Getting In An Accident While Traveling With My Cousin DE

I forgot all of my dreams except for part of one dream where I was traveling during a cloudy day with my cousin DE down a fictional highway with probably forests on the both sides of the highway on our way to a fictional city.

I was riding a skateboard-like vehicle/thing I think and my cousin DE was riding a bicycle or something like that, and we were having fun as we raced/traveled on our way to the fictional city on a trip; but we planned to return home the same day.


An Unnecessary Road Stop

Part of the 'Golden Quadrilateral' road to Ban...
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I only remember the end of one dream from last night, but I can not remember the rest of the dream at all.

I was driving in the middle of no-where on a highway during the day, I might have stopped on the side of the road or at a gas station, and I saw a man stand next to the highway.

He might have worn an orange safety vest to show that he was a construction / highway worker, other than that he looked like just a man standing by the highway, and he had brownish colored skin with black colored dreadlocks & he was slightly obese.

He was stopping automobiles, and then he would let them pass; there were not many automobiles on the highway and I saw no construction going on, so this was a bit odd.

I drove to where he was and I stopped my automobile, wondering if this was an ambush or something, I rolled down my window to see what he had to say; and the man told me to wait a moment & he pushed a button or something, and I heard something in the road/highway go down, like some metal spikes / automobile stoppers had been on the ground.

So for some strange reason, it seemed that he was there to stop each automobile and then let them pass once he let down the metal spikes / automobile stoppers, which were built into the road for no clear reason; I found this odd & I probably said a few words to him, and then I drove off & I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


State Troopers On The Highway

I slept pretty well / deep(ly) last night, so I only remember the end of one dream.

I was driving on the highway to LC maybe, and I was going about 70mph.

I as I neared a curve near or on a bridge, I noticed a State Trooper car sitting on the side of the curve, and it turned on its lights in front of me; and it started to move on the road.

I then saw another State Trooper car with lights coming toward us, and then two State Trooper SUVs (sport utility vehicles) came toward us; and they were around me in a box-like formation as I tried to slow down & pull over.

I was not sure if they were trying to go to an emergency or pull me over, either way, I slowed down as I tried to pull over to the side of the highway; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


5-11-2011 | LC Dream Fragment

Photo showing the pedals of my car for use in ...

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream which involved me arriving at a small motel or hotel in a fictional version of LC late in the afternoon.

I was waiting in line to pay for a week’s stay, as the customer in front of me was paying the woman who ran the motel or hotel; I was a bit nervous but I was smiling and trying to hide my nervousness, and I even started a small conversation with the customer and the woman who ran the hotel.

After paying I went down a hallway trying to find the exit, but it led to a nice upper class-like restaurant, and so I continued trying to find the exit.