Sneaking | Summoning Goblins

Dream 1

I had this dream shortly after falling asleep in bed after I woke up after falling asleep on the living room couch.

This dream took place at a familiar resort-like place that had a hotel and nature and maybe zoo-like areas along with shops et cetera, I probably have dreamed of this place before, and I guess I remembered some of my previous dream of this place because I knew my way around and some things that I did last time.

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Wannabe Sexy Vampires? | Hiding From The Titans

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at an outdoor/maybe somewhat indoor resort-like place, and I remember being there with some other people including a woman who looked like or was Jennelle Eliana and a man who looked like or was Timothée Chalamet.

I remember being outside on and under low and upper areas, including bridge-like areas, and Jennelle and Timothée some other people who some would consider to be beautiful/attractive were acting vampire-like.

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Ray William Johnson’s Resort/Amusement Park And Eyelashes?

I had more dreams but I did not record them, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

A forgotten part of this dream possibly involved vampires and/or something like that, but I am not sure.

After that I remember that it was day, and I saw a commercial of a Ray William Johnson-like man who used to be famous on YouTube or something similar to that or it was him.

It was a commercial for a resort/amusement park that he owned and had recently opened with some male friends, and the commercial showed him and three or four men with light-color skin and a woman with light-color skin with orange hair arriving at the resort/amusement park.

One of the first buildings after getting signed in was a motel where you would stay at, and past that was a building where you can eat/drink and hangout.

Him and his friends had another man with them, this man’s job was to distract the woman because she was constantly trying to make sure they followed the rules et cetera, and so when they reached the cafeteria area the man distracted the woman so that they could escape further into the resort/amusement park.

The commercial ended not long after this, and then next thing that I remember is I went to this resort/amusement park.

I got signed in and I went to my motel room, and I had a woman with me who had light-color skin with orange hair and she looked similar to or was the woman from the commercial.

The woman and I were possibly dating or married or we were just close friends, but I am not sure.

I just remember us going to the cafeteria to eat and drink, we sat down at a table talking as other people ate and drank and talked at other tables around us, and I remember her telling me that she noticed something involving some of my eyelashes.

She leaned in and she started touching my eyelashes saying that some of them were growing in odd directions and/or were loose, and so she started to remove them.

I imagine that anyone seeing this was probably wondering what in the world was she doing.

I thanked her and we continued talking, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Resurrecting Myself?

Dream 1

I had one or more dreams involving some things that I saw, heard, did, et cetera during the day.

One of these dreams possibly involved the television show Game Of Thrones (Season 8), possibly Episode 3 (The Long Night) which I watched before going to sleep, but that is all that I can remember of these dreams.

Dream 2

In this dream I went to a fictional resort-like place in maybe the state of Texas in The United States, but I could be wrong.

In this dream my parents and my brother GC had visited this resort before, and they possibly visited me briefly and then they left; and maybe they sent me some books and several other items.

I stayed at the resort for two days or so, and then I went to the main lobby to checkout to leave back home.

In the main lobby I found some items that I had lost, all the employees were women, and they checked the items that I had and my records while talking to me during the checkout process.

I possibly had a semi-daydream after this because I probably woke up needing to urinate, but I possibly briefly partly went back to sleep before getting up to urinate.

During this brief time I possibly had a brief semi-daydream, a male police officer walked up behind me with his pistol drawn and he held me at gunpoint asking me if I was someone else (he had mistaken me for someone else I guess, and so I kept my hands up with my palms facing forward while complying and asking for permission and announcing my moves each time before making them but I woke up again because I really needed to urinate.

Dream 3

The end of this dream involved maybe my parents calling me during the day by mobile phone telling me that a fictional restaurant that was in a slightly fictional version of the D High School gym was having a free lunch, and so I drove there and I went inside to check this alleged free lunch (meal) special at this restaurant.

Inside the gym I saw where you get your food and pay for your food in the stands on the left side of the gym, and maybe there were some tables and chairs that you could sit at on and near the sides of the gym floor / basketball court.

A regular female patron at The BP Library Ms. TW was there near the stairs for the stands on the left side where you needed to walk to reach the area to get and pay for your food, I greeted her and she said something to me that I can not remember, and then there was maybe a menu and a newspaper before you get to the first employee who was a woman.

The female employee told me that you needed a special code to get the free lunch (meal), and that you had to meet certain special requirements that were listed in a newspaper article where they had advertised the free meal so I walked over to the newspaper trying to find the special code and the requirements.

Something interesting happened during this that is unfortunately unclear now, somehow I did not voice record this part of the dream, and only later in the day after waking up did I remember part of something that happened during this part of the dream.

All that I can remember now is that somehow I died during this, maybe I got the code wrong or I did not meet the requirements but I can not remember, I think that someone possibly sabotaged things by maybe giving them the wrong name for me or something and somehow this caused me to die; but unfortunately I can not remember what happened exactly unfortunately, I just know that I died.

When I died I did not wake up, I was still there somewhat like maybe I was in an in-between state (maybe I was separated from my body and was near it or I was in small other dimension where I could still see everything or I was in my body still, but I can not remember) so maybe no one could see me and maybe I could not really move but my body was probably still in the dream, but I can not remember.

I just know that somehow I did something that I can not remember, and whatever I did resurrected me (brought me back to life) and I returned to the dream or to my body or I was able to move my body again or whatever; but unfortunately I can not remember any of the details of what happened during this brief interesting part of the dream.

I just know that afterward I wondered had someone sabotaged things to cause my death, and I wondered if it was one of the employees or someone else.

I am not sure if I somewhat cheated to resurrect myself or not, I wish that I could remember what happened exactly, I am not sure how I failed to voice record this part of the dream.

Anyway, that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Source: IMDb

Dream 1

This was a dream with several smooth transitions that I did not notice during the dream, I can not remember most of the dream though, but I do remember barely part of three transitions.

The first took place at a nice resort-like place where I was staying with most of my family, we were staying at a nice house-like place that was divided into several separate but connected living spaces near a dock by water with a restaurant that was high up and maybe ship or ship-like building.

There were various places around the resort-like place, and the area that this part of the dream started was like maybe a combination of several indoor and outdoor areas like: a store / shopping mall-like area, a warehouse-like area with tall stacks of items, and a shipping yard-like area.

Something was going on there that I can not remember where I was with a large group of people in lines et cetera, it must have been an event at the resort or something, and at some point things started falling from the stacks of items and maybe things in the shipping yard-like place.

It started small as I tried to move and dodge the falling items but it got worse as heavier and larger objects fell like: wooden crates, plastic crates, et cetera.

The crowd started to panic and I remember blocking some items that I could not dodge, and I almost got crushed to death by a very large and heavy plastic crate but I jumped out of the way just in time.

I made my way through the line of fleeing people until the collapse of items was over, I remember a panicked woman with children in front of me who was not sure if all of her children were okay, and I helped her find them and they were okay and amazingly no one in my area seemed to be hurt.

I continued walking on my way back to the house-like place where my family and I were staying, they were not there at the time, but before I reached the house-like building I saw a somewhat older man with light-color skin with white / gray hair walking to our door before walking away to the right side to head toward the sidewalk behind that led to the restaurant and dock et cetera.

The man stopped like he was a bit lost and confused, he turned to look at me as I approached the door, and so I decided to not go inside and instead I greeted him and then I walked to restaurant.

When I reached the tall steps a female employee with light-medium color skin who reminded me of one of the employees at The SWLA Dentist Office walked outside, and I greeted her and she told me something (the restaurant was probably closed, and she told me something else).

There was what I thought was a dog near her that was oddly standing on two feet, and then it talked in a female voice to my shock and confusion; but it mostly repeated only a few phrases.

I then asked if that dog had just talked, the woman said yes, and I was not sure if she was joking or not.

The dog talked again, this almost caused me to realize that I was dreaming, but what stopped this was that I assumed that it as a woman pretending to be a dog.

I then saw a dream scene that showed an obese woman with light-color skin who took part in some kind of water sport-like activity / activities, not ones that provided much fitness at all, and at some point she decided to start exercising and losing fat and she started cosplaying and acting, and she started pretending to be a dog almost like it was some kind of performance art or something.

She started to gain some fame by doing this but eventually she got exposed when someone found out that she was not really a talking dog, and then her popularity fell; and now she was still pretending because she could still fool some people.

The final transition involved me maybe meeting Mrs. CH, the mother of my former male classmate DH, and she invited me to her house because DH was there so I drove to her house.

It was evening or night, the yard and house looked more like the former second house of my aunt GC, but there was a lake behind the house with some boats and an island in the middle of the lake.

I greeted DH, Mrs. CH told him to introduce me to his brother and then she went inside, and DH hesitatingly introduced me to a tall man with dark-color skin with black hair who was possibly wearing glasses and who looked older than us.

The man was in the background walking back and forth in the dark, DH introduced the man as a brother that he had not known about and / or that he had never met before until now, and I greeted his brother and I shook his hand and I told him my name.

DH’s brother introduced himself as Apythian or Apithian or Uhpythian or Uhpithian, I had never heard this name before, and so I had him repeat his name and I said his name several times asking him to let me know if I had pronounced it correctly.

I told him how his name was unique et cetera and how my name was so generic, DH was still acting like he did not really want to interact, and so I tried to keep the conversation going trying to get DH and his brother Apythian to talk to each other.

I suggested that we go by the lake to maybe play soccer and then go boating, and so we went to do this while talking but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream possibly involved somethings from the television show Game Of Thrones and the Chapter Nineteen: The Mandrake episode of the television show Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Part 2).

The Mandrake clone of Sabrina Spellman was either mentioned and / or was in the dream at some point, and maybe I was wondered about there being a Mandrake clone of me and / or there was a clone of me.

I may have had powers and / or magic in this dream but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The end of this dream took place at a slightly fictional larger version of my parents house, my family went out of town or something, and I was probably home alone.

The next morning or whatever I discovered at least three large tall muscular green humanoids who were goblin-like and / or orc-like, at least two males and at least one female, and somehow they had been living in the house or something.

They were not very intelligent but they could talk, their speaking skills were limited, and I easily tricked them into leaving the house and going to live in the forest behind our neighborhood or somewhere else like that.

I told them that it was nice and that there was a pond back there, they were happy about this, and I pointed to the direction it was and I said goodbye to them as they left for the forest happy.

Our neighbor Gas Money from across the street was in his yard as the goblin / orc-like humanoids were leaving, oddly there were some bicycles in our yard that they got on to ride, and even more oddly their appearance became more human and human-sized and their skin color changed from green to dark-brown and they had black hair now maybe as they rode off to the forest; fortunately Gas Money did not look hard enough to notice that they were not human it seemed.

I then called my family to tell them using my mobile phone, I remember my mom mentioning something about my female cousin CE, and after our conversation I saw a video or dream scene of my cousin CE sitting in a room recording video of and / or taking photographs of herself for social media or for some kind of dating website or something and she was topless.

She was posing and trying to look sexy, but then her children ran into the room ruining her moment and she got dressed; this scene was a bit sad, it felt like an act of desperation and of someone wanting / needing attention / love and of someone trying to prove that she still has some beauty left et cetera, and I felt bad for her.

I possibly called CE and / or she called me at some point, she mentioned what sounded like the humanoids that I had seen or something like them, and how they had left and that she wanted them back at her house or something like that; I was confused and I tried to ask for more details, she wanted me to be on the lookout if I saw them so that I could tell them that they could return to her house, and so I told her that I would.

I probably told her about the ones that I sent to the forest but I can not remember her response, and that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

The end,

-John Jr