beat the tennis player badly & maybe even raped him.

I heard the swimmer make some negative statements during the beating, like maybe the tennis player & him used to date or something, so this beating/attack was related to that; and I was shocked/angered by what I saw & heard, and I thought it was such a cowardly attack & I was angry that the referees were not there or doing anything or any of the observers.

I remember hoping/wondering if the tennis player was alive and/or if he would survive, and I remember yelling & questioning the referees & observers about how something like this happened; and about how unprofessional they were, but I got awakened by the fire alarm in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr

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