Military (War) History (Nuclear) Retaliation Against The United States (USA)?

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I remember part of a long dream that covered several eras/time periods of military/war history, this dream was somewhat like a rare type of dream that I have sometimes where I am a soldier & I get to experience/learn about past military/war events usually with narration, and these dreams are usually part real & part fictional.

I do not remember this dream having narration but I could be wrong, but it did somehow keep me somewhat informed about what was going on in each part of the dream.

I am not sure how this dream began exactly or which time period it began in, I just remember waking up during the night to use the bathroom or something, and I was in a semi-outdoor camp/fort probably with mostly kids, young people, women, and a few men/soldiers in a time period & place that seemed to be the United States (USA) during the time period of people settling in new areas of the country.

I am guessing that I was a soldier helping protect the people and we seemed to be at war with an army/group of men who was/were probably outside of our camp/fort, but it was night & we were trying to get some sleep to be prepared for another battle probably.

I walked out of the sleeping quarters through a metal gate that led to a hallway-like metal gate on my left & one on my right, this area was outside but it was very dark so you could not see anything beyond the gates, and I guess the left side had a bathroom hole for men & the right had a bathroom hole for women.

There was a partly private area to use the bathroom, but this gate area was our only line of defense, besides the way our camp/fort was built into the land/environment; and so the enemy only needed to get past the gates to enter the sleeping quarters.

We only had maybe one man & a boy on patrol/guard duty, since almost everyone needed sleep from a previous battle probably, and so things were quiet & mostly unprotected; which I felt was too dangerous.

I decided to check around for any threats myself, but then I noticed three men sneaking through one of the gates; and the men & I started to fight in hand-to-hand & mêlée combat.

The man & boy on patrol came to help me, and we defeated the men & several other men who were trying to sneak through the gates; and a few gun shots were fired during our battle.

The battle was pretty realistic with the drama/roughness/tension/et cetera of real-life hand-to-hand, mêlée, and ranged combat.

We wondered if the enemy was planning a major surprise attack if they could get the gates opened or if they were just trying to make us all wake up & stay up all night to stop us from getting sleep, so that we could be weak & tired for the next battle; and so we came up with a plan.

We decided that we should wake everyone up for a little while & have them prepare for a possible attack, if no major attack happened, we would have mostly everyone go back to sleep but prepared to wake up to fight if necessary; and we would just put more people on patrol, but that is all that I can remember for this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream that I can remember took place in the same area but in a different time period & during the day, once again it seemed that we were in the USA and the camp/fort was now a military base or training facility or something, during a time period like the Cold War between the Soviet Union / Russia & the USA maybe but it could have been a future time period but I am not sure.

I might have been a drafted soldier but I am not sure, I just remember there was training & preparations taking place for an attack against the Soviet Union/Russia I guess, and our base/facility was part underground & part above ground.

There was a lot to this dream that I can not remember involving military training/preparations/military officers/equipment/mobilization/new technology/weapons/et cetera, I just remember watching the attack from a screen at the base/facility with some generals watching, and the USA I guess shot a nuclear missile or some kind of missile at the Soviet Union/Russia I guess.

From the video on the screen the missile looked small but fast, I am not sure if it was shot from a jet or not, and when it hit land in the Soviet Union/Russia I guess; it probably caused a loud noise & the ground started to bend & shift & move around like a mountain having a seizure underground & above ground where the land was moving up & down & around like a super earthquake or something was happening, it was strange & devastating.

I think that the missile was set for more targeted attacks, so the damage was not too wide spread, and I guess it was supposed to scare the Soviet Union/Russia into giving up or something; and it seemed to have worked at first probably, I remember a vacation/peace period afterward.

Time moved forward again without me noticing and I was visiting another former soldier from that conflict, my former classmate AM, and he was in Italy where he had been stationed during the war but he stayed after the war.

AM’s parents & grandmother were also visiting him in Italy, which is where AM’s ancestors were from, and I remember AM being in a very good mood.

We talked about his/our time(s) during the war, about his girlfriend or wife who was from Italy, about him learning Italian, and more.

I was happy for AM and at some point I returned to the USA I guess and/or I was drafted or called back to the military for another war.

I got dressed in a Marine-like dress uniform at a hotel-like place not far from the military base/facility from the first two parts of the dream, and then I walked to the base/facility.

This part of them dream seemed more like a replay of the dream before this, and even in the dream I thought that the dream was repeating at first; because I was so familiar with everything.

This time I was like a military veteran & maybe an officer, because I already had my knowledge from the other part of the dream, and the new soldiers were quickly being trained/prepared; but I already knew the routine.

A mass mobilization was taking place in the USA I guess, so maybe a military drafty happened again, because a lot of the new soldiers did not seem/act like they volunteered; and it seemed that many civilians were being moved to hotel-like buildings/buildings to house many people, like the one I got dressed in.

As I was watching the new soldiers and giving advice I heard a sound like when the USA I guess had launched the missile against the Soviet Union/Russia I guess, and so I looked outside; but to my shock/horror, it was not the USA shooting the missile this time, it seemed that the Soviet Union/Russia had made the missile now as well.

The missile was shot near our base/facility, it exploded with the same loud sound, and I started running to avoid the coming waves of land; I ran for my life, and I barely climbed & avoided the land in time to escape.

It was something that you would have to hear & see for yourself to understand, it seemed realistic, the sound & movement of the missile & explosion/the rumbling & seizures of the land/the fear/et cetera.

I ran to the hotel-like place as more civilians were arriving, I remember a Boy Scout-like group wearing military-like dress-like uniforms arriving, and they asked me if I was a soldier; and I said yes, and they were amazed/impressed, but I was still trying to calm down after almost dying from the nuclear-like missile attack.

I walked to a lobby to sit down to relax and warn some people about the attack, and I saw some former soldiers who were also military veterans in real life: my former classmates SW, ME, and someone else.

I told them about what had happened and they did not seem too surprised, they were no longer in the military after having already served in the last war like me but I was back/still in the military for some reason, and I noticed that ME had a hole-like spot on his head that looked a bit red/fresh like an old injury from the last war where he got shot in the head by metal from an explosion or something that sometimes opens up a bit when scratched or something.

I started thinking that this part of the dream might not be a replay of the second part but that is was either slightly later in the future where the Soviet Union/Russia was retaliating against the USA or that this was a replay but this time the Soviet Union/Russia had made the missile first, but those were just thoughts as I was trying to figure out what was happening & what to do & what time period was I in.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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