Revy Argues With Rock While Dutch Tries To Keep The Peace

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I woke up early this morning to go to the job fair in the city of D, and my dad went with me briefly for support.

This job fair went better than the one in the city of LC and I put in one job application and resume, but I forgot most of my dreams after waking up suddenly and early this morning to get ready for the job fair.

I do barely remember part of the end of my last dream which took place inside a dimly lit windowless room, and I am not sure if I was even in the dream or not.

The Lagoon Company from the Japanese anime (animated) TV show Black Lagoon were in this room hanging out, and they were animated; and Revy (Rebecca Lee), Rock (Rokuro Okajima), and Dutch were sitting together at a round wooden table and Benny was probably on his computer in the back of the room.

Revy got angry with Rock about something and she started yelling at him and threatening to kill/shoot him and/or beat him up, but I am not sure if she was joking and/or serious (probably both); and Dutch kept having to hold Revy back to stop her from attacking/shooting Rock.

Eventually Revy got into Rock’s face angry but one of them kissed the other (Rock probably kissed Revy first), and Revy stopped being angry and they kissed for a long time while Dutch watched in confusion not sure if Revy was still going to attack/shoot Rock or not.

Eventually Dutch decided to sit back down and hope that Revy was not going to attack/shoot Rock, and Revy seemed at peace/happy/vulnerable/et cetera which is rare.

Revy and Rock cuddled and either I woke up or eventually Revy went back to acting tough again, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Revy & I Trying To Deal With A Sniper

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, I had more dreams and I even remembered part of another dream, but I forgot it after getting out of bed; but I will try to type it here if I remember part of it later.

The second dream that I barely remember part of took place during the day inside of my grandfather’s kitchen, and I was in the kitchen with Revy (Rebecca Lee) (she probably was animated but the rest of the dream was not animated) from the animated TV show Black Lagoon.


A Math Dream Fragment

Last night I once again had a dream fragment about Math, surprisingly, but this is the only dream that I remember from last night.

I was in a Math class and we were doing an assignment (quiz or test maybe), our teacher was a woman, and all of us were doing some Math problems from in the textbook.

Most of the problems were a type of division-like problems, and a woman next to me that was like Revy from Black Lagoon, kept looking at my notebook (cheating maybe).

At some point when the teacher was not looking, the woman whispered to me that I had skipped question 5, and she told me that the answer was 3.

I think the woman showed me her answer and she worked the problem like this I think:

“Question 5: 36

(Division Symbol Over This Number)36

(Division Symbol Over This Number)18

(Division Symbol Over This Number)9

= 3″

Since I can not type this out how she had it written, I think she broke down each step by dividing by 2, she had a division symbol on each letter.

I did not want to cheat and so I did the problem myself and got the answer 5, but I got confused on how to do the problem, so I stopped to try to figure out which one of us had down the problem correctly; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂