2-22-2012 | Dream Fragment | Driving Around A Fictional City

Left side driving
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Last night I almost remember nothing of my last dream, which took place during the day in a fictional city that somewhat reminds me of L, and this city is sometimes in my dreams; and it is a city that is a bit more familiar than most fictional cities in my dreams, and sometimes I have memories of having lived in this city.

I remember driving around this city in several familiar areas, and I remember thinking about a woman who I had met earlier in the dream; and I remember having met this woman and a man, and I was probably going to meet them again later in the dream.

I can not remember anything about them except that they both had whitish colored skin, and I think that the woman had reddish and/or orangeish colored hair.


Flynn + Ron Paul + Sore Throat + Bladder Pain = ?

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Last night I barely remember a few dream fragments which were all a bit strange, probably because I had a sore throat & the air in the room was making it worse & my bladder was hurting because I needed to use the bathroom.

Dream 1

I remember driving down a fictional version of a road in D that is next to some woods, and there is a path in the woods that leads to a lake; but I am not sure what else happened, other than me exploring this area.

Dream 2

The next dream fragment took place at an apartment-like building, and I think that I parked in the parking lot & then I walked inside toward my apartment on one of the upper floors; but somehow I saw Flynn & her mom but they did not see me.

I think that Flynn’s dad had died, but I could be wrong, and they were in the process of moving things out of their apartment so that they could move to a house, I think; where I think some of their family lived or some of their friends lived or it was an empty house, I am not sure which.

They were still in a bit of a mourning process I guess, so they were talking about old memories & other things as they moved stuff, I remember walking to the entrance of their open apartment door to see if they needed help; but I think that they were outside putting something in an automobile(s) (I think that one or two other people drove up to talk with them and/or help them in the parking lot), so no one was in their apartment, and I remember seeing an old arcade system in their apartment as I stood in the doorway & it had the name of the game written on it in English that I could read but I do not remember what it said.

I waited in the hallway for them to come back so that I could see if they needed help, I still had not gone to my apartment yet, I felt a bit sensitive about their situation & I wanted to offer my help without offending them or anything; but I think that I heard Flynn saying something as they were walking back to their apartment, that caused me to decide to avoid having them see me & so I walked off to hide.

I guess whatever she said made me feel that I would offend them or make things worse if I bothered them by offering my help, and so I decided trying to avoid being seen by them; I could not reach my apartment without them seeing me, and so I went through a door in the hallway that led to a gym with a basketball court & maybe a stage, that was a bit like the gym at the D Junior High School.

The door led to a stairway-like system that connected to the bleachers/seating area, several of my former classmates were sitting in the lower part of the bleachers talking, and so I started talking with them; but at some point a man in a wheelchair came into the gym near the area where I had come into the gym from, and I went to help him use an electric lift system that was connected to the bleachers & stairway.

The man in the wheelchair was the politician Ron Paul, he looked & seemed a bit older to me, and I remember him talking to me about politics & other things in his usual way as I helped him use the electric lift to reach the floor; but his wheelchair flipped over once we reach the floor, and I thought that Mr. Paul was seriously injured & so I felt bad for not being able to stop it from flipping, but he was okay as I helped him up & as I picked up his wheelchair, to my surprise.

Mr. Paul was able to stand on his feet, to my surprise, and he told me that one of his friends had recommended that he start walking more instead of using his wheelchair so much, so that his legs could get strong enough for him to not need his wheelchair; and he said that he had practiced walking with his cane or walker usually, and so that is why he was able to stand now, he said that his friend’s advice was working.

Mr. Paul then told me that he would walk the rest of the way to the parking lot by himself, he thanked me for the help & he said goodbye, and I moved his wheelchair under the seating area where it was less likely to be stolen or messed with, as Mr. Paul slowly walked off.

I remember thinking about some of the things Mr. Paul had told me, I thought about some things from the dream before this, I thought about Flynn’s situation, I thought about what some of my former classmates told me, and probably more as I took a moment to think.

Dream 3

The next dream fragment that I remember showed former classmates of mine leaving a building where the Dollar General store in D should be, but it seemed like a school where classes for the day had just ended & so everyone was leaving the building, and I noticed how many of my former classmates had crutches, especially the ones who used to be athletes; for some reason many of my former classmates had injuries that required them to use crutches.

I found it odd that so many people at the same time needed crutches and I found it odd that so many of them were former athletes, and I wondered what had happened; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


7-30-2011 | Dream Fragment | Moving Into An Apartment With My Direct Family

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Last night I barely remember any of my last dream, which took place at an apartment that my direct family and I were moving into.

I remember there being a wooden walk-way that led to our apartment and on the other side of the wooden walk-way was our neighbors’ apartments, and at the end of the walk-way was a shared yard-like area for the apartments; but there were only about four apartment rooms, and so things were nice & quiet.

I remember there being a lot of windows on the side of the apartment on/by the wooden walk-way, and I remember using the bathroom several times; and I realized that maybe someone walking on the wooden walk-way and/or a neighbor could probably see into our bathroom somewhat because of all the windows.