A Video Game High School (VGHS) Inspired Dream

I woke up during the night to use the bathroom and I thought that I voice recorded my first dream, but when I checked my MP3 player this morning I did not have any new voice recordings on it; and so it either failed to save my voice recording or I had a false awakening dream of me voice recording the first dream.

Either way, I can not remember that dream now unfortunately, and so it is lost unless I remember it later today.

The dream or dreams that I had after that dream were/was long so I only remember part of the end of the last dream, which seemed to be inspired by the internet/web series Video Game High School (VGHS), which I watched yesterday on the YouTube channel RocketJump; the dream seemed to be partly inspired by Kimberly (Ki) Swan’s election from Season 3 Episode 2.

There was a young man with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair who started a small political party with some other young adults during a political election, him and his newly formed political party were in the election, and their political party possibly was similar to the Green Party.

His party seemed to be made up of activists who would probably be considered politically left/far left, one part of their political platform was non-violence, but that is all that I can remember about their platform/beliefs; and the leader wanted another person to join him as his running mate, I can not remember if this person was a woman or man, and so I will call this person the running mate.

The running mate was not interested in becoming a politician, the running mate did agree with his political party and their beliefs, but the running mate did not think that they would be a good fit for the lifestyle of being a politician with all the social aspects/annoyances; but the leader managed to convince the running mate to join him eventually.

There were some strange things that happened during the dream, I probably was not in the dream during this part of the dream but I can not remember but I know that my family and I were in the dream before this part in the dream, and one of the strange things involved the running mate.

The running mate could transform into a potato (a white potato like a Russet Potato), so the running mate had two forms, and in potato form the running mate could not move or talk et cetera; and the running mate would have to transform into the potato form sometimes so that the others could remove sprouts that would grow on the running mate.

I think that the leader had a second form as well but I could be wrong, maybe something that was a whitish color like an egg, but I can not remember; and there was some concern about whether them being able to transform into a second form would negatively effect/affect their chances of winning the election.

Either way they had almost no chance of winning the election from what I remember of the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Meeting Presidential Candidate Jill Stein And My Mom Is Running For Political Office?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, which started in a fictional building I think, and I was walking around exploring the building.

I forgot the beginning of the dream and so I do not remember why I was at the building, who I met earlier in the dream, or what I did earlier in the dream; so I only remember walking around at this point, but I do remember that I went outside at least once to a field that reminded me of the playground at the KR Elementary school but I can not remember what happened.

I think that the building was like an office complex that was somewhat mall-like, and a few different small events/gatherings were happening in different parts of the building as I walked around; and at some point near a stairway or escalator & near a larger event where a lot of chairs were with people sitting in them, I saw an area not far from there with a few people sitting down in chairs and maybe two people behind a table or standing up.

As I walked over there I noticed the Green Party’s Presidential Candidate Jill Stein and probably her running mate, only about five people were with them at their gathering, and so it was not popular at all; and I stopped to see what they were doing, and they were campaigning/there to listen to voters/there to talk about ideas/et cetera.

I was surprised to see them but I was glad to see some non-corporate candidates finally, and so I went to listen to what they were saying; and I talked with them a bit.

I can not remember the details of what happened, I just remember saying goodbye to them at some point, and I left wondering if there was anything that could be done to help give presidential candidates like her more public awareness; and I felt that they should start with local politics first, instead of running for president, so start at the city level then move to the parish level then move to the state level and then move to the national level.

I felt that they should test/try their ideas at the local level first to see how well they work and to give them time to improve them/show them to the public before trying them on a larger scale, and I felt that them running for president in their current state was mostly pointless since they had almost no support to ever win under current conditions & that their time could be spent better working at the local level/state level.

At some point I drove to D to a fictional building near the shopping center where the DT store is, it was another office/city-like complex, and inside there were some city/school board/local political meetings going on.

I met my family and my mom announced that she was running for political office I think, to my surprise, but I am not sure what political office; and so we held a small campaign gathering in one of the rooms, but only a few people came, like at the Jill Stein campaign gathering.

My mom and dad said that the next day would be the last day of campaigning since voting or early voting would start tomorrow (which is today), I wondered how & why would my mom enter the race so late, and I wondered if she was running for president since tomorrow (today) is the start of early voting in real life; and I hoped that she was not running for president, because I would probably not vote for her since I was planning on voting for Jill Stein. 😀

Either way, neither of them would win but that did not matter that much to me, in real life 99% of the people who I vote for lose; and so I am used to it. 😀

Then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂