Two Men Using Remote-Controlled Mannequins To Battle Each Other?

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was with my brother GC and my mom at E Manor, I think that we were walking around the yard and inside the house looking at things, and my mom probably had us helping with various things; and it was nice getting to be inside the E Manor, especially on the second floor without being disturbed, but some of our family members from my mom’s side of the family arrived.

At first it was just a few family members who seemed to be stopped by briefly to see E Manor, ask me/us for help with something, talk briefly, and then leave so I did not expect them to stay for more than an hour or so; but slowly more family members started to arrive, and my mom was asking me to help with different things that made it seem like something was going on that no one had told me about.

I got suspicious and it seemed that a family gathering was going to take place, more and more family members and their families arrived, and they even had luggage and stuff; and so it seemed that a stealth / secret family reunion was taking place, and no one had told me.

This interrupted the quiet that we were enjoying at first and more and more family members wanted help and advice and to talk, which was a bit annoying at first, but maybe I started to relax a bit; but it was clear I was not going to be able to spend the night at E Manor because there would be no room, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that there was a man who had a brother who worked for a man who had maybe grayish colored simple thicker/more blocky/sturdy mannequin-like things/figures that you could control, and he would use them to fight against another man and his army of  mannequin-like things.

The two men were at constant war with each other and they used their mannequin-like things to fight their battles while they controlled them, and I am not sure how they controlled the mannequin-like things; but it seemed possibly somewhat paranormal or supernatural than technological, but I could be wrong because it could have just been a new drone technology or something like that.

All that I know is that they controlled them remotely I guess, the brother of the man who I was talking to worked for one of the men assisting him, but I can not remember how he would assist him; but it seemed to be an okay job maybe, and no one was getting hurt because it was just two eccentric old men fighting their mannequin-like things against each other.

Both old men had their own base with their own mannequin-like armies and their bases were probably separated by a field, and their mannequin-like armies would probably fight in this field mostly; but neither old man seemed to ever completely defeat the other, and so they probably had been at war with each other for many years with no end to the war in sight.

I either saw and heard flashbacks of things as the man told me what his brother had told him about his job and/or I really got to see/meet his brother and the old man at their base, I remember the old man being the somewhat grumpy type, but he would get excited and happy when he won some battles against his enemy and when something bad would happen to his enemy; and he was somewhat like a mild eccentric somewhat crazy scientist somewhat grumpy old man type, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


President Barack Obama And Val Kilmer In China

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I had more dreams that I can not remember and there was more to my last dream that I can not remember, all that I can remember is that at some point in the dream during the day I was seeing a fictional former/retired male entertainment wrestler who was over-fat with light-colored skin with long yellowish colored hair who was promoting a new product that he/his company had made, but one of his rivals from back when he was an entertainment wrestler appeared in the distance to interrupt his promotion of his new product.

The other entertainment wrestler was a man in better shape who would still wrestle sometimes, and he also did mixed martial arts with maybe the UFC sometimes, a story was told about the rivalry between these two wrestlers, and how one of them got injured during one of their matches and it ended his career (probably the one who was retired and who was promoting his new product).


Voice Of Russia (VOR) Versus Voice Of America (VOA)

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Last night I had a variety of dreams but I forgot most of them, in one or more of my dreams in the background/back-drop/whatever of my dreams was a competition/battle/rivalry/et cetera going on between the news sources Voice Of Russia (VOR) and Voice Of America (VOA), and so in each dream there would be moments in the dreams where I would read/hear/see articles from both VOR and VOA.

VOA might post a story one way and VOR might post the same story in another way, and then VOA might post a story that is negative toward VOR about how VOR covered the same story; and VOR would post a defense/attack story back at VOA, et cetera.

VOR and VOA went back & forth like this in various dreams posting similar stories and attacks/defenses toward each other and how each covered certain stories, and I was trying to decide for myself which of the two news sources posted more accurate/detailed/balanced news and/or which one posted stories that I liked more.

Sometimes I would see a news story in a dream by computer, other times by TV, other times by newspaper, and other times by radio; and these news stories would appear in the dreams in the background as a small part of the dreams, so they went with the normal flow of the dreams without being much of a distraction from the dreams.

For example: I might be walking down a street in one of the dreams and then I see a newspaper at a newspaper stand with a headline from VOA, and then later I might see a VOR headline my computer et cetera.

I never did get to decide which of the two news sources, VOR and VOA, that I preferred/liked, if any/either.

Other than that I remember only part of one dream where I was in D during the day and my mom, some of my family, and I were near/at the empty G House that my grandfather owns; and we were trying to work on fixing it up.

I think that we spent a lot of the dream cleaning, removing junk, fixing stuff, et cetera at the G House.

The G House needed electrical work on some of the electrical sockets in the house, and so my mom and/or dad called an electrician to come re-do the electrical wiring in those parts of the house since the wiring is old; and two unprofessional looking electricians who had whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair wearing t-shirts & blue jeans came, they did look like they might know enough to re-do the electrical wiring, but they were pretty unprofessional which did not really matter much if they could do the job.

We stayed near the G House but out of the house to give the electricians space to work, and at some point the electricians asked us which rooms/electrical sockets needed to be re-wired.

We had a general idea but were not completely sure, so we showed them the ones that we were sure about, and we asked them to check the others & to let us know if any other rooms/electrical sockets needed to be re-wired; but I woke up shortly after that.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Something Is Wrong With This Film

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Dream 1

I remember part of several dreams from last night, with one dream showing random people in a city during the day, and each person was a member of various families; and various families had rivalries with each other, some for a very long time.

Some of the families had more peaceful relations now, some were still fighting each other, et cetera; and there was a quick history of various families & their rivalries being mentioned by a voice that was narrating I think.

A man with blond colored and/or grayish/whitish colored hair who looked like an actor from the TV show Law & Order I think was leaving from somewhere and there were other people around too, and a man pulled out a gun & shot him in his head while smiling the entire time.

The man with the gun seemed excited that he had finally murdered the man who was from a family that his family had long been rivals with, but the two families had not fought openly for years; and so this attack was sure to break the semi-peace between the two families.

After taking a moment to enjoy seeing his rival dead, the man with the gun escaped, but many people saw & knew who he was; and the news soon spread among the families.

Old hatreds were renewed and old scars/past aggressions were remembered, as the family of the murdered man started to investigate & prepare to defend their family, and avenge the death of one of their family members; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I had another dream were my male cousin ME and a fictional teenage female cousin came to visit my family and I during the day, I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember us being outside; and one of our cats attacked our fictional female cousin or something like that after she did something to provoke the cat.

My cousin ME got mad, and he was going to attack the cat or did attack the cat; and I remember telling him to leave the cat alone & I told him what had really happened, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

I had another dream that was interesting, it was a mystery themed dream, but I forgot most of it; but I know that it involved a film that was just released, and the creators/performers of/in the film were watching their film for the first time.

From the beginning they/we (I was seeing this as well) noticed that something was not right with the film, the camera movement seemed a bit off, and certain characters were missing from the beginning of the film.

The film seemed to possibly be a somewhat serious film was supposed to be about an astronaut, maybe John Crichton from Farscape, and I think that it was supposed to cover/show parts not shown on the TV show; but I am not sure, and you will find out why soon. 😉

The film was supposed to also bring in maybe all the characters or many characters from the TV show, and some famous actors (like Bruce Willis, and maybe a few others) & actresses were supposed to make guest appearances in the film.

The film was probably supposed to combine two different TV shows casts/universes into one film, one of which was probably Farscape, but I am not sure what the other one was; it was a pretty ambitious project/film.

But the film that we watched was not what it was supposed to be: the story line was changed & wrong except for the very first few minutes of the film, the characters were changed mostly, many characters were missing & not shown at all, the main character John Crichton might have been missing completely, the guest appearances were missing, the tone of the film was wrong, and much more.

The actors, actresses, directors, producers, I/me et cetera watching the film were shocked/angered/confused/et cetera.

Millions of dollars had been spent making the film and everyone worked hard on it, and the film we saw was like something completely different almost.

It was clear that someone had purposely sabotaged the film/project, and we wondered how did they manage to do that; and so we started to investigate, and people started to make calls.

I forgot most of the details but I remember that a Russell Brand-looking man who also sounded somewhat like Mr. Brand, was in the film and somehow he was the main character in the film that we saw, and so we instantly suspected that he was behind sabotaging the film.

I think that he happily admitted that it was him and the film probably even had clues, and the film probably openly joked about how he had sabotaged the film.

I remember that the Mr. Brand-like man was a member of the British Royal Family probably and he had used his connections/wealth to sabotage the film, and his connections/wealth probably were going to protect him too.

I remember some of his friends and him were outside during the day sitting on a brick area near a walkway as he talked with us on his mobile phone, and the area where he was had a nice small park-like look to it; and I saw a few people walking by walking dogs, jogging, walking, et cetera but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

The last dream took place in an area like where the Mr. Brand-like man had been, and I was exploring it; and it was nice.

I walked up some stairs and found my former female classmate MW and we talked, and not far from the top of the stairs was a field with an L-looking lake in it; and two men who looked like tourists were taking photographs of it.

It was beautiful, as much as something L-looking can be (which is not saying much), and I remember climbing a small tree & jumping out of it or something like that.

I was enjoying my time with MW, who rarely talks to me in dreams, and her & I were going to walk to the lake; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂