Defending My Brother GC | Vampire Academy?

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is driving with my brother GC during the day as two police officers or soldiers with whitish colored skin were chasing us trying to attack us, and at some point they jumped into our automobile to attack us as my brother GC was still driving it.

I defended against both of the men by putting one of them in a chokehold with my arms while I held the other one with my legs, somehow I lost consciousness as I still had both of them in submission holds, and I woke up in a hospital where I was told that one of the men was in a coma and was possibly going to die because I held the chokehold too long (when I lost consciousness I guess that I still had the chokehold locked in).

I got arrested and put in jail, if he died I would probably be charged with attempted murder, but the man’s wife and son (who had whitish colored skin) came to visit me in jail to my surprise; and they did not blame me for what happened to my surprise, and then we got news that the man/her husband woke from his coma.

I remember Ezekiel (Zeke) Stone from the television show Brimstone being there at some point, like maybe he was the man who had been in the coma, and the man told the police that it was their fault not mine because I was just defending myself and I had lost consciousness when I still had him in the chokehold so he was the one who needed to apologize to me; and so the charges against me were dropped, and they let me out of jail.

I thanked the man and his family, I apologized to them, and Zeke Stone thanked me and apologized to me again; and he said that this was his second chance at life, and he wanted to do things better this time but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that a woman who reminded me of Rosemarie (Rose) Hathaway from the film Vampire Academy woke up in a building as a vampire, someone had bit her and turned her into a vampire it seemed, and some other vampires arrived as she woke up to explain the situation to her.

It seemed that a female student/friend from the academy that she went to had turned her, the vampires who were talking to her seemed to be upper class, and one of the female vampires was rude to her because she was not originally from the upper class before being turned into a vampire; and so some of them looked down on her as not being one of them, but one of the male vampires reminded them that she was one of them now.

They walked into a gym-like room in a store that was being worked on, I was in this room because I just got a job at this store and a tough female worker with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair was showing me around and training me, and she was the hard-working type who had many skills that focused on physical labor and building.

She was showing me around and training me while also working and giving orders to other workers, she was pretty strict and serious but still likable in a way, and I over-heard the vampires talking while the woman was distracted with some work and giving orders in the room that was being built/remodeled.

I heard the new vampire saying that she need to buy some blood and some other things, I also heard something about ghouls, and one of the female vampires was still being a bit mean to her; but they agreed to get her some blood, but then the dream jumped in place and time during the night outside a fictional one-story house near where McDonald’s in the city of D should be.

Two men were on the ground with one of the men holding the other man who looked dead, the man holding him was a vampire, and he had been hungry and accidentally started feeding on his friend and possibly killed him (which maybe was going to turn him into a vampire); and so the vampire was crying, and talking out-loud to himself in a panic as he held his dead or dying friend.

I heard a male voice from inside the house yelling at him to stop all that crying, it sounded like someone had possibly dubbed over this adding this for comedic purposes, but the vampire kept crying and talking out-loud to himself; and then I heard the male voice yell: “Shut your B###H A#s up with all that crying!” but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Vampire Academy Inspired Dreams & The Young Shepherdess

Dream 1

I started watching the film Vampire Academy before going to sleep but it got too late so I only saw half of the film and I plan on finishing the film today, I went to bed too late and I slept very well, and I barely remember part of several dreams that were all inspired by Vampire Academy.

My voice recording for this dream was very short and too unclear for me to completely understand because I had my MP3 player microphone too close to my mouth I guess, and so all that I could understand of my recording was that it involved the Moroi / vampire princess Lissa Dragomire (Vasilisa Sabina Rhea “Lissa” Dragomir) and her Dhampir bodyguard Rose Hathaway (Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway).