A Long Airport Line

I am not sure if this is one or more dreams, and so I will type these dream fragments together randomly.

Most or all of this dream or these dreams took place during the day inside and outside.

I was with some of my family during various parts of the dream.

One part of the dream possibly involved us driving by W Park in the city of D during the day.

A second part of the dream possibly involved children.

A third part of the dream possibly involved women.

A fourth part of the dream possibly involved traveling, maybe to and around other cities, but I can not remember.

A fifth part of this dream took place at my parents house and yard during the day, there was a table in the yard near the alley where the pet cages are, and at this table I found some underwear in one of the chairs.

There was something heavy inside the underwear, the underwear was stuck together so you could not open it to see what was causing the heaviness, and so I assumed that it was feces inside the underwear.

I showed some of my family, I considered putting it in a pan of soap and water, but I decided to put it in a plastic bag to throw away instead.

The sixth and final part of this dream possibly took place in a fictional version of the city of D possibly along the highway past the DMV where I was staying with some of my family at a multi-story windowless hotel resort-like place that had a small airport to the right of it.

This building possibly had a basement level, I remember going around the building with and without my family, and there were other people there too.

Various things happened that I can not remember inside the building, and one thing that I do remember is being in a room possibly somewhat coaching / controlling an American football team or something and there was a very old man with light-color skin with gray hair who was doing the same thing but maybe he was using some kind of graphical interface / GUI like this was a video game.

I would make some moves or give the football players which play to use, but then I kept having to wait for the old man to make his move because he was very slow.

I am not sure if we were working together or against each other, I just know that I saw what looked like real football players playing on an indoor field in front of us, but the old man probably had a possibly projected screen in front of him of possibly the same thing except it looked like a video game instead of real.

The next thing that I remember is my family and I leaving by automobile after maybe a sporting event or some kind of other event ended inside the building (maybe this was the American football match that the old man and I were coaching / controlling / playing), and the line at the airport was so long that it went all the way outside and across the parking lot.

The airport was not used to this much traffic and maybe they were having technical difficulties and / or weather difficulties, and so people were going to be waiting for a while to catch a flight out of the city.

We were glad that we did not have to worry about this, but I woke up as we drove by talking about this.

The end,

-John Jr

Code Name Pope

I had a variety of dreams that I did not record, and so now I can only remember some dream fragments from the end (I can not remember the ones before this now, but I know that there was more) that are from possibly several different dreams but I am not sure so I will type them as one dream.

This dream or one or more of these dreams were possibly video game-like, and one part involved a team of people on one or more missions (I can not remember what their mission(s) was / were).

I am not sure if I was on this team or not, I do know that everyone on the team had code names, and all of their code names probably started with the word Pope; and so if I was on the team then I would have been called Pope John or Pope John Jr.

I can not remember anyone else’s code names but I do remember hearing the prefix Pope a lot as they communicated with each other during their mission(s), but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or this dream.

Another part of the dream or dreams involved maybe a resort-like building and maybe ship, I was there with a variety of people including some of my coworkers like my female coworker JB, and some of these people and I like JB talked and went to several activities and / or classes and / or whatever together.

At some point we got split up, I remember wanting to find them again so that we could continue to talk and hang out together, and so I walked around trying to find them but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or this dream.

The last part of the dream or dreams was maybe inspired by the anime television show Overlord, and I seemed to be an overlord-like / Ainz Ooal Gown-like character with some powers and / or magic who seemed to maybe be in charge of the group of people I was with.

Some other people and I had a situation that we had to deal with, and so we were making a plan on how to deal with the situation.

Part of the situation involved a bus, and there would be casualties so we had to try to make a plan to reduce those casualties as much as we could.

After making our plan, I used some of my powers, and we started our plan but that is all that I can remember of this dream or these dreams.

The end,

-John Jr

A Shooting At A Resort | A Work Break & The Secret World Of Alex Mack

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and me and my mom and someone else were driving in maybe The BV toward a resort / park-like area, but we accidentally entered a non-public park-like area so we were directed by some female employees / security guards with light-color skin to drive to an escalator to leave.

We put The BV on the escalator so that it could be taken down, and we were told to get on a conveyor belt with plates and maybe food to get down oddly; this seemed to be a more upper class resort, we were not paying customers, and so they had us leaving with what probably normally would be trash or maybe this was trash even though it looked like perfectly good food.

A Previous Dream Scene Was A Movie?

I only barely remembered part of my last dream when I woke up to use the bathroom, and I typed some notes of it on my mobile phone before trying to go back to sleep.

I do not really feel like typing my dream, and so I will just copy and paste my notes of the dream with minor edits.

A Small Resort In The Countryside?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams that I had remembered and there was more to this dream, but unfortunately I can only barely remember part of one dream now and most of it is forgotten.

The end of the dream took place during the day at what seemed to be a small resort in the countryside next to a lake and not far from a small quiet highway and a quiet neighborhood.

There were docks, bridges, boats, a park-like area, forest, and more at this resort-like place.

My mom, me, my male cousin DE, and other people were there.

During the time that I saw my cousin DE I asked him if he was able to use his laptop still (in the real world on Monday his hard drive broke, and so I gave him a USB flash drive with the Linux based operating system Ubuntu on it so that he could use the Try Ubuntu option each time that he needs to use the laptop so that he can load Ubuntu temporarily whenever he needs to use his laptop until he can get a new hard drive), and he said yes and he thanked me for helping him.

At some point in the dream I remember being on the docks and bridges enjoying the scenery, and I remember watching boats moving on the lake and people relaxing and having fun.

At some point I started walking across a bridge that went across the lake so that I could walk toward the forest and the neighborhood on the other side of the street, and when I got to the top of the bridge and stairs that led away from the resort it was higher than the land and street and neighborhood below.

On the other side of the street in the neighborhood I saw a man in a yard or field squatting with his back facing me and he was maybe grooming a dog or something, and then my mom walked over to me to talk.

At some point I noticed a man with light-color skin with two dogs in the area below the stairs to the left next to the forest, and then my mom walked over to talk to the man and then she told him who I was and the man turned to look at me and then he ran over to get a closer look at me.

He was my former male classmate JC, and he looked shocked as he stared at me with his eyes open wide and he said: “John?”.

I replied: “Yep, and I said JC?” and he replied that it was him.

I told him that I was surprised to see him and he said the same thing, and I said that I did not expect to see him out here.

But I woke up as we talked about what we were doing there and how long we had been there et cetera.

I had other dreams before this and there was more to this dream that I can not remember, but unfortunately the only thing that I remember is one of the dreams had a woman in them but I can not remember anything else.

The end,

-John Jr

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