Playing Age Of Empires III | School Kids And A Remote-Controlled Device

Source: Wikimedia Commons

*The third person came to help us later and he used a tractor to pull The BV out of the mud, we brought it back home, and I washed most of the mud from it; thank you for the help Mr. SJ 🙂 *

I literally have mud/dirt on my clothes and shoes right now after spending two hours trying to help my brother GC and my dad get The BV unstuck out of the mud at my brother GC’s job after my brother GC failed to follow our advice and he drove it in the grass, and got stuck in the mud.

My dad’s automobile got stuck as well after two failed attempts to pull The BV unstuck from the back and then from the front and then we had to get help, the help came and then they left to get something while we waited, and later they returned to let us know that they were busy; and so we had to leave to try to find someone else to help, but that person is will not be back until later today and so we came home.

We had to push my dad’s automobile to get it unstuck as my dad tried to drive it out of the mud, but mud shot all over my clothes; but we did get my dad’s automobile unstuck at least, and we will have to wait until later until we get help to get The BV unstuck either today or another day.

I typed my dreams before leaving but we left before I could publish the dreams, and so now I just typed this; and now I will finally publish this post, and then maybe wash the rest of the mud/dirt off my clothes/shoes. 😀

Dream 1

I barely remember part of several dreams from last night, during the night I woke up once realizing that I had drooled on the side of one of my pillows, nasty.

I had one or more dreams of playing the video game Age Of Empires III using some of my old and new strategies like quickly building trading posts and using the shipment that gives trading posts an attack, building a wall across the map protected by outposts, building a fort close to and/or between my enemies, advancing in age quickly, getting all the upgrades, collecting treasures, et cetera.

I possibly had a semi-dream as well where I was thinking about the Syfy TV show Dominion, imagining a third group between the two warring groups, and this group was a group of mostly humans possessed by angels who wanted peace between angels and humans where some of them could live together and others could live peacefully separately.

So basically their position was between the positions of the archangel Michael (who is helping the humans defeat the other angels) and the archangel Gabriel (who is helping the other angels defeat the humans), and I was one of the angel possessed humans who had learned how to live in balance with the angel who possessed me; and I was trying to help guide this new group, and I was trying to get the other two groups to stop the war but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In the second/last dream I remember being with an elementary class during the day along with their female teacher who had whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair, my dad, maybe my mom, and a few other people.

It seemed that we were taking the kids/students on a field trip and I remember crossing a parking lot that was somewhat like the parking lot near K Elementary School in the city of D, and we went inside a windowless building to explore.

We all had some mostly whitish colored plastic remote-controlled devices and each remote control had a metal antenna, but I can not remember what the remote-controlled devices were for or what they did.

We went through a carpeted hallway and up to maybe an upper floor cautiously, we took one of the two AAA batteries out of the remote-controlled device to put the battery in the remote control so that we could use our remote-controlled devices, and we used our remote-controlled devices but I can not remember how we used them.

My guess is that we used them to explore around the corner and down the hallway to make sure that it was safe, but I can not remember; but I think that we came across one or more living non-human animals like maybe one or more rats and/or something like that.

There was more to this dream but I can not remember most of it, and at some point I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr