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I had some problems sleeping again during some parts of last night with me tossing & turning, feeling hot, sweating, having gas, my stomach bothered me a bit, I was unable to get comfortable in bed, semi-sleeping, waking up a lot, et cetera; I think that my anxiety, depression, et cetera levels are getting somewhat dangerously high and that is probably why I have forgotten my dreams for the past two or three days.

I remember part of the end of one dream that took place inside of my parent’s house possibly during the day but I am not sure, and something happened that I can not remember exactly; but my guess is that my family & I (except for my brother CC who was not in the dream) found something buried under the floor in the living room underground, and maybe it was an ancient-looking sarcophagus/casket but I could be wrong.


Climbing Down Chains | A Nice View | Working At A Fair | Trying To Stop A Terminator


I had several dreams last night but I only barely remember part of four dreams, with the first dream involving me being in a fictional area outside during the day; and I was with several young men, and an older man who seemed to be our trainer or someone like that.

This first dream took place over a period of time, with memories and flashbacks of different days/weeks/months/maybe years, and these memories & flashbacks involved me & some other people being trained by the older man; but I am not sure what we were being trained for exactly, I just know that we seemed to be training for dangerous situations, and the older man was a harsh trainer who did not care if we got hurt or killed.

Now days/weeks/months/maybe years later I was outside during the day in a field where we used to train, the older man was training some new young men, and I joined them in the training to test myself & help encourage the young men; and I joined them after briefly talking with the older man, and then we started exercising, and we started running through a dangerous obstacle course.

I knew this dangerous obstacle course from past memories, one part had a tall drop like from the edge of a cliff/mountain, and you had to climb down some chains connected to various objects to reach the bottom; and this was dangerous because sometimes parts of the chain and/or some of the objects would break and/or parts of the land/dirt/rocks would break off/fall, and if you fell you would be seriously injured or die.

From my memories, I was usually the unlucky person to have something break when trying to climb down, but somehow I always managed to avoid falling/dying; and this time was no different, one of the chains broke as I was climbing down, but I somehow avoided falling.

I helped coach the young men down the chains safely as I also climbed down the chains, and we all safely made it down; and then we took a trail back to the top to let the older man know that we finished/survived.

I heard some of the young men mention there being a nice view from a mountain-like area that was not far away, I had memories & flashbacks of this area, and it was high in the air giving you a nice view of the wilderness/city/sky/et cetera; and I wanted to go there again after we finished talking with the older man, and I told them about some of my experiences there.

I wanted to go there alone and enjoy the view, I hoped that the young men would go there another day, but first we went to talk with the older man; this was not a separate dream exactly, but some of my memories & flashbacks made it seem that way sometimes.

I remember thinking about what I would do once I reach the area with the nice view again, and I thought about my memories of the area.

I had good memories of the area & the view, and I had several ideas of what I would do when I got there; and I probably thought about some related dreams/daydreams/et cetera, but I woke up.

The second or third dream took place in a somewhat fictional version of D during the day at a fictional fair that was like a combination of W Park, the fairground, and a fictional area; and I went to the fair walking around, working in various areas, helping people, et cetera.

One area of the fair was like an area from a past dream of mine where there was a fictional building in W Park where some mafia families were having a meeting, and another mafia family or families attacked their meeting; and in this dream a similar thing was happening during the fair, and an attack probably happened on a mafia meeting but I can not remember the details.

Other than that situation most of the dream was positive with me exploring the fair while sometimes working & helping people, but that is all that I can remember.

The fourth and last dream took place in a fictional apartment-like building & courtyard for the building during maybe a cloudy grey day, and I was talking with a group of people inside the apartment-like building; and one of the people had made a robot, and he was testing it/doing an experiment with it.

The robot looked like The Terminator (T-800 And T-850) played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator films, and it reminded me of my former classmate JC a bit since he slightly reminds me of Mr. Schwarzenegger before his bodybuilding days.

The scientist turned on/powered on the robot, it started moving and it could talk, and he started his experiment/testing of the robot as the other people & I watched; and this took place inside the building and outside, but the experiment/test eventually got out-of-control.

The robot was not programmed to obey orders to allow it more freedom, the robot was not programmed with much if any empathy or knowledge of laws or right & wrong, and so the robot stopped listening to the scientist; and the robot started to do dangerous things.

We tried to power down the robot but it stopped us, and so a battle began to get the robot to listen to us and/or to stop it from hurting people & destroying things and/or to power it down; and I seemed to be the only person with some fighting skills & tactics, and so I helped lead the others in a plan to stop the robot.

I had to do most of the work myself since I was usually the distraction trying to keep the robot focused on me to avoid it from killing people & destroying stuff, and I had to fight it using hit-and-run tactics; and I would set up plans/traps/orders/et cetera for the others to follow/use.

During this we still tried talking to the robot to handle the situation peacefully but the robot saw no logical reason for it to listen to us & morals & laws did not make sense to it, and so it did not help other than to help distract it.

Eventually my plans/traps/tactics/attacks worked to where I led it into the building into a trap, and we finally turned it off; and I remember talking to the scientist about being so stupid/reckless by making a dangerous robot without proper safeguards, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr


1-22-2010 | Dream Fragments | Yet Another Kings Inspired Fragment And This Time With Robots?

3D visualization of Bathroom created by FMD 3D...

Last night I had several dream fragments that were connected to each other, well some of them, but I forgot most of them unfortunately.

My memory of these dream fragments are terrible for some reason, I remembered part of them each time I woke up during the night, but for some reason I have forgotten almost everything; I do remember thinking about something involving a person’s face changing to that of a wolf (an image of a wolf maybe) or something strange like that, I guess it was a face dancer or something.

Anyway, the parts I do remember were of me in some modern looking building that may have been that building that looks like a combination of a hospital and college, that is in some of my dreams sometimes but with a more modern look to it.


The Reunions

Last night I once again had trouble remembering my dreams, and only managed to remember a bit of my last dream, which is pretty blurry & confusing.

I think the dream had two different story lines going on and they mixed together at some point.

I remember one of the story lines involving what I think was a couple with a daughter & android / robot, and the wife & android / robot had been separated from the husband & daughter for several years.

I think the wife & husband had a daughter, and made a female robot to help them take care of the daughter but before the robot was finished somehow the husband & daughter got separated from the wife.

I am not sure if they ran away or what, but the wife probably finished the female robot on her own and used it to help her find her husband & daughter.

The robot looked just like a real woman and seemed to follow all the commands that the wife gave.

I am not sure if I was in the dream or not at this point, I just remember the wife & female robot searching for the husband & daughter in some building several years later.

The husband & daughter appeared to be on the run and possibly trying to avoid being found by them.

Eventually the wife & female robot found them, and the wife introduced them to the female robot, who had never seen them before.

The husband seemed to want to run, but the wife convinced him that they were not there to hurt them and that they just wanted to reconnect the family again.

She told her husband that she had used the female robot to help her take care of her elderly parents, and search for them for the last few years.

The husband seemed to finally be tired of running away and decided to join his wife again and reconnect the family, and as this was going on, so was another story line.

The second story line was about three women and two men who were being brought together for a reunion.

The first story line had ended with a reunion of a family, and now this story line was about a reunion of friends.

A television company was doing a documentary on this group of people who had been sent to Russia for some special athletic(s) camp back when they were kids, but the people at the camp treated them very badly.

They were all citizens of The United States (USA) when they went to the camp in Russia, and had to stay there.

Some of the things they suffered were beatings, mental torture, starvation, imprisonment, and a few other things.

The television company was covering this even though it had happened back when they were only kids, now they were adults, but had not seen each other since they were kids.

The television company brought them together to one building so they could meet each other again, get interviewed, and enjoy themselves; it happened to be the same building were the husband, wife, daughter, and robot were at.

Several of them got along very well one was a man who reminding me of a stereotype of a man from Italy that enjoyed messing / flirting around with a lot of women & just having fun and one woman who was there that acted about the same way but had a bladder problem & was very flexible or double jointed; these two spent most of their time just making out and following the lead of the others.

Another pair was a man who seemed to be leader type that was into business & organizing things and another was a woman with the same personality; they spent their time together planning things and leading the group.

The last person was a woman who did not have a match and she seemed to be different from the others & reminded me of myself, and I was in the dream at this point & spent most of my time talking with her.

She actually reminded me of Pauline Croze a bit in appearance and seemed to like talking about some of the random things I like to talk about.

After the television crew finished making the documentary they sent us all to France to relax.

I remember being at a small outdoor apartment or something, that had a dock & was next to a nice river-like water area, and I could see a street & walkway near by.

It seemed like a nice little town with shops and out-door markets, it probably was in southern France, and we all were outside.

One couple was making out as usual on the balcony of the place we were staying at, the other couple were making plans while sitting on the porch, and the last woman & I were walking & talking by the docks close to the water.

It was nice and relaxing, and the scenery was amazing; I wondered if we were going to live here and I hoped so, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂