The United States + Russia + Rooney Mara + Batman = ?

I remember part of a dream (but not the beginning) from last night that had several parts that connected & it had one or more parts of the dream that restarted, so my memory of the dream is unclear in some areas.

I remember being with a group of men during the night who were breaking into a house/mansion in the United States (USA) that was like the mansion of the mafia boss from the film Staten Island combined with my grandfather’s house, I might have been an undercover intelligence agent (CIA maybe) there to learn more about this group of men & about who they were working for but I am not sure (I do know that I had no interest in breaking into a house or committing crimes), and no one else seemed to be in the house at the time; but I am not sure why the men were breaking into this house exactly, I just remember us searching the house & at some point we left and/or made a call & left to Russia I think or they left to Russia.

The next part of the dream started with the actress Rooney Mara playing my role I guess or she had been with us earlier or she was replacing me for this mission, undercover intelligence agent (CIA probably), and she was in Russia at an apartment complex-like building to join the meeting between the men who broke into the house earlier & whoever had sent them maybe (or so we hoped); and Mrs. Mara was in a hallway at some point maybe trying to spy on the meeting and/or giving updates to headquarters, but somehow her cover got blown.

The inside & outside of the building were put on alert to catch/stop/kill her, she told headquarters about the situation, and she ran & hid trying to escape outside so that she could escape back to the USA (which was connected to Russia oddly); and she managed to escape from the men inside the building, but outside there were Russian police and/or Russian military soldiers looking for her.

The situation was worse/more serious/more complex than we had expected, we had expected that only a Russian gang/mafia or gangs/mafias were involved but it seemed that some Russian soldiers & police were also involved with what we were investigating/spying on, and so Mrs. Mara was in danger; but fortunately regular people were walking around outside, which allowed her to sneak among them by wearing a hood to cover her head while moving closer to the border fence with the USA.

Outside the building there was a Russian police/military box/small building & a few police/soldiers looking around for her, once past this area there was a field protected by an automated helicopter drone next to a short double-fenced area made from barbed wire that separated the USA & Russia, and at some point some of the police/soldiers saw her (I might have become her at this point or experienced things from her point of view but I am not sure); and she ran toward the field toward the border fence quickly, the automated helicopter drone was programmed to normally only shoot at people who illegally crossed the fence into the field but it could not shoot at the fence or in the fence area, and so she quickly jumped the fence as the helicopter drone shot at her so that the shot hit the field where she last stood.

Once over the first border fence she was in a small wooded area & she crossed it, and she jumped the second border fence into the USA; and so she was now safe from the Russian side, and she crossed a road to a neighborhood with an apartment complex & some houses but a gang war was taking place & she got caught up in it. (I was probably her/myself at this point)

I remember a lot of men wearing certain colors (orange and/or red) with guns shooting at each other, and people like me who happened to be in the area; and the situation was so bad that when I saw that I could not escape, I accidentally caused the dream to repeat to the part of the dream near the helicopter drone, and I remember some people watching from the drone saw me & they gave the drone permission to shoot at me.

I jumped the border fence as it shot at me, but it could not shoot at me in the border fence area & so I was safe, and then I crossed the small wooded area & I jumped the second border fence back to the USA; and then I walked to the right side of the road around the neighborhood to avoid the gang war in case it happened again, but this time this part of the dream went differently.

I saw/heard no gang war in the neighborhood this time, until I was walking under a small bridge/tunnel, and then there was a small gang battle going on between some automobiles carrying cargo of some kind; and I got caught in the middle of it again in the dark tunnel area, but oddly Batman came & brought an end to it mostly and/or caused them to drive away.

I thanked Batman for the help, though I helped too, and we briefly talked; and he was investigating the situation to, which seemed to relate to the situation that I was investigating as well, and so I joined him as he was going undercover to a party where possibly the person behind/running all of this was going to attend.

This person was connected to the men from earlier who broke into the house, the men in Russia who attacked Mrs. Mara, the gang war in the USA where I was attacked & where Batman was attacked/helped, and this party was also going to be a meeting between certain people possibly; and it was a costume party I think, because Batman wore a sheet over himself like a ghost.

We went to the party & got in somehow, a lot of college people were partying & so we sat around for a long time waiting/looking for information, and at some point the people (some gang members/mafia/police/soldiers/et cetera) we were looking for came finally; and their suspected leader was there too.

The leader was possibly a Russian soldier (officer) who was over-confident & reminded me of Mark Antony from the TV series Rome a bit, he got the party to quiet down to make a speech, and at some point Batman interrupted him & took off his sheet; and Batman gave the leader a warning to stop this crimes/attacks & leave back to Russia/wherever, surprisingly the leader did not have his men kill/attack us, he was impressed with Batman’s bravery but laughed at his warning.

Batman saw that it was clear that his warning/offer was declined and so we left, I might have called headquarters later to update them on the situation, and later in the dream I was on a mission targeting/spying on the leader.

He was in what looked like my grandfather’s yard and/or the house/mansion from earlier in the dream, dressed in his military uniform giving some orders to people under him, and I was spying on him and/or there to stop him; and I think Batman arrived or joined me before or after I confronted the leader when he was alone or mostly alone.

He was a bit surprised that we had the courage to face him, I/we offered him a peaceful end to the situation, but he refused again; but I woke up during our stand-off.

The end,

-John Jr


A Rome Inspired Dream With A Woman Getting Rich And A Soccer (Football) Game

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot almost all of my dreams except for the end of one dream that seemed to slightly be inspired by the TV show Rome, but with a modern-day twist(?).

There was a very short woman with tanned and/or dirty & oily whitish colored skin with black or dark brown colored curly hair who was obese wearing a Roman-style outfit with maybe an laurel wreath in her hair walking around ancient Rome I guess browsing / window shopping around the market I think, she did not have much money (lower-class / low income), and so some of the sellers treated her badly / ignored her.

Two of these sellers, a probably non-Human rat-like or beaver-like or whatever couple (they had brown colored fur I think), treated her the worst; and the woman wanted to buy something from them, but she did not have enough money & so she could only browse/look.

Something happened in the city involving Mark Antony from the TV show Rome, maybe he was back in the city from a battle & was injured and/or he was going to be playing soccer (football) in the city or something like that, and so crowds of people were talking/cheering/whatever about something/that.

The woman returned to her small home where I think her husband was, and something happened where he won or earned or found or was given a lot of money and/or the wife got the money somehow; either way the woman smiled/celebrated, and went straight to the two non-Human sellers to buy the stuff that she wanted earlier.

The two sellers ignored her at first until the woman showed them her money and threatened to go buy from another seller, this got their attention & they quickly changed their attitude toward her, and the woman smiled as she named to them all the stuff that she wanted to buy; and she bought a lot of stuff.

The dream jumped to a field near the city I guess where a soccer game was taking place, I was on one of the soccer teams, and our main player was a popular & over-confident person who might have been Mark Antony or he reminded me of him; and the crowds had come to see him play, he was the main attraction, not our team.

Something happened where he got injured and/or drunk (he was so good/over-confident that sometimes he would celebrate with the crowd ignoring the game), the rest of our team was terrible/sorry, and so I had to enter the game on defense to hold off the other team from scoring by myself pretty much; and help my team in scoring by making good passes & stealing the ball from the other team.

I think that my team was losing after our main player got hurt and/or drunk, but I helped stop the other team from scoring & slowly my team started to catch up; and at some point I made a big play that either tied the game or put us in the lead.

Someone else on the team got injured I think leaving us with one less player than the other team, supposedly this allowed me to temporarily play offense if I stole the ball from the other team (I could attempt to run down the field & score), and so I did this once; and I managed to out-dribble the other team, and I scored.

It was a fun and dramatic moment, and my team & the crowd cheered; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Rome Inspired Dream Fragments With Street Gang Situations

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams from last night, but I somewhat remember part of two dreams or one dream.

The dream or dreams were inspired by the TV show Rome, and I think that the first dream or first part involved me being a soldier or former soldier or being mistaken for a soldier or former soldier probably for the Roman Empire.

I think that someone or several people and/or the poor areas of Rome controlled by gangs (probably led by former Roman soldiers) needed protection and they asked me to be their bodyguard; and they probably needed protection from the gangs led by former Roman soldiers, who had become very violent & cruel (robbing, rapping, killing, and torturing people).

I probably tried to talk to the gangs to bring a peaceful compromise but that probably failed, and I probably had to help fight against the gangs to protect people/while protecting people; because the gangs probably attacked us, and so a war began that we eventually won.

After winning the war against the gangs in another dream or another part of the dream, the people and/or Gaius Octavian Caesar probably wanted me to lead the gangs, which I did not want to do; but I accepted anyway since it would help stabilize things, and I could help the people & reform the gangs into helpful/positive organizations instead of negative organizations.

I probably unified the gangs into an alliance and/or joined them into one led by me and/or people I trusted, and I started reforming the gang(s) instantly by having them help people, teach people, protect people, build, clean, grow crops/raise food sources, gather water, et cetera.

I made rape, murder, torture, robbery, et cetera illegal among the gang(s); and things started to improve dramatically, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Dark Underground Store?

File:Stringed instruments - Musical Instrument Museum, Brussels - IMG 3994.JPG
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had a lot of short dreams last night, several related to the TV show Rome but I forgot those dreams, but I do remember part of one or several dreams.

There was a dark store that seemed to be underground in the back corner of an underground area, the store worker and/or owner was a man who went to school with me but he was older than me & was in a higher grade than me, I recently saw him at the A Clinic & he mentioned that he worked with the C on the TT; anyway this dark store & this man was/were in several parts of the dream and/or several dreams.

This dream or dreams was/were a bit realistic with fictional dream areas, some of which were possibly familiar and/or I spent enough time in the dream or dreams to get comfortable with them, and I walked around several dream areas & spent some time in each one several times.

On the outside it was a very nice sunny day like a Saturday with surreal/dream-like sunlight that was brighter/more colorful/more realistic/whatever than in real life (it was beautiful), and there might have been a pool and/or water area with several food & drink & hangout areas near the pool/water area with nice flowers & plants decorating the area (this area was very nice & comfortable & familiar & I spent a lot of time there relaxing & maybe I even swam/swimmed(?) but I am not sure, and there were lots of other people enjoying themselves as well); and next to or connected to the underground area might have been a school/college-like area/building.

I remember something about me possibly thinking about taking lessons with and/or joining the band, but I am not sure which musical instrument or instruments I was thinking about learning (probably guitar and/or piano, which was not taught by the band when I was in school unfortunately); and in this dream I do not think that the band taught those two musical instruments either, and my former classmate C was in the band (like she was in real life).

I went to the dark underground store to look around at least twice in the dream, the store was small but had a variety of items that I can not remember now, and I briefly talked with the man who worked in the store each time that I went to the store in the dream.

At some point I went to the pool/water area and I talked with a student who possibly knew some information about the band and/or where the band hall was, she had pale whitish colored skin with short black colored hair in a bowl-type style, and she might have looked like she had Down Syndrome; and I remember being very nice to her, and she probably told me how to get to the band hall.

I probably went to the band hall and met with some of the band members, and I probably decided not to join the band and/or take lessons since they did not teach for any of the musical instruments that I was interested in.

At some point I went to the dark store again, the worker & I talked again at some point, and he told me that the store would be closing soon; and so I quickly looked around the store to find something to buy, but that is all that I can remember.

I know that I had many other dreams and that this dream or dreams had much more to them/it, but I can not remember the others or other parts.

The end,

-John Jr


Doing Stupid Things

Source: IMDb

I had several short dreams last night but I forgot some of them, but I do remember part of three dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream that I can remember part of involved me and maybe my cousin DE or someone else or no-one else, driving to do a stupid experiment/prank/whatever in a fictional city during the day, where I/we would take some yellow water guns somewhere & shoot water at and/or on people; but I have no idea why I/we were going to do something so stupid and annoying like this.

I/We went to a school/office-like building with adults & kids, and I remember using my yellow water gun at and/or on people; and some people probably thought that I had a real gun, and I heard one or more of the office women saying that they were calling the police and/or had called the police; but I stayed around a while even after hearing this oddly.

Eventually I/we decided to leave before the police come, surprisingly they had not come already, but that is all that I remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I had a dream after this but I can not remember it but I do remember part of the dream after it, where I was in a fictional city again during a cloudy day, and I drove/went to a field next to a building with some people outside; and two women were inspecting things on the outside of the building & I went to see what they were doing, and see if I could help.

At some point they were looking at an old dying about to fall tree that needed to be cut down for safety reasons before it fell on the building or something like that, I decided to find an axe while they were talking, and I chopped the tree twice with my axe to make a starting point for chopping down the tree later; but to my surprise the tree started to fall, fortunately it did not hit the women or me or the building, but it could have.

I felt stupid, someone could have died, and the two women were not very happy about the situation; and so I apologized, and I offered to cut up the fallen tree & move it to an area where the city could come chop up the pieces of the tree & take them away or something like that; and so I started doing that as people talked outside, and as the women moved inside to inspect the building but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I had another dream or several dream but I only barely remember part of one dream that was inspired by the TV show Rome, where several upper-class/rich/royal/maybe vampire and/or non-Human and/or Human families had feuds/conflicts/wars with each other, and these conflicts seemed to have some basic rules/patterns to them.

In the dream they were having small-scale conflicts where they would send usually one person to the other families territory to quickly steal something and/or break something and/or attack someone and/or kill someone and/or distract the family while another mission is carried out while they are distracted; and the people/beings they would send could use illusions/magic/powers/enchanted items/whatever.

A common pattern was the person/being sent would run to the territory, put an enchanted piece of paper on the road/somewhere with a nail that would create a repeating illusion/trap that would trick/trap the rival family members who came too close or who looked at it into a repeating scenario where they think that they are trying to catch the intruder but they are really in a repeating illusion like a dream, and this happened to me a few times where I got trapped/tricked by a few of these illusion/traps; these illusions/traps were probably inspired by Father Alexander Anderson from the Hellsing Japanese animated (anime) TV series/ OVAs.

After getting trapped in several of these illusions/traps, I learned how to resist them/see through them at some point, but this was not easy; and this is probably part of the reason that I forgot a lot of my dreams, because being trapped in these illusions/traps were very confusing/draining/long, and they repeated over & over & over until you got out of them or until they ended.

There were two other common tactics that the people/beings used, but I forgot what those tactics were; I just know that I started learning ways to better defend against them, and stop them; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr