National Guard And Police Gone Rogue

This dream took place during the day in a fictional city, and I lived at a nice fictional one-story brick / wood college apartment house with several other people including: my former male classmate SS, some of SS’s family (like maybe his brother MS), and maybe several other people.

I assume that we were in college again, in this dream I still had a job, maybe I still worked at the library; but I am not sure, but I do know that I wore dress or semi-dress clothes to work.


Brushing Teeth | Jason Bateman

Dream 1

At the end of this dream I was on an upper floor of a building with some other people including a man with light-color skin and a woman, and at some point the man and I were brushing our teeth.

The man predicted that the woman would brush her teeth at 10, and then his prediction ended up being true because the woman started brushing her teeth at 10.


Zip Tying A Computer | Saving A Squirrel From A Brazilian Movie

I had more dreams that I remembered but I did not record them so they are forgotten now, and so now I only have a few short text notes of at least two of my dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was trying to fix a computer for my former coworker Mrs. PH.


Homes + Olga Kay + Alisa Jones + Jessica Jones + Mildred Hayes = ?

I am not sure if this is part of another dream or this dream but it involved the man with dark-color skin with short black hair who lives at The Staring Lady’s House on the street behind ours who often walks around in a very erratic and quick way while looking around a lot like he is mentally unstable and / or on drugs and / or something like that.

This week he has been walking back and forth on our street sometimes acting strange in real life, and in the dream he was doing the same thing so I was keeping an eye on him but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or this dream.

The rest of the dream or the next dream involved what was possibly two separate houses, the first one was possibly a fictional version of The E House or a house partly inspired by it, and the entrance of the house had a sunroom I guess you could say.

Some of it was made of brick like the bricks at The E House and I recognized this in the dream, and later I realized that along parts of the bottom of the sunroom were vents so air could come in and out of the sunroom and so could more sound if you were too loud.

This sunroom was a nice area with a nice view, we probably partied here first, and I remember being able to feel the outdoor air coming from the vents and it was cool air that felt good.

My brother GC and some other people including maybe Olga Kay possibly went to this house with me during the evening or night, and I guess we had a party or something.

This house possibly had a second floor with an entrance to the second floor that reminded me of the entrance to the second floor at The E House and it even had a door as well, and there was another fictional door on the wall of the first floor that was two short doors at the top of the wall that could open to the outside and even in the dream I found this a bit strange and I was not sure what that was for.

I recognized these doors as possible parts of The E House and some fictional and possibly partly real memories of The E House came back to me, I can not remember most of what happened at the house other than people having fun and maybe someone knew one or more languages so I remember trying to talk with them in one or more languages (probably French and maybe Esperanto and maybe even several other languages) and hoping to learn and practice with them, and maybe some of us spent the night at the house and / or at the second house.

The next thing that I remember is my brother GC and I being at the second house the next morning which was either next door or several houses down, and Olga lived there with several roommates (most or all of them being women, but only one of the roommates were there at the time).

The main room was a living room / dining room / kitchen / bedroom with at least: two round wooden tables where Olga and one of her female roommates with light-color skin with long curly yellow hair were eating breakfast, at least 7 kitchen stoves, at least two beds, other kitchen appliances, and living room appliances and furniture.

I was confused about why there were so many kitchen stoves with most or all of them not even being hooked up, this made no sense because the house already had a separate kitchen and dining room and bedrooms, and so I wondered why the main room also had a combination of these rooms in one.

I pointed this out to Olga annoyingly and her and her roommate just looked at me like I was being annoying, which I was, and I realized that I was being rude because this was not my house so I shut up and I went to confirm if I was correct by looking at parts of the house again and I was correct about there being separate rooms already. 😀

I went outside where there was a small field to the left and a basketball court in front of it, and I remember seeing my brother CC in the neighborhood trying to buy something maybe but I can not remember if I talked to him or not.

Later my brothers TDC and KDC were walking by and I briefly talked with them, and after that I remember practicing some kind of technique to help me with my anxiety that possibly involved closing my eyes, controlling my breathing, relaxing, focusing, et cetera.

Then Jessica Jones and Alisa Jones from the television show Jessica Jones (Season 2) walked over, Alisa was still struggling with her rage and anger issues that she can not control and so Jessica was still trying to figure out how to help her while trying to make sure that Alisa does not kill or hurt someone, and so I decided to see if my new technique for anxiety could work for her rage / anger issues.

I taught the technique to Alisa and she was able to sense strong emotions of people in a large radius, she sensed a certain strong emotion of a man, and I told her to focus and locate the man and she did.

She decided to go after him, I guess his strong emotion triggered her, and somehow using my technique also allowed her to either teleport to the man or to travel to him faster.

Jessica wanted to go after her to stop her so I quickly taught her the technique, she was able to sense where her mother Alisa was based on her strong emotions, and then Jessica was able to also teleport or travel fast to reach her.

After that several people showed up including the character Mildred Hayes (played by the actress Frances McDormand) from the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (which I have not seen), and Mildred was either my sister or some kind of other type of family member of mine.

Mildred was very mean and foul-mouthed, I am not sure what happened but somehow I was on the ground (maybe because of her, but I have no idea), and Mildred was yelling and cursing and belittling me (like an older sister being mean to her younger brother / trying to toughen him up).

I remember telling her that she was right (maybe she called me weak, a coward, a pushover, too nice, less of a man, et cetera) and I told her about how I have struggled with anxiety for years, she stopped insulting me like she did not know this already, and I told her that she was mentally and socially and maybe emotionally stronger than me and that I wanted her to help me to become stronger as well in those areas and to help me overcome my anxiety.

Mildred smiled and told me that she would help me but that it would not be easy, that she would be hard on me, et cetera like she was drill instructor or something and she said some things that reminded me of some things said by Gunnery Sergeant Hartman during this scene from the movie Full Metal Jacket:

Mildred told me that I could not afford to be handicapped by anxiety because of me being lower class, male, because of the ethnic groups that I am part of, because of my family and that she refused to have a brother this weak , et cetera so I was going to have to man-up or that people would use this weakness against me and that some people can sense this weakness and will use you and dominate you et cetera.

She probably told me to get up because I was embarrassing myself and her so I did, I was smiling a bit, and I could see that she was happy and proud of me and looking forward to drilling me like a drill instructor to toughen me up even though she was trying to act tough to hide her happiness.

I looked forward to having someone willing to help me with this who I knew was strong in these areas, especially someone who was probably my sister, and I did not want to let her or myself down.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Strange Crazy Storm Disaster | Talking With Rose Leslie

I would have remembered more dreams and more details of the dreams that I did remember part of, but I accidentally went back to sleep without voice recording them so now I can only remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember walking through maybe a trail and into a field that had several buildings with at least two separate fenced in areas, and I possibly lived in one of the buildings that was possibly an apartment building but I am not sure.

I walked through this area and there was a trail to the left and a trail to the right of one of the properties, and both trails led down a hill that led to maybe a parking lot area that looked a lot like the parking lot of the shopping center near W Park in the city of D.

I walked down the trail on the left side until I reached the parking lot area where there were many people gathered like an event was taking place, and I remember the weather getting gray and cloudy and strange.

Unfortunately I can not remember the details but things got very strange and crazy and dramatic very fast, and the weather completely freaked out between different extremes.

There was possibly ice storms, fire storms, wind storms, rain storms, maybe earthquakes, and more that started randomly happening at the same time.

It was complete chaos and it was scary and people panicked, I remember seeing a man with light-color skin wearing an old style brown military-like uniform (maybe he had a military-style hat as well, but I can not remember) who possibly spoke English with a German or some kind of other European accent but I am not sure and he seemed to be a Nazi or Neo-Nazi and he started yelling something like he thought that someone had tried to shoot him and his assumed Nazi group or he was using the chaos as an excuse to pretend like him and his group was under attack, and him and some other assumed Nazis started shooting guns at and charging toward the crowds of people.

So besides the crazy and extreme and strange weather and chaos you now had people shooting and fighting and running and screaming and taking cover et cetera, and so I ran back up the trail that was now on the right side trying to dodge the chaos and weather and debris and possible earthquakes or something that was possibly causing some of the land to move (some land possibly crashed up in the air a bit killing and throwing people in the air).

It was like an end times-like or major disaster-like scenario, and so I was running and dodging for my life trying to reach one of the buildings in the field on top of the hill.

I saw other people probably dying and getting injured by various things as they tried to run too, but I made it to the top of the hill and into the field and into maybe the building where I lived.

My mom was possibly in the building but I can not remember, I assume that the weather calmed down eventually but I am not sure, the next part is possibly another dream but I am not sure so I will type it as part of this dream.

All that I can remember is that it was still daytime and the weather was clear, and I remember driving my automobile to my parent’s house.

As I drove up my parent’s street two fictional girls ran in front of my automobile so I had to stop, and then they ran along the side of the road following me as I drove into my parent’s yard through the double gates across from the dogs.

My mom was in the yard by a small plastic children’s swimming pool that was closer to the fence facing the field, and the two girls were in the yard with us now.

I parked and I think that the two girls ran over to me to ask me some questions, and they had a baby (maybe a boy, but I am not sure) with them.

I remember them putting the baby down so that they could play and so the baby could play on its own, but I am not sure if they put him in or near the swimming pool or somewhere else; either way the baby ended up in the swimming pool.

My mom was by the swimming pool so I assumed that she would keep an eye on the baby, and so I turned away for a moment as the girls were playing in the yard but I was looking in a different direction than where they were.

At some point I turned back around to check on the baby but I did not see it, and so I asked my mom where the baby was.

She did not know and so I told her to check the swimming pool because that is where it was, I think that my mom had a stick or something that she was stirring the water with, and strangely the swimming pool had what I assume was raw meat in the water like ribs et cetera like my mom was possibly rinsing raw meat in the swimming pool oddly.

My mom stirred the stick in the water looking around for the baby trying to move the meat out-of-the-way but she did not see him, I started to panic a bit, and I reached my hands in the swimming pool trying to find the baby and move meat out of the way.

I found the baby under the water under maybe a large rib of meat, the baby was not moving, and so now I was really in a panic as I used my dad’s hit you in the back technique to get most of the water to shoot out of the baby’s mouth and either that worked or I had to start CPR and then the baby started to breathe and move again.

I was still panicked and confused by how my mom let this happen when she was right there stirring the water in the swimming pool when the baby was in it, and I was a bit angry but glad that the baby was alive.

I probably called emergency services and I asked the two girls where were their parent’s and I asked my mom how did this happen, I could not believe that this was happening, and I hoped that it was a dream so I probably tried to see if I could wake myself up to see if I was dreaming or not and this caused me to really wake up in the real world.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a building or house that looked like a slightly fictional larger version of my parent’s house, and I was in a long narrow rectangular bedroom that I shared with at least three women and maybe one of them reminded me of or was my coworker Mrs. DT so we were roommates.

I can not remember the details but I remember a young man with light-color skin with short dark-color hair entered the bedroom, he was possibly a family member of one of my roommates, and he was possibly a college student.

He possibly brought a friend with him, and eventually more and more young people (possibly college students) started to arrive like the young man had invited them to party without our permission.

I remember talking with my roommates while we let the young people have some fun, but eventually there were too many people making too much noise so eventually I had to tell everyone to leave.

I left the bedroom to make sure that everyone was gone, but I noticed someone in the bedroom next to ours that looked almost the same as the room of my brothers TDC and KDC except the furniture was arranged differently and maybe it was slightly bigger.

To my surprise it was the actress Rose Leslie in this bedroom, and she was cleaning up like maybe some of the young people had partied in this bedroom as well.

I remember thinking to myself that I wish that I had known that she was here because I would have talked to her and I wanted to ask her some questions, I also wondered if she was staying in this bedroom or not, and then I greeted Rose by telling her that I did not know that she was here and that I wish that I would have known that she was here earlier.

I asked her if she needed some help cleaning but she did not because she was basically finished cleaning now, and I told her that I would have asked her some questions about some of her acting roles and about Game Of Thrones and about acting et cetera.

Rose told me that I could ask my questions, I can not remember most of our conversation, but I do remember us talking about how she had an upcoming role in maybe a medieval movie or television show or something but I can not remember.

Rose told me that she was training and exercising for the role at least once a week with a trainer, and I remember her saying that she does not usually exercise much or at all when she is not preparing for a role because the training and exercising for roles leaves her feeling worn out from exercise.

I replied that I could understand, at this point Rose was laying on a bed on the right side of the room as she talked to me, and I told her about how I started exercising everyday recently for almost two months now.

We talked a bit more but I saw that Rose needed some sleep so I told her that I would let her get some sleep, and I hoped that we could talk again one day.

I said goodbye and I walked out of the room still not sure if she was staying in this house or building as well, I hoped that she did because I wanted to talk to her some more, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr