The Job And Maryann Forrester?

Last night I remember some of my dream, but the middle of the dream is pretty unclear and there were some changes in time & who I was in the dream; also this dream was partly inspired by the episode of True Blood I watched before going to sleep.

I remember the dream beginning with me driving on the highway toward LC, but I stopped at a fictional community on the side of the highway.

The community was like a poorer version of Eastside and there were a lot of people my age and younger at a park, and things were going good as I passed by in my automobile looking around.

But I noticed a group of guys my age arguing in what appeared to be some gang or drug related dispute, and then two of the guys started shooting at each other; then everyone started to run, even the two guys with guns.

I started to drive off fast so I could make it back to the highway before the police got there, because I was afraid that the police would start arrested everyone that they could, since this was a poor neighborhood & they would probably treat everyone as a criminal or potential suspects; this neighborhood was a lot like my neighborhood in real life except more people & even poorer than my neighborhood.

I drove back to the highway as I heard police sirens in the distance, and then I drove to a fictional version of MB to look for a job.

I stopped at some unknown business that had several buildings and construction work going on, and I stopped to ask someone about job openings.

Another man was there looking for a job too and so we were each sent to talk to separate people, and the person I was sent to talk to was a man about my age.

We walked to a small office building and he sat at a computer looking for current job positions that were open, I could see the computer screen and I saw images with the name of the job positions under them.

The man then decided to put me in the automotive job position, but the day was almost over and so I would not start until the next week, since it was probably a Friday; so he told me to go talk with a man who was working outside the office building.

As I walked outside the other man who was looking for a job also came outside from another building, and he also was sent to talk to the man who was working outside.

We both walked over to the man and greeted him, he told us that he was the newest worker there, but he would tell us a bit about things he had learned.

His job seemed to be installing things in high places so he had us follow him up this tall metal structure to watch him install something while he talked with us.

But before long it was time to go and everyone started to leave work, but this is where the dream gets very blurry, I only remember walking up the street.

Next, I remember reading a newspaper as I walked up the street to work and the weekend seemed to have passed so it must have been Monday now.

In the newspaper I saw that the man who was the newest worker had lost his job due to something he was accused of doing, which I did not believe, I felt that some of his co-workers had lied to get rid of him; also I think something happened to the other man who was going to start his job that day too, I think he got arrested for something so he lost his job also.

That left me as the only new worker now and so I went to work, and next I remember being outside doing cleaning & construction-like work.

I was listening to the workers talking about a former worker that had died, that was a shapeshifter, and that his wife & him had a daughter.

His former wife was there with either a boyfriend or new husband that looked like Eggs from True Blood, and the wife was Maryann Forrester from True Blood.

My guess is that he was her new husband, and he was a shapeshifter, and he also worked at this business.

He was outside working near us and Maryann was outside too, she kept telling him to do things for her, so he had to keep stopping his work to run errands for her.

She was acting like she was the boss or something, she was sitting in a lawn chair drinking something & relaxing, and was not doing any work.

After a while the man got tired of running errands for her and told her that he had work to do, and then they got into an argument which involved her former husband & daughter & hopes to have another child one day.

They were talking about not knowing what would happen if they had a kid and that the she also did not know what powers her daughter would have before she was born, but after being born she was able to shapeshift like her father.

They both wondered what would happen if they had a kid and wondered would the kid have shapeshifting powers, the wife’s powers, new powers, or just be like a normal human.

He did not seem interested in having any kids yet but she wanted to have more kids, and so she walked off in anger to their house.

This is where things get even blurrier, I think after this I was the man who looked like Eggs instead of being myself, and I went after Maryann to get her to calm down.

I walked across a field that was the field by my former high school and our house was the little brick house out by the field, but there was a house on our left that is not really there in real life; I am not sure how this was in the fictional MB, but it was and I am not sure how I became a different person, it is all blurry.

Outside Maryann had changed her appearance her hair was blond, she was younger, and she was wearing fur clothing; she looked like one of the female vampires from the Twilight movie now.

She was outside with an axe / old style rifle, and was chopping wood blocks in anger & then she would shoot them with the rifle.

All the noise from the construction site was blocking out most of the sound of the rifle so no one seemed to notice her shooting a gun outside.

I told her to calm down and that shooting a rifle outside like that was dangerous & illegal, but she was not listening.

I saw three dead wild non-human animals on the ground too, she had shot them, and one of the non-human animals was illegal to hunt.

I went to pick the bodies up and our neighbor drove up to his house, he was a wildlife officer, and he stopped to say hello.

I tried to hide the illegal dead non-human animals in my arms with my back turned to him as he talked from across the yard.

He seemed to be a guy with old fashion beliefs about women, he saw Maryann outside chopping wood and shooting the rifle, and thought that it was funny.

He did not think women should do stuff like that and thought they were too weak, and he thought I was just trying to make her feel tough by letting her practice chopping wood and shoot a rifle; so he started laughing, thinking she was just trying hard to prove that she was strong enough and that she was angry about that.

He then walked into his house and I continued to try to get rid of the three dead non-human animals Maryann had killed, as she still continued to chop wood and shoot it with the rifle in anger.

I told her not to kill any thing else and that she should talk to me instead of shooting guns at stuff; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


6-24-2009 | Dream Fragments | Nice School Moments, And The Strange Military Attack

The AK-47 was first adopted in 1949 by the Sov...

Nice School Moments

Last night I remembered my last two dreams, the first one took place at what appeared to be a fictional version of the high school I graduated from.

My class was walking outside by a parking lot, and two of my classmates RG & LF starting talking about their automobiles.

One of them had a truck and was making fun of the other one that had a small Pontiac car, it was a funny moment and they were just joking around.


Cloverfield + Reverend Jesse Jackson = Jacksonfield

Last night I only remember the last dream I had.

In the dream I was in what appeared to be a very small city-like fairground area, I was talking on my mobile phone with my friend (former classmate) SS and he was asking about the movie Cloverfield.

He asked what happened to the main characters at the end, in this dream it appeared that I was in a fictional version of the movie Cloverfield.

There were people running around and hiding like some creatures were attacking or something.

I saw different scenes like a movie showing 5 main characters from the movie Cloverfield, it was the end of the movie but unlike the real movie these main characters survived and each split up & went in separate directions in the city.

As I was watching these scenes I was telling my friend SS what I saw.

Then I heard gun shots so I stopped talking on my cell phone and I started to move to take cover.

On one side of a building I saw my brother CC with a rifle and he shot at something he thought was a creäture but it was a person, fortunately he missed.

I told CC to not shoot a gun if you do not know what you are shooting at and to stop wasting bullets.

We started to walk toward another building when a boy ran from the other side of the building and took CC’s rifle out of his hands.

The kid the ran away, so we followed him.

The kid stopped and a group of people were around the kid asking him to put down the gun but he seemed mad, sad, confused, and frustrated.

I noticed Reverend Jesse Jackson was in the crowd of people and that all the people were men that seemed to be taking part in some camp or camp meeting or whatever about race, violence, men, and Christianity.

Most of the young men seemed to be wearing black shirts and the men wore suits or more formal type clothes.

Anyway, the boy dropped the rifle but still looked sad so I was looking around for something to give him that would give him something to do so he would not keep thinking about what had happened, I was thinking a toy or something would work.

I looked in my pocket and I had two toys handguns, but I did not think that would be a good toy to give to the kid.

So I asked Rev. Jesse Jackson what he thought, he said it would be a terrible idea and looked at me like I was crazy or something, so I threw the toy guns into a trash can.

Mr. Jackson then asked everyone to come over to listen to him, he said that they were still working on preparing the activities and food, so he said that we should try talking about stuff until everything is ready.

He suggested that we should each take turns talking about some issues that are important to us and/or try to do something entertaining like comedy or something.

As I started to think about what was going on in the dream I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂