Rocky Balboa’s Date | A White Solidarity March? | Nicole Kidman Is My Coworker

Dream 1

This dream involved the character Rocky Balboa going on a date with a woman, and he took her to maybe an Italian restaurant or pizza place in a shopping mall-like area where his now ex-wife Adrian Pennino worked.

Adrian was there working and she greeted them, she was surprisingly cool with the situation, and the three of them talked.

The woman on the date with Rocky seemed shy, and Adrian started telling her about a male priest from her younger days who used to give her and the other young people advice on things like sex to help them deal with shyness and their religious beliefs involving sex; surprisingly he did not teach them to avoid pre-marital sex.

Adrian was trying to help the woman get past her shyness like she did, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in the field outside my parents yard by their garden, and I was out there with my dad and most of my brothers and maybe some of their friends.

My dad had built a rectangular playhouse / obstacle course out of cardboard, and oddly some cactuses / cacti were inside of it.

There was a television playing various anime and cartoons and flipping through channels, and the anime (animated) television Hunter x Hunter (2011) was one of the things playing on the television; and I told my brothers TDC and KDC that they should watch that show because it was pretty good.

At some point everyone else went inside except for my dad and I who were standing in the field talking until my dad continued doing yard work, and then I heard yelling and chanting and singing and clapping coming down the street that The E House is on; and it sounded like a protest march.

A truck with white signs on it drove across the field from that street and right past me and onto our street, and then it drove away; and it possibly had a sign on it that said White Solidarity among other things.

Then from the street it came from I saw the protest march of mostly young adults with light-color skin, except for at least one young man with light-medium color skin who probably had some ancestors from the middle east, and most of them were wearing white polo shirts but some had white Ku Klux Klan (KKK)-like robes and white thin KKK-like hats.

Some had white signs with various messages that were possibly barely veiled white supremacist messages, some were riding horses with maybe white flags and banners et cetera, and there were more of then than you would except for a small city like the city of D.

They were very energized too, they were marching right through Eastside, and I told my dad that we should go back in the yard so as we were doing this I got out my mobile phone to contact my brothers inside about this and then I wanted to get a few photographs and some video of this because I have never seen anything like this especially on Eastside.

This did bother me as well and I was not sure what they would do if they saw us, and so that is why I wanted to go back in our yard to reduce the chances of something bad happening; but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream involved me working at The BP Library, I remember watching my coworkers help patrons and maybe helping a few patrons myself, but most of my time involved me watching and trying to learn and talking to coworkers trying to learn things to help me at work; and so I would approach the conversations in a way that would lead to my coworkers sharing work knowledge with me.

I talked with some fictional coworkers and real ones like my female coworker DT, my female coworker CR, my female coworker JB who I talked with at the front desk, et cetera; besides sharing some knowledge they would also sometimes share resources where that I could use to learn more, and sometimes they would show me how to do something instead of just telling me how.

At some point the actress Nicole Kidman was one of my coworkers and she was working at the front desk where JB had been working earlier, I started talking with her, and she started sharing some work knowledge with me as well.

Mrs. Kidman was telling me about something and the dream jumped to her riding in the back of maybe a taxi in France being filmed with one camera inside the car and one outside of it following it from the side, Mrs. Kidman was talking and maybe answering questions as the cameras recorded, and at some point the male taxi driver asked her a question in French; and to my surprise Mrs. Kidman replied in French.

I am not sure what was said but it seemed that maybe the driver was asking her where she wanted to be dropped off at maybe, I just remember the first word that Mrs. Kidman said sounded like Bahsh, and the driver continued driving.

After her story and this scene the dream jumped back to the library where we were talking, and Mrs. Kidman ended our conversation by maybe giving me some links online where I could learn and practice more work knowledge that she had told me about; and I thanked her and I went to the back to the break room.

Our director Mrs. EC walked into the break room and we started talking, she shared some work knowledge with me, and at the end she went and got me several homemade looking booklets of white paper with black text with work knowledge on several different topics that I could study.

I thanked her and I accepted them, she walked away, and then I wondered how to go about trying to study and apply all of this work knowledge; and I started to wonder what had I gotten myself into, I also thought that it was cool that I got my coworkers to share some work knowledge with me to help me learn more, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying Zinus Mattresses | A Bad Motel & Hotel

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me trying different Zinus memory foam mattresses, I wanted to see what a 6 inch tall (thick or high) memory foam looked and felt like, but as I looked at and tried different Zinus memory foam mattresses I could not find a 6 inch one.

I found 7 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch mattresses but no 6 inch mattresses which annoyed me so I kept looking but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


3-21-2012 | Dream Journal | Dreams And False Awakenings And Semi-Dreams And Semi-Daydreams | False Awakenings

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Wow! I am finally back in the real World?

I woke up with the memory of at least 5 dreams in my mind and I started typing them, but then I realized that I was not really awake, it was a false awakening; and then I really woke up, but then I felt too relaxed/sleepy/insleepacated/indreamacated and I had a false awakening semi-dream where I was thinking of my dreams and typing them again.

During both false awakenings I remembered even more of my 5 or more dreams, I even had a few more dreams, but then I realized that I was not really typing my dreams and that I was actually in bed still. 😀