A Gathering Of The Elite?

This dream took place outside during the day in maybe a field with three seating areas, maybe somewhere in The Middle East, but I am not sure.

One seating area was just chairs, behind it was a seating area  with chairs with a short fence-like / barrier-like thing area it, and the third seating area was separate and was on the right side and it was slightly raised and had a taller barrier and was fancier and was more like an area where a jury and judges and politicians et cetera might sit.

Most of the people there were elite from around the world including politicians, maybe royalty, celebrities, and various high-level people from around the world; but for some unknown reason I was there, my coworker Mrs. MB (who is the branch manager of our library) who had longer hair in the dream and had the same hairstyle as Jodie Foster’s character Clarice Starling in the movie The Silence Of The Lambs, and some other seemingly normal people were there too oddly.

It seems that we were possibly summoned / invited here, but I have no idea.

They (I am not sure who) would call names out one at a time starting with the elite, each person seemed to be able to have two or three security people / bodyguards / assistants / whoever with them, and all the elite and the people with them had special black robe-like outfits with maybe gold trim at the top with maybe a shaw / scarf-like thing; but us assumed non-elite did not have these special robes / outfits as far as I can remember.

One of the celebrities that I remember seeing there was possibly Robert De Niro oddly, but I could be wrong.

After all or most of the elite were assigned their seats, either they started calling some of our names (the assumed non-elite) or people in my section (the area with just chairs) started moving to the section behind us with chairs with a small barrier / fence, I do not remember my name being called and I was among the last people to move to the section behind us.

I remember saying something to Mrs. MB trying to figure out where to sit, I wondered what would happen once we all got in our seats, I assumed that whatever we were there for would start.

I felt that maybe something would be announced, but by who and about what?

Maybe orders would be given down to the elite (by who or by what and about what?), maybe the elite would be officially made members of some kind of Illuminati / New World Order-like group, but those were just wild guesses.

I wondered who was hosting this gathering and why, it seemed that the elite were being given even more importance, but I woke up before I could learn anything.

The end,

-John Jr


The Murder In Brooklyn | The Apartment On Fire | The Baseball Game

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Murder In Brooklyn

Last night I had another dream that had something to do with the Jewish ethnic group for some strange reason, this has been a common theme for about a week now, and I have no idea why.

Anyway, it took place at an apartment building, in what seemed to be Brooklyn.

I lived in an apartment and I remember some of my neighbors: two of the neighbors were a Jewish man and his daughter who was about my age and the other three neighbors were a man who looked like Robert De Niro, his girlfriend, and his daughter that was a bit older than me.

The Jewish man seemed to be very protective of his daughter, and they seemed to stay in their apartment most of the time.

The man who looked like Robert De Niro was lower class like me, but his girlfriend was not, and she did not know that he was lower class; because he pretended to have a lot of money.

Mr. De Niro would do almost anything to make her happy, and the most strange thing he seemed to do for her sometimes, was that he would dress in these strange wild feminine costumes for her sometimes; which made him look like a cross-dresser or something, it was strange.

He would dress up in these strange wild costumes for her, when his daughter was out of the apartment, but one day his daughter came home early, and she saw him in one of the costumes.

She did not like that he did crazy stuff like that to please his girlfriend, and she did not like that he was lying to his girlfriend about being rich.

He apologized to his daughter and he said that one day he would tell his girlfriend the truth, but not yet, and then him & his girlfriend left to go to her house I guess.

I went walking around the apartment building and I think that I went outside, during this time, I think that the dream switch to the apartment with the Jewish man and his daughter.

I think that his daughter was secretly trying to date someone, but her dad found out and killed him.

I did not know this in the dream because I was outside, anyway, as I was walking outside the Jewish man walked up to me; and he said that he would pay me to bury a box or something.

I asked him what it was but I think he either did not tell me or he lied,  and since he was my neighbor and since he had never broken any laws before that I knew of, I agreed to bury the box; not knowing what was in it.

He gave me a shovel and he told me bury the box or whatever, somewhere up the road, behind an abandoned building.

It was nighttime but I did it anyway, if the box would have been heavy, I probably would not have done it; but the box did not weigh that much, to my surprise.

After burying the box I went back to the apartment, and the next day I heard the man who looked like Robert De Niro, talking about a rumor that the police thought that the Jewish man had killed someone.

I was shocked and I wondered if the box had anything to do with the murder, and so I went downstairs and the police were asking people questions.

I decided to tell them about the box, and I showed them where it was buried.

The police said that they found the bones of the murdered man, so I guess that is why the box did not weigh that much, and he must have cut the man into pieces and burned the body or something.

I was mad that the Jewish man had tricked me into helping him bury the evidence of a murder without telling me, and so I wanted to help find him for the police; to make up for my mistake.

So I joined the police to catch the man, so we asked his daughter where he was, and we told her about the situation.

She was sad and told us that her that her dad probably did commit the murder, and that he had left as soon as he found out that police were in the building; and she told us that he /might be hiding at the library, I think.

So the police and I went there, the library if that what it was, and it was a nice modern three floor/story building.

There were people standing around talking, eating, drinking, and looking at art; and there seem to be an artist showing off her paintings that day.

We saw the Jewish man on the second floor, so we decided to sneak around and try to trap him, and the plan was that I would go talk to him pretending that everything was normal while the undercover police would slowly move in to arrest him.

I went to talk to him but he was very paranoid and he seemed to know that something was not right, and so he ran before the police got close enough; and so we began to chase him out of the building.

We ran to an area by a bridge on what was/they called, the Jewish part of the city, and there were people about my age around the area talking and doing other stuff, as we chased the man.

The police caught the man before he crossed the bridge, and as the police was taking him away, I stopped to talk to a woman who was on the bridge.

There was water by the bridge, and the woman had talked to a group of women shortly before I reached the bridge.

I told her about why we were chasing the man, and I told her that this was my first time being on the Jewish part of the city.

She said a few things but she appeared to be keeping a distance/being reserved, and she was using sarcastic comedy toward/directed at me.

I guess that I was flirting with her in a way and I was curious about the fact that her part of the city was an all Jewish neighborhood; and I did not know much about their culture.

I wanted to learn more but I felt that it would take time before she got comfortable enough to tell me more about her culture, and so I told her that I hoped to come visit her again; and then I left, but then I woke up.

The Apartment On Fire

My second dream started with me seeing things from the view of a camera person, and there was a man with tattoos that had argued with his girlfriend over the telephone, I think.

He was on his way back to their apartment, and when he got there, the apartment was on fire; and so he ran inside, and he appeared to be looking his girlfriend.

There seemed to be someone with a video camera following him, as he looked around the apartment building.

He went up the hall looking into different rooms, but after a while there was no more fire, and he seemed to be looking for things to steal; instead of finding his girlfriend.

There seemed to be no one in any of the apartment rooms, and no one was standing outside that I could see.

Most of the apartment room doors were open, and so it was easy for him to get into each room.

While he was in one room, a man who appeared to be a janitor was walking through the hallway, and so the man with the tattoos hid behind a wall in the room; and for some strange reason, I appeared in the dream, in the same room.

The person with the video camera stayed outside the door to distract the janitor, while the man with tattoos and I hid.

The janitor looked into the room but did not see us, and so he started to talk to the person with the video camera.

They got into an argument about religion and about something to do with some stuff/things that the Mormon church believed could heal people, and they said it was supposed to be some substance from the Christian God or an angel or something; but I am not sure, and all that I know, is that it was supposed to be holy.

The person with the video camera said that he did not believe in deities and that he believed that substance was fake, and that it was dangerous for the Mormon church to lie to people; especially since that old substance could make people sick.

The janitor got angry and said that the Christian God was real, and that the Mormon church was telling the truth; and he asked the camera person would he believe it, if the substance really did heal someone.

The person with the video camera said that would probably not happen, and that if it did, that it could be explained without religious mythology.

He said that the Mormon church should let some scientists test the substance to see what it is, and to make sure that it would not make people sick if they ate or drunk some of it.

While they were arguing, I told the man with the tattoos that we should sneak out of the window, and so I started to sneak out of the window; but he stayed in the room for some reason, I guess he wanted to continue stealing or looking for whatever he was looking for.

After I went through the window, I was outside of the first floor, and it was night-time.

There was a three floor/story building right next to the apartment building, and a little boy was looking out of a window on the third floor.

He saw me and ran screaming to his mom that he saw a ghost coming out of the apartment building, while he was running to get his mom, I ran around to the other side of the building; so that they would not see me.

On the other side of the building, it somehow was magically the front yard of my parent’s house, and my dad was outside working in the yard.

On the other side of the building the kid and his mom were looking out of the window, but I was not there, so the mother thought her son was just imagining things; and she told him to go to bed. (I guess he thought I was a ghost because it was dark and I was far away, and so he just thought that he had seen a ghost or something)

Back on the side of the building I was on, my dad was telling me that my grandfather was going out-of-town to see one of his relatives have a baby, but then I woke up.

The Baseball Game

The last dream I remember was a short dream about me playing baseball on a baseball team.

It was the last inning and the other team was up to bat, and the score was 0 to 0 with no outs.

The next batter was a woman my age, and the teams had women and men, unlike when I used to play in real life; and so that was nice.

Our pitcher pitched the ball to her and she hit the ball between the catcher and pitcher, and so I ran to get it and I threw it to the first baseman; but she was already running to second base, and so he threw it to second base.

She was now trapped between second and first base, so I ran over to help the first baseman, but she was running back to first base; and so the second baseman threw me the ball, and so she started to run back to second base, and so I chased her but she was too fast.

She made it to second base, and so I threw it back to the pitcher; but she then ran to third base.

I felt that it was my fault and so I went into the outfield to help them, and the next batter hit the ball and they reached first base.

The next batter hit the ball & reached first base, and the batter that was on first base was now on second base; and so the bases were loaded now.

The next batter hit the ball to the outfield, and I got the ball and threw it to the catcher, hoping to stop the woman on third base from scoring; or we would lose the game.

I could not see what was happening or what happened exactly but I think that the catcher stopped the woman from scoring, which counts as 1 out, and he was going for a triple play to get the other two players out in one play; which would have ended the game in a draw or our team would bat next, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Mentions The End Of The World

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Part 1

My dream last night was split into about 4 parts, and the first part I do not remember very well.

I think I was at a bank-like place with my family and some other people, and I am not sure if I worked there or if I owned the place or if I was just there with my family.

I remember something happening and seeing my dad, but I am not sure what happened.

I think police were coming to investigate what ever happened and maybe my family, a few people, and I left the building.

I do not think that we did anything wrong, but maybe someone was going to make it seem that way, and so we left.

Part 2

The next dream part is also unclear, if I could remember this part better, I think the dream would make more sense.

A few people and I were at some area controlled by some strange-looking army with a strange-looking leader, and I think he looked like Marilyn Manson or someone.

We were going to face him and his army about something, and I think we wanted them to end their attack.

I think that the leader was expecting that we were going to surrender, and so he seemed very confident.

We came to the area by boat and there were guards all around, and there was a stairway leading to an area were the leader was.

He was walking around while his guards patrolled the area, and surprisingly his guards let us walk up to talk to him without stopping us; and so I guess that they thought that we were too afraid to attempt an attack or something.

I think we asked the leader to stop attacking/conquering people and the war, and I think that him and his army were going around conquering every place that they could.

He said that he would not stop and he told us to surrender, and he said that we had no chance of winning against his army.

We told him that we would not surrender and we told him that we would not give up no matter how strong his army was, and he got very angry and he ordered his guards to capture us.

We started to fight his guards and then we ran to our boats, because we had no chance of winning, and we barely escaped.

Part 3

In the next dream part we were in an area that looked like where the leader and his army had been, except there was no water.

This area was controlled by The United States Military, and they were trying to control some/a situation.

It seemed that a battle was happening, and we saw some bug-like (insect-like) creatures attacking not that far from us.

In the middle of the area, female soldiers were trying to protect and create a safe zone for civilians, and they were telling people to move to a certain area.

On the rooftops there were male soldiers that were snipers and the other male soldiers were protecting the outer parts of the area, and female soldiers would go help when they needed reinforcements.

I saw a few male soldiers in the safe zone giving out orders to soldiers and people, and they were giving commands in a forceful way; and they told my group and I, to stay out of certain areas.

They were trying to set up a little medical area for injured people, and a place for the civilians to hide.

My group and I did not know what was going on, the situation seemed pretty intense, and I wondered if that strange army was attacking; and I wondered did/if they somehow had bug-like creatures, that they could control.

My group and I wanted to help but we knew/felt that the soldiers would probably not let us help, and so we ran to a restricted area, to try to figure out what was going on.

But a group of police detectives (military police) started chasing us with guns, and two of the detectives were Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

They seemed to be chasing us because of something that happened at the bank-like place in the first part of the dream, and we were running in an area that looked like an elementary school.

This place was not being attacked, and there were no soldiers there, for some reason.

I kept trying to tell them that we did not do anything wrong, and that we needed to help the soldiers & civilians.

The two detectives finally caught up with us and they could have shot us, and they said that they believed that we did not do anything wrong; but they were ordered to take us to jail for questioning.

They hinted that if we keep running, they would not arrest us, so that we could have time to help the soldiers & civilians.

I told them that it would be a better idea for us to work together, to help the soldiers & civilians, and then we would go to the police station for questioning.

They agreed and we ran to go help, but the dream switched to the next part.

Part 4

The next dream part had The President Of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wearing a yellow hard hat with protective safety glasses, and he was watching a nuclear missile test.

A news reporter (journalist) was following him with a camera person, and they asked him if he was going to use the nuclear missiles for harmful purposes.

He looked into the camera and said something like this:

“No, I will not use nuclear weapons for harmful purposes.

I only want them for the final battle at the end of the World, for the battle that will end the World, for the battle that is before the final judgment, for the final battle that will bring the final judgment, for the battle that is needed to bring about the end, for the battle to end all battles, for the battle that is coming for which there is no escape, for the future battle that is to come, for the battle that will bring an end to all we know, for the battle that many of us have waited for, for the battle that was predicted to come, and once again I would like to say that I will not use nuclear weapons for harmful purposes.”  *End Of Interview*

Then the dream switched to the two detectives, my group, and I; and we were about to reach the safe zone to help.

But then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂