KDC & TDC Trying To Snipe Me

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and at the end of the dream my brothers TDC & KDC were trying to kill me.

I have no idea why TDC & KDC were trying to kill me, I just know that they had one scoped sniper rifle, KDC probably had the sniper rifle, and we were outside.


Family Drama In The Countryside

This dream involved me driving someone to the countryside to a house, I waited in my automobile while they were inside the house visiting whoever lived there, but at some point I walked to the door.

A young woman with light-color skin with brown hair was walking out the door as I was walking toward it, which scared her, I apologized, and she kept walking like she was going for a walk or jog.


The Worst Guy To Run Into After The Apocalypse – Key & Peele

The Worst Guy To Run Into After The Apocalypse – Key & Peele

What is it?

The 2020 YouTube comedy video The Worst Guy To Run Into After The Apocalypse – Key & Peele by the YouTube channel Key & Peele.

What is it about?

This is how Key & Peele describes this video:

While searching for another survivor of the apocalypse, one man finds more than he bargained for.


Feeling Rejected By My Coworker JB | A Multi-Purpose Product | Bandits With A Sniper?

I had some dreams when I fell asleep on the couch and I had some dreams when I got in bed but I only barely voice recorded part of three dreams after waking up for the day, and so most of my dreams are forgotten now and most of the details from the dreams that I remember part of.

Dream 1

This dream took place either during the night or early in the morning when it was dark at a fictional version of The BP Library which was inside my parent’s house, but there were a few minor fictional changes to the house and it had a bit more space.

I was there at work and some of my other coworkers were there too, I probably was not working at first or I was working or doing something possibly outside in the backyard but I can not remember, I just remember maybe entering the house from the back door at some point.

As I walked through the living room I noticed most of my coworkers talking in and near the kitchen or where it should be, and I noticed my female coworker JB for the first time because I did not know that she was there previously.

Only some of my female coworkers (none of my male coworkers) were working on this day it seemed like JB, Mrs. CH, maybe TR, maybe KE, maybe Mrs. RB, and maybe one or two others; and so I was the only male employee there it seemed.

The entire dream so far I had not seen any patrons to my surprise, and so I walked over to greet the others and ask them if we had any patrons so far et cetera.

I remember JB looking and acting and talking like she was not in a good mood and maybe she directed some negativity at me in her responses (body language, facial expressions, tone, what she said and what she did not say, lack of eye contact, et cetera) that left me feeling rejected, hurt, sad, and some other negative feelings.

JB responding like this really bothered and hurt me more than if most of my other coworkers had done that, she was not super mean or anything but her responses were not so nice and hurt me, but I did learn that no patrons had visited the library so far.

JB’s responses left me feeling bad / negative / sad and like an outsider so I walked away feeling rejected while they continued talking, but I probably woke up or that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream is super unclear now, part of it was possibly work related again but I can not remember, I just remember being inside a dimly lit area that possibly felt somewhat underground and cave-like / building-like, but I can not remember.

Something happened that involved one or two products that were possibly made of fabric, one of them or both of them were white and black, and it or they had multiple uses including maybe medical and fashion and oddly even sexual.

Some of these uses were being demonstrated maybe on a video on a screen that was on an upper area, soon it became pornographic with a pornographic actress and several others having sex or something, and the pornographic actress came through the screen or something to continue demonstrated various uses of the product or products in person.

She walked down closer to us, I remember her wrapping the product around part of her body to show us one of the uses of it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream possibly was partly work related as well, maybe part of it involved a fictional version of The BP Library that was possibly in a fictional area that reminded me of a smaller version of The D High School and a smaller fictional rougher version of the neighborhood that it is in, but I can not remember.

I just remember that the very end of the dream took place during the day and I was with some of my family, two regular library patrons who are an older mother with light-color skin with maybe white / gray hair and her adult son with light-color skin who both speak with a Southern accent, a tall Russian-like man with light-color skin, and we were leaving a building to get into The BV which was in the parking lot so that we could drive away in it.

Some men with light-color skin who were criminals / bandits or something suddenly appeared out of hiding from on top of the building and maybe next to it, one of them was a sniper with a scoped rifle on the roof, and they went to attack us.

The others were already in The BV but the male patron and I were not inside yet so I had them drive away up the street in front of a house for cover while the male patron and I catch up, I somehow had a rifle (maybe I pulled it out of the vehicle before they drove off, and I covered them as they drove away.

We started to run to avoid the sniper et cetera who started shooting at us, when I turned around I saw that the male patron had gotten shot in maybe the stomach and he had fallen, and I was going to try to save him but the sniper had me pinned down so I ran to take cover behind a house.

The others were not far away and were still in The BV, they were parked in the street on the right side in front of a house, and I kept peeking around the corner with my eyes and with my rifle (maybe an old style rifle, maybe even a lever-action, but I can not remember) trying to find the sniper but I could not find him.

I did manage to keep the other bandits / criminals from approaching the male patron who was still on the ground, I was not sure if he was dead or alive, but I hoped that he was alive and could make his way to me enough so that I could cover him and help him if he got close enough.

There was a brief standoff between the bandits and I, I managed to force their sniper to stay hidden, and amazingly the male patron was able to get up and get close enough to me for me to start helping him reach The BV.

The male patron had a gunshot wound on his stomach, but I could not see it bleeding oddly but the blood was possibly under his shirt but I did see the hole in his shirt and maybe some red in the wound on his stomach.

While I was helping him we were exposed to the sniper, and so we moved quickly.

Amazingly we did not get shot, we reached The BV, the Russian-like man moved to another seat to give me room to help the male patron lay on the floor in the middle, and we were going to rush him to the hospital.

I woke up as I was trying to help him inside while also watching out for the sniper.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate BH Trying To Kill Someone And My Grandfather IC Is Alive Again?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I texted some of the details of this dream to myself, and so details are missing.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was with someone else, and I think that they or we and / or one or more people went to my aunt JE’s house or what should be her house but she was not there.

In my dream the house was sturdier than in real life, it was a sturdy old house that was still in good enough condition and it just needed to be cleaned and redecorated, and I remember thinking and mentioning this.

I am not sure what happened at the house, I just remember leaving back to my parent’s house, but in my parent’s yard I saw a male driver (possibly a city van driver or bus driver or taxi driver et cetera) with light-color skin arguing next to his automobile with my aunt JE and an unknown middle-age woman with light-color skin with yellow hair who seemed to be helping my aunt JE (maybe a church member or social worker et cetera).

They were in front of the automobiles in my parent’s yard, and it seemed that the driver was refusing to give my aunt JE a ride because he was tired of something that she often says and maybe does when he gives her rides.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was walking on the upper floor of a hospital down hallways carrying a strange gray circular object that looked like maybe a large space helmet or futuristic helmet case, but I have no idea what it was or who it was for or why I was carrying it or what I was trying to do with it exactly other than remembering that I wanted to or had to get rid of it.

At this point in the dream, I can not remember the parts of the dream before this (if there was anything before this), my plan was to go inside a random hospital room pretending to know the patient so that I could leave the object in their room pretending that it was a gift and finally leave the hospital.

I assume that someone sent me to deliver it, maybe something went wrong or maybe they were not specific about who to give it to, either way I just knew that it had to be left at the hospital.

I remember worrying that people might think that I was a terrorist or that I was suspicious walking around with this object so I feared that the security or police or someone would stop to question me and search me and the object, and so that is when I came up with the plan to try to leave it in a hospital room.

Hopefully the object was nothing dangerous like a bomb, I have no idea what it was, and maybe even in the dream I possibly did not know which probably made it worse for me but I can not remember.

On the left side of one of the hallways I found an area with a waiting room and desk with hospital rooms behind the desk, there were nurses and other employees in this area, and it seemed that you had to sign-in and wait in line to get permission to visit patients in those rooms so I was going to try to sneak by pretending to be a family member who was already signed-in.

My plan possibly failed after a female nurse with dark-color skin with black hair wearing scrubs probably stopped me and told me to get in line, and so I did but then I continued walking.

Up the hallway I saw my former female schoolmate PB and my former female classmate AJ, and so I walked ahead to talk to them as we walked but I can not remember if I put the object down or not.

I just remember greeting them and us walking and talking up the hallway with a small group of a few other people as we reached a bridge-like hall that had a lot of glass walls / windows on both sides so you could see outside and it was day outside and you could see various roof areas because this was the top floor I assume.

Out of the corner of my right eye I noticed movement on the roof suddenly, it was my former male classmate BH who looked serious and was acting like a terminator or assassin or something, and he had a rifle and he went to point it in our direction but I was not sure who among the crowd was his target and I probably yelled to warn the others so he missed his first shot.

We started running and I tried to cover my former schoolmate BH and my former classmate AJ as we ran and I yelled commands to them and the others to help us survive, one of my hands was busy probably trying to help the others along and maybe I still had the object, and so I only had one arm to reach for a weapon and I pulled out or picked up a dark long barrel revolver.

I did not think that this was the best weapon for this situation but it was all that I had so I tried to line up a shot at my former classmate BH, but my revolver did not fire because either the cylinder was not locked in place or the safety was on  so I missed my chance to shoot him.

Everything happened so fast and on the move, I do not think that anyone was shot thanks to my warning and advice and our quick reaction, and several people escaped with me outside including my former classmate AJ and my former schoolmate PB and maybe my brother GC and / or one or two other people.

I remember us reaching the parking lot and escaping in an automobile, but my former classmate BH chased us on a motorcycle still trying to shoot whoever his target was.

I remember firing at least one shot at my former classmate BH, that missed, but I can not remember if I took another shot that hit him or what happened to him exactly during our chase and gun battle.

At some point he was no longer chasing us or he changed into someone else without me realizing it, either way, the next thing that I remember is seeing my dead grandfather IC driving an old truck recklessly and maybe he even chased us but I can not remember.

Oddly I did not remember that my grandfather IC was supposed to be dead, I remember one of our neighbors on our street Mr. CC saw what was going on because we were now in a fictional version of our neighborhood still driving, and maybe Mr. CC said something to us but I can not remember.

I just remember my grandfather IC losing control of his truck and driving off the road and stopping, and we drove over to check on him.

My grandfather IC was alive and conscious and smiling and laughing and joking a bit, but he seemed weak and he was injured and so I had to carry him.

My uncle CC drove up and he recommended that we not call emergency services and that we take my grandfather IC to the hospital ourselves and lie about what happened (to avoid getting the police involved, and he recommended that our family handle it instead), and lie to the police if they show up before we can move the truck; and he gave us some lies to use, and he left.

I did not want to lie but I did not want my grandfather IC getting in trouble, time was running out because he was injured and we were not sure how bad, and so I took out my mobile phone to call my dad (his son) before driving my grandfather IC to the hospital.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr