RV & Travel Dreams

Lazy unedited notes of my dreams:

Dream 1

Go out of town with parents, they rent a RV, I ride in it looking around closing windows and asking mom about it, we reach city to eat at shopping center, they are going on a trip / vacation.

Dream 2

A young man and his young brother traveling by RV, they stop outside an apartment or motel, and they see Wesley Snipes entering one.


NixiePixel & Apartments | Mr. JM’s Advice

Uploads from NixiePixel

I think that the Taco Bell that I ate last night made me sick, I had to take some medicine to hopefully make it through the night without having to run to the bathroom, I pretty much felt like I did not really sleep much at all throughout the night, the medicine helped but it stopped me from being able to use the bathroom until hours later after getting out of bed, but I did have a few dreams surprisingly with me even barely remembering part of two of those dreams.

Dream 1

This was a more detailed & somewhat weird dream that I can not remember most of now, I know that it took place inside a strange multi-purpose windowless building where NixiePixel / NixieDoesLinux had an apartment, and my apartment was also inside this building inside part of an old metal maybe two-story RV (recreational vehicle) / train car-like or bus-like thing that was inside part of the building near several other similar things.


Hotel Hot Tub(s)

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening or night, and I was with all of my family at a multi-story hotel; and my brothers were a little bit younger than they are now.

I remember walking back to our room or one of our rooms on an upper floor, in one of the rooms I noticed a ladder that led to the balcony, and my brother TDC climbed up the ladder and I followed him.


Superheroes | A Repeating Survival Dream? | Futuristic Vehicles? | A Virtual Reality Video Game Where You Can Die | A Wet Hard Drive In A RV

Dream 1

This was yet another dream that was probably inspired by the web television show The Boys (Season 1).

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it involved superheroes living and working at a building, and they would go on missions et cetera.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream now unfortunately.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that maybe it was a repeating survival dream where I possibly kept repeating trying to survive a life and death situation where one or more threats were attacking a multi-story building, but I am not sure.

If I am correct then this is the type of dream that will keep repeating (when I die or fail) until I survive or wake up from the repeating survival scenario; basically these types of dreams seem to be my mind trying to prepare me for various possible future scenarios.

At the end of the dream there were one or more threats attacking inside the building, it was chaos, and people were running and screaming for their lives.

This scenario was familiar to me like I had repeated it several times, and so I was more prepared than everyone else.

I remember being on an upper floor and I remember running, jumping, climbing, et cetera through familiar areas in stairways and other areas.

I probably helped other people during this by probably telling them to follow me and maybe sharing other advice of things that I possibly learned during various repeats of this dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I traveled to a fictional city during the day.

I needed to decide where to eat, I wanted to shop at some stores, and then I wanted to find a hotel to stay at later.

I remember stopping in an interesting parking lot in the middle of several businesses, and there were some futuristic vehicles in this parking lot among some normal looking ones like this was in the future; and maybe some of the vehicles could hover, but I can not remember.

The parking lot was interesting and unusual with various statues (probably of people and maybe some other things), and maybe some charging stations or something.

I probably shopped at some stores, and when I was outside someone said something to me; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream started inside a video game, I guess a virtual reality (VR) video game, and in this video game you would die in real life if you died in the game.

I was with several other people inside this video game, we were in a battle outside on maybe a hill of grass and dirt getting attacked by various creatures on both sides, and one of the people I was with had a video game avatar that looked like the character Kirito.

We were close to losing the battle when another player joined the game to help us, and he looked like the character Eugeo from the anime television show Sword Art Online: Alicization.

Eugeo started out doing good but we were too outnumbered, he got surrounded and separated from us, and his health bar was at %1 but he did not realize it.

Kirito notice this and he yelled for Eugeo to leave the game, Eugeo was about to get attacked before he could leave the game, but then another player joined the game to save him.

The other player was Eugeo’s wife, she entered the game with a very short somewhat Yoda-like old humanoid creature who had a cane that was also a weapon, and she blocked the attack that was about to hit him.

She casually walked onto the battle field, she did one special attack, and this one attack killed all the enemies.

Thanks to her we won the battle, her and Eugeo invited me to their house, and so we all left the game.

When we left the game I was inside their house, in the real dream world they both were old and very short and they had light-color skin with gray/white hair, and the husband looked and sounded and acted and moved almost like the character Quentin Fleming from the television show American Horror Story: Coven.

Someone rang the doorbell at their house, they asked me to get the door oddly, and so I did.

At the door was a short old suspicious looking and acting woman with light-color skin with long gray/white hair, there was something not right about her, and she seemed like someone who was passing through and noticed this house near the highway or something.

The old woman asked me to come with her, I did not trust her at all, and so I asked her why but she would not say; and she only smiled and repeated herself, and it seemed that she was trying to lead me into a trap/ambush and/or like she was trying to lead me away for sex or something oddly but I was not sure.

I continued asking her for details but she would not give them, and she just kept trying to get me to come with her without saying where or why.

The husband of the house walked over because he noticed that it was taking me longer than expected, I explained the situation to him, and so he asked the woman for details but she continued the same pattern.

I looked at the husband and I nodded my head no, which meant to not trust her or follow her or let her inside, but I was not sure if he knew that is what I meant.

He was the sassy type, and he quickly got frustrated with the old woman.

It seemed that the creepy old woman was probably only trying to get only me to follow her, there was no way that I was falling for this assumed trap, but I woke up.

Dream 5

This dream had various transitions without me noticing, unfortunately I only remember two of the transitions, and the first took place at a fictional version of The BP Library during early in the morning before we were open.

I had just arrived and was working in a fictional windowless version of the break room that was also an office it seemed, we had a fictional somewhat older short bald or balding male boss or supervisor with light-color skin, and I remember my female coworker JB being there.

Our fictional boss or supervisor had us doing various tasks, JB was at a desk to my left, and she looked tired and not fully awake yet as she probably drank some coffee.

I remember saying hello to my few coworkers who were there as I worked, at some point our fictional boss or supervisor asked me to do two different tasks, and JB offered to do one of the tasks while I go do the other so I thanked her.

I remember JB making a facial expression while looking at me, I asked her why she was making that face at me, and she smiled and she started laughing and then I did the same because I somewhat understood why she had made that facial expression; it was because something that I did or said after our fictional boss or supervisor had asked me to do those two tasks.

We said a few more things, JB seemed a bit more awake now after some coffee and laughs and conversation, but then I went to do one task while she did the other task for me.

The next thing that I remember is being outside in a courtyard between some brick buildings, I was familiar with one or more of the buildings like maybe they were in some earlier forgotten parts of the dream and/or a past dream, and maybe some of my family was there.

There was a family with light-color skin (a husband, wife, young daughter, young son, and a baby) with an RV, some of my family was possibly with them, and I went inside the RV.

They needed my help with something in the back of the RV, I went in the back, and I opened a box that had an internal hard drive connected to a cable.

They said that it was not working so I had a new one to install, but as I disconnected it I noticed that there was moisture/water in there.

Under the box was the muffler pipe or whatever, I did not want to install the new hard drive if there was moisture there, and so I started investigating and I was able to make more water shoot out when I did something that I can not remember.

I assumed that this water leak issue was the problem and would need to be fixed first, I was going to tell the family, but a male police officer with light-color skin knocked on the door asking me what I was doing so I explained the situation to him and he walked away once he believed me.

I then carried a large load of laundry inside and outside a plastic basket as I walked to the front of the RV to give it to the family and explain the water leak and hard drive situation, they were all there, but my hands were too full to open the door so the mother asked the girl to open the door for me.

Some laundry fell against the RV, but I was able to pinned it against the RV until they helped me get it all inside.

I then explained the situation to them as they held the baby, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Going Fishing With It’sAGundam

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in maybe The United States in maybe a fictional version of the state of Louisiana, and I drove to the countryside to go fishing with the YouTuber It’sAGundam and several other people.

Bethesda Knew Fallout 76 Was Trash! & Sold it anyway

When we arrived to the location where we were going to fish, I noticed that something was wrong with the water like the water level was lower from drought and maybe something else was weird about it, and then we started to notice dead fish; and we found more and more dead fish as we looked around the body of water.