My Former Classmate CW A Pleasant Fiction Or Set Up (Trap)?

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Last night I only remembered some of the end of my last dream, which started with me at a restaurant that was in the building that Super China Buffet is in, but I can not remember what happened there other than meetings some former classmates of mine and parts of the dream jumped back & forth between some the restaurant and some woman who worked for some government agency; I was in the part of the dream with the restaurant but I was not in the other part of the dream with the government agent.

At some point I remember walking outside with my former female classmate CW, we were both relaxed and talking as we walked on side of the road toward the bridge that has a small stream of water under it.

I was surprised things were going so well after not seeing each other for some many years, CW pulled me toward trail under the bridge with the stream and we continued walking and talking.

Both of us were in a relaxed and playful mood so CW grabbed me by the waist from behind and I lifted her up so she could ride on my back, and I started to run forward; I was worried about snakes since the grass was tall and we were near water, so I tried to be careful and I warned CW about it.

She did not seem to care and told me that her stomach was hurting so I stopped and sat her down on what appeared to be a table-like thing next to some bushes, I checked for snakes first before I put her down on it, and then I offered to give her a massage to help with her stomach.

We were both very relaxed and in a playful mood, and at this point our hormones levels were skyrocketing so things started to get romantic (it was more complicated than this but I am not good at explaining such things); I stopped & took a deep breath hoping to try to control my hormones, which helped a little as I gave her a normal massage starting with her arms then stomach/lower back but then things got heated again so I had to stop & take another deep breath.

I wanted to start walking again but I was still caught up in the moment with feelings that are hard to describe & CW’s smile, face, mood, etc. were too hard to resist and so I went to kiss CW on the forehead and then on both of her cheeks, but right after I did that, I stopped once again to take a deep breath and started think that something was not right; I thought very briefly about the strange parts of the dream about the female government agent and I wondered if this was a set up, but then someone hit me in the back of the head.

As I was falling to the ground and things were going black, I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Learning How To Teleport

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Last night I remembered part of my last dream, which has missing pieces so some of the important parts are gone, so I will try to put the pieces together the best I can.

I only remember the dream from a part I think involved me taking my brothers to some house somewhere so that they could go visit some of their friends, I stopped at the house for a little while as well, because I saw some former classmates of mine such as MJ.

Things are unclear but at some point I think my brother CC somehow found or got the magical horn from the film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and it allowed him to teleport to places, he did not know how to use it exactly but I think he teleported a few times by accident.

I had another dream or dreams a few days ago or a day ago where I teleported a few times but I can not remember it really, but I tried to teleport in this dream and somehow I accidentally did.

For some reason the teleporting process is not clear to me, but I do remember that I had to think of where I wanted to teleport and then I would have to charge the ability and then I would teleport, I think or something like that.

It appeared to be hard to do without a special object like the horn and when trying to teleport alone, I found that two or more people can teleport easier than one person trying alone in this dream and maybe the other unknown dream.

At some point I drove somewhere else, since my brother CC could now teleport himself; I wanted to use the horn to help me teleport but CC would not let me, so I kept trying to teleport like I did in another dream and it worked.

This is one of the most unclear parts of the dream, at some point I remember meeting a woman my age with long brown hair, and we both tried teleporting together.

We found that it was easier to teleport when we held hands and both tried, I think, and/or just when we both tried to teleport.

Sometimes when trying to teleport we would somehow either send and/or share and/or amplify emotions to and from each other, and we would get a feeling of being somewhat connected to each other; it was odd and interesting.

During many of the times that we failed to teleport these charges of emotions and feelings made us start to act like best friends or something, it was fun, but I also started to feel a possible romantic connection but I felt that it might have just been the effects of the charges of emotions we would get.

The woman and I had much different personalities and we would probably have not been friends or a couple in normal life, but as we tried teleporting, we got along well.

I wanted to ask her if she felt a possible romantic connection with me too, but I was afraid that she did not and I was worried if she did, because we were not very compatible.

We managed to teleport a few times together but when we tried to teleport separately a few times, at some point we both got lost from each other, and I did not know her name or where she lived to find her again.

The next part of the dream is also very unclear, I think I remember finding an apartment, this could have been how I met the first woman and/or this could just be how I met the second woman but I can not remember.

This is a guess but I think I saw a woman with short brown hair talking to a man and leaving this apartment, I think she may have looked somewhat sad so I talked with her, and I think I helped cheer her up and we tried teleporting.

The woman spoke English with an unknown accent at sometimes and a Russian accent at other times, she said that she was from Russia, and I think that I had the feeling that she worked as an escort or whatever that job is called; or it could have been an illegal job like prostitution / as a prostitute or something, the woman looked like Olga Kurylenko.

The next thing I remember is us magically going on a date at some restaurant, I guess we teleported there or something, and we waited briefly in line before finding a table; it was a nice dimly lit restaurant with many people older than us and groups of people had to share tables with people they did not know.

Many people seemed to be watching us, but we tried to not let that bother us and we seem to be comfortable around each other, probably the effects of teleporting; but the woman seemed somewhat more distant and reserved than the other woman.

We sat at a table that had a group of unknown people and we started to talk, well I did most of the talking, I kept trying to learn more about her but she would not share very much.

She acted and talked in a way that keeps a distance but not too much to be rude, she acted like I would expect an escort to act, since they often go on dates or gatherings with unknown people; they probably learn to be just social enough but still protect their privacy and keep a distance so their client does not get too romantically attached.

This bothered me since we seemed to have more in common than I did with the other woman and when we did talk, things went well, and once again I felt a possible romantic connection with her; once again probably from the teleporting attempts with the bursts of emotions shared and sent.

Our date was going very well like in the movies but with her keeping a distance, as we talked some people at the table were listening to us, and one woman noticed the strange accent that the woman had and asked her if she was from Russia; she told her yes, and I was surprised that the woman noticed since she was not using her Russian accent at the time and instead she was talking with an unknown accent.

Once again the woman was switching between a Russian accent and that unknown accent, I enjoyed her Russian accent, but I did not like her unknown accent that much compared to her Russian one.

During our date I realized that I did not know her name but I was afraid to ask out of embarrassment, because she may have already told me, so I remember thinking that her name was Natasha and I may have called her that to see if that was her name.

After a while I told her that even though we had talked for a while, that I still did not know much about her other than that she was from Russia, and so I asked her to tell me more about herself.

She told me a few things and at some point something she said made me ask another question, and this caused an awkward silence as she paused thinking of how to respond, I think my questions involved me wondering how she knew so much about a certain topic; but I can not remember what the topic was.

She then told me that she would only tell me a bit of information because she did not like to talk about it and she asked me to try not to ask her about it again, she told me that she had fought in a war and had been a soldier, she saw and experienced many terrible things and that was all she wanted to say about that at that time.

I thanked her for telling me that much, I told her about how I was surprised by that information, promised her that I would try not to ask her about that topic again, and told her that she could share more information about that topic when she felt like it; there was another pause and then I switched the topic to a more positive one.

I think we left the table to look around and I think we started trying to teleport, we kept failing at first so we kept getting those emotion bursts which made us feel connected and/or we felt each others emotions or something; at some point we teleported but both got lost from each other.

I was now in a city that was like combination of LC and L, I walked into a Burke’s Outlet or something like the one in LC, and inside I looked around; to my surprise I saw some soccer players and MM from college, but he did not see me.

I went to the bathroom, but it was nasty looking, so I left the building to find another one and I found a place like the BM Saloon.

This building had a tropical theme and was bigger with a bar, small restaurant, arcade room, dance room, pool, small motel, and a few other rooms.

I saw MM again and stopped to talk to him, and then I looked around the building; there were tourists and people staying at the motel talking and having fun around the building.

I decided to walk outside wondering if I could teleport to find the first woman and Natasha, I also wondered about the possible romantic connection I felt with both of them, but I felt more connected with Natasha; but I wondered if either felt the same about me and so I wanted to talk to the first woman about it since she was very easy to talk to.

Suddenly the first woman teleported in front of the entrance as I was about to go out of it and then we started talking, I am not sure if I brought up the Natasha situation, but I remember us goofing/joking around.

The first woman acted really goofy and fun as a result of our teleportation attempts, so when she saw me, she was ready to have some fun; I was trying to be serious and tell her about Natasha I think, but she just wanted to have fun.

So I remember us both sitting on the floor and we raced each other to the entrance only using our hands and feet to move, it was funny and fun, but I woke up as we reached the door.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


John The Bum | The Police State

Dream Fragment John The Bum

The night before last I remembered part of one dream and most of another, the first was a very short dream fragment that I remember starting with me waiting in line for something.

I do not know where I was or what I was waiting for, but I do remember seeing a few people who I went to high school with like: TC.

TC and a few other people were talking to me while I waited in line and I think they or a few other people had cut in front of me in line, and the line was very long; if I had to make a guess, I think we were waiting for free food or something free.

After a while I decided to go outside and I sat on the ground near the entrance of some restaurant, I had some memories in the dream that had something to do with the military and I felt kind of like a bum.

As I was sitting there a woman with several kids was about to go into the restaurant but one of the kids, a girl, saw me & said ewwwwwwww (or however you spell it, the sound of disgust)!

I thought to myself, I must be uglier than I thought.

One of the other kids, a boy, told her to stop being mean & then he asked me if I had been in the military.

I told him that I had almost went into the military but I did not, and then his mother told him & the others kids to come on into the restaurant.

I knew there was more to my story in the dream, my guess was that some unnecessary war had started at some point & I was to be drafted, but refused to fight in an unnecessary war that was against my morals; so they put me in jail for several years.

I guess that I had recently been released from jail and had no home, job, money, and was a bum living on the streets; also I probably was looked downed on by many people because I did not follow the government/military in their unnecessary invasion of another country; I woke shortly after the family had went into the restaurant.

The Police State

This dream and the other have a similar theme, which I will talk about at the end of this dream.

This dream started with me being a member of what appeared to be a SWAT-like police force that was about to attack a compound on the outside of a city.

We had light-medium swat-like body armor and assault rifles, and we all were on foot as we began the attack.

The compound was basically a small community of very small two-story houses in what appeared to have been created by a group of people who left Eastside to avoid the unnecessary abuse of power by the government/police, so they moved outside the city to be left alone.

The people in the compound were all armed with guns and were using their windows to shoot at us, but the windows had no glass yet since they were still not finished building the houses; I saw several people from Eastside in the compound and I even saw several rappers, like Master P, for some strange reason.

The shootout was intense but was like the film Gamer somewhat, I was on the very front of the attack force and we were almost surrounded by houses, so we were taking fire from many sides.

My strategy was to keep moving and keep firing at the windows so we could get to cover points, my plan was working and I was real good at shooting, so I had shot many people as I crossed the courtyard of the compound.

I managed to get to the end of the courtyard and started shooting the people on the second floors that were giving my team a hard time, and then I decided to head back toward the entrance to clear one of the first buildings since one team was having a hard time clearing that building.

Like before I had to shoot in different directions as I moved to avoid being shot and keep the people near the windows from returning fire.

I made it to the outside of the first house to help that one team that was having a hard time, and through the windows of that house I saw TC and Master P and other people I knew from Eastside.

They were trying to move the wounded people and dead people into their house, I started to feel sorry for them and questioned why we were attacking these people.

I felt it was because of drugs and a few other things, which may or may have not been true, but either way these people were not bothering anyone & so why were we attacking them?

I stopped shooting at them and told the others to stop, so they stopped while the people in the house tried to help the wounded people in the house.

I saw some of the people in the house look at us police officers with a look of anger and it looked like they just wanted to be left alone, yet here we police officers were attacking them; even when they left the city to be away from us and to not cause problems.

I felt that they were trying to start a community that would not need the current government/police/military so much or at all, so they could be more independent and enjoy more freedoms; not anarchy but just more freedoms since the government/police/military was taking more & more freedoms away.

I realized this and decided to quit the police force, so I started to walk away, thinking of what I would do.

My plan was to come back later and help any survivors & others learn how to defend themselves better, and help them build a balanced community away from the current government/police/military that was becoming more & more controlling of the people.

I wanted to train them for defense only, not for invasion or revenge, but for protection from those that come to unnecessarily attack people for control; I woke up as I walked & started to think up a plan.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


An Unknown Family | Job 2.0

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Dream 1

Last night I remember two of my dreams, the first dream took place on a street by my parent’s house.

Me and one of my brothers saw a little restaurant that looked like the O Wok, so we decided to go get some food there.

Also on the street there was a Martial Arts Dojo, it looked like a Karate Dojo, but I could be wrong.

We went inside the restaurant and we were surprised that it looked pretty good inside, compared to the outside.

There were about two or three younger workers and a middle-aged man, who looked like the main chef,  and the workers looked like they probably worked at the Martial Arts Dojo too; because it looked like they had Karate uniforms on under their work uniforms.

There was a sign that had pictures of all the meals they had, but I saw no prices, so I asked to see a menu; and on the menu there were only four meals.

As my brother and I looked at the menu, the workers said that one of the meals was not good, and they recommended some chicken dish with peanuts; so we ordered that.

Their was a small buffet on the counter, and they let us sample some of the food on there.

Then my brother and I sat down at a table, and there were a lot of people in line waiting to order food.

I can not remember if we ate or not, all I can remember is walking across the street to a house.

In the house was an old woman and a family of about nine people, and the house was small; but I think that it had about four or five bedrooms.

There was a small room when you first walked into the house that had a washing machine and dryer, then there was a living room with two bed rooms connected to it, after that there was a kitchen+dining room+family room+a couple of bedrooms, and the house was like a shotgun style house.

As I was in the living room, the old woman showed me some pictures on the wall of her family, and next to the pictures of her family were some pictures of people from my family; and some blank picture frames.

I remember that there were only a few pictures of people from my family and there was a picture of my uncle JF, my dad, and me.

The woman did not speak much English, so I did not get many answers to my questions, but I think she said that my family was part of her family.

She said that they nobody in my family had talked to them in years, and that those few pictures they had were mailed to them years ago.

The woman and her family looked like the stereotypical Korean or Japanese or Chinese Americans (as in the ethnic group / nationality), but as far as I know, none of my ancestors came from those countries; but it possible since my family is a bit more diverse than the average family.

She seemed to be sad that my family had ignored them for so long, and so I felt bad and wanted to give her some new pictures of my family; so she could put them on her wall.

Also I wanted to find out if her family was really part of my family, so I could re-unite the family.

I felt a connection with their family and I wanted to learn more about them, but it was about dinner time; so everyone was eating and talking.

The family seemed to work together very well; they worked together, cleaned together, ate together, and talked together.

Family members of different ages talked together, and their family system seemed very efficient.

Some of the family was in the living room and the others were in the family room eating and talking.

I think the owners of the restaurant and the Martial Arts Dojo lived at this house too, then I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream was about my job, except everything looked different.

This is the third or fourth time that my job has looked like a library a bit, and in my dream, my job had an all carpet floor; and things seemed like a library for some reason.

All the workers were younger, mostly high school and college students, and they were having a lot fun; but they were not working much.

I worked as a scanner in the dream, but I did not see the scanner that I was supposed to use; and we were supposed to scan some old books.

In my group there were three men, and they were talking and pretending to work; and I just ignored them, and I tried to work.

Everything looked better and more comfortable than in real life, but people were not getting much work done, and I saw none of the people who I really work with in real life.

I remember talking to a few people, and I tried to find the scanning machines.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂