Martin Lawrence As Death From Above | A Decaying Mansion

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, with me walking through a parking lot near a field where groups of dangerous-looking people were gathering.

It seemed that maybe some gangs, assassins, and other similar groups were gathering in the parking lot & the field; and I happened to be walking through this area.


My Grandfather CE & A Party Attack | A John Bel Edwards Speech

Dream 1

At some point in this dream I went inside a house that was where my aunt JE’s house should be, before this the outside looked like the yard of The BP School Board Computer Department, but magically this changed without me noticing.

As I walked around the house exploring, at some point I realized that I was not wearing my cloth face mask, eventually I saw a family inside the house, and so I left the house when I realized that someone lived there.


A Gathering Of The Elite?

This dream took place outside during the day in maybe a field with three seating areas, maybe somewhere in The Middle East, but I am not sure.

One seating area was just chairs, behind it was a seating area  with chairs with a short fence-like / barrier-like thing area it, and the third seating area was separate and was on the right side and it was slightly raised and had a taller barrier and was fancier and was more like an area where a jury and judges and politicians et cetera might sit.

Most of the people there were elite from around the world including politicians, maybe royalty, celebrities, and various high-level people from around the world; but for some unknown reason I was there, my coworker Mrs. MB (who is the branch manager of our library) who had longer hair in the dream and had the same hairstyle as Jodie Foster’s character Clarice Starling in the movie The Silence Of The Lambs, and some other seemingly normal people were there too oddly.

It seems that we were possibly summoned / invited here, but I have no idea.

They (I am not sure who) would call names out one at a time starting with the elite, each person seemed to be able to have two or three security people / bodyguards / assistants / whoever with them, and all the elite and the people with them had special black robe-like outfits with maybe gold trim at the top with maybe a shaw / scarf-like thing; but us assumed non-elite did not have these special robes / outfits as far as I can remember.

One of the celebrities that I remember seeing there was possibly Robert De Niro oddly, but I could be wrong.

After all or most of the elite were assigned their seats, either they started calling some of our names (the assumed non-elite) or people in my section (the area with just chairs) started moving to the section behind us with chairs with a small barrier / fence, I do not remember my name being called and I was among the last people to move to the section behind us.

I remember saying something to Mrs. MB trying to figure out where to sit, I wondered what would happen once we all got in our seats, I assumed that whatever we were there for would start.

I felt that maybe something would be announced, but by who and about what?

Maybe orders would be given down to the elite (by who or by what and about what?), maybe the elite would be officially made members of some kind of Illuminati / New World Order-like group, but those were just wild guesses.

I wondered who was hosting this gathering and why, it seemed that the elite were being given even more importance, but I woke up before I could learn anything.

The end,

-John Jr


What Happened To My Clothes?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I did not record my dreams except for recording barely part of one dream that I had, but I did not record part of it until after going back to sleep and waking up several times so most of it is forgotten now.

The dream took place at maybe a college in one or more windowless college buildings that possibly had some non-college areas too, and I was possibly a teacher there.

At the end of the dream after doing something that I can not remember, maybe after teaching or something, I walked down a hallway until I reached a room on the right side of the hallway where I saw a barely clothed man with light-color skin who looked like an athletic version of my former male schoolmate BB and he was talking to my former male classmate MB and several other people.

This area seemed to be a multi-purpose area with maybe a sauna, hangout area, relaxation area, maybe some fitness areas, maybe locker rooms, and more.

I am not sure why I was there or what I did besides walk around briefly, then talk to BB and MB, and then I left back down the hallway.

As I was walking down the hallway a woman with light-color skin with short black hair was walking on the left side of the hallway in the direction that I had just come from while I was on the right side, and she stopped and she gasped while staring at me so I stopped to see what was wrong.

The woman seemed to be looking at my groin and smiling, I looked down to see that I was naked now oddly and so she was looking at my penis which I also saw when I looked down, and so I covered myself and I apologized to her telling her that I had no idea what happened to my clothes and that I just had them on a moment ago.

I was confused and I wondered what happened to my clothes, how long had they been missing, and I could not remember taking them off and I remembered having them on when I was in the previous room at some point.

The woman was still smiling and looking at me and she told me that I did not need to cover anything, and she gave me a compliment about my penis that I can not remember.

I thanked the woman while feeling awkward and embarrassed, but I also felt a bit better about the situation thanks to her positive reaction and I apologized again as I turned around to return to the room to find my clothes while still covering myself feeling stupid and embarrassed and confused and wondering what to do if I could not find my clothes.

In the room I walked around the different areas but I did not see my clothes, I possibly asked around but I still did not find them, and an older male employee with dark-color skin with maybe graying hair wearing an African style robe or a very long Dashiki with unique African style designs walked over to help me.

I told him about my situation, we looked around but we did not find my clothes, and so he offered to let me wear an African style robe or long Dashiki like he was wearing.

He walked me over to an area where he had several of them in different sizes, and then he said that he would try to find one in my size and he walked to find one and I thanked him.

I wanted to offer to buy it from him for his kindness, and I did not think that he would want it back after a random naked man had worn it but I had to wait for him to return first.

While waiting a student walked over to me and started talking to me, I remembered what we talked about, but I did not record this so now I have forgotten it after going back to sleep without recording that part of the dream.

I still was confused about where my clothes went and how, did someone steal them, and how did they get off my body to begin with without me noticing or remembering?

There were a few more things that happened, but that is all that I can remember of the end of this dream now.

The end,

-John Jr


Talking With My Former Classmate JC And Living In A Building At The D Fairground(s)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day in the city of D, at some point during the dream I drove to a small parking lot outside a business that somewhat reminded me of LB Service where I used to work, and I seemed to be looking for a job maybe.

I probably was told that they had no jobs available at this time and many of the employees seemed to be having an employee appreciation meal with food and drinks in a break room, and as I was walking back to the automobile my former male classmate JC (from high school, not college) saw me and he greeted me.

We talked and he told me that he was an employee and I told him about my joblessness and about various negative things in my life and I showed him my missing teeth, he felt bad for me, and he told me to follow him into the break room and so I did.

The other employees did not know that I was not an employee and so they did not say anything, my former classmate JC told me that I could eat/drink whatever I wanted, and I asked him if he was sure that it was okay and he said yes.

I thanked him and I got some food/drinks and we sat down to talk some more as we ate/drank, and at some point I finished and I thanked him and I said goodbye; and I left by automobile to the D Fairground(s).

There was a small fair taking place at the fairgrounds and on the fairgrounds there was a small two-story building with a second floor walkway connected to stairs, and it seemed that I lived there with my family on the second floor; but only my mom and my brother GC were there at the time.

There were windows with blinds or curtains at the front that allowed us to see the walkway and parts of the fairgrounds with the living room being by the windows, next to the living room was an open dinning room and kitchen, and to the right of that was a hallway with the bedrooms and the bathroom and maybe the laundry room; and the house was dimly lit with mostly light from the windows lighting the house.

My male cousin ME briefly stopped by and then he left, then I walked around at the fairgrounds and I came across my former classmate JC again to my surprise, and we talked again; and at some point we said goodbye, and I returned to the building where I lived with my family.

I told my mom that my cousin ME came by earlier and I talked with her about a few other things, my mom then put her robe on and she went to her room to sleep, and then I watched some TV in the living room and I talked with my brother GC until he went to his room.

At some point my cousin ME stopped by again to my surprise and he asked for some water, I tried to find him a larger cup because I only saw small and medium-sized cups, and I told him that I did not see any clean large cups and I offered him a medium-sized cup; but he refused and he started looking in the sink for a large cup to use instead without asking, which annoyed me, and I was also annoyed that he was back again.

My brother GC walked out of his room to use the bathroom and I told him that our cousin ME was back, my brother GC was also annoyed and he complained out-loud wondering why he was back and why did he not go to one of his friends’ houses instead, but I am not sure if our cousin ME heard him or not even though he was near me looking for a large cup still.

I knocked on my mom’s door to tell her that cousin ME was back again and then I went into the living room, and my mom walked into the living room to talk with my cousin ME; but I woke up as they were talking.

The end,

-John Jr