A Video Game With A F-35

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, I played a fictional video game earlier in the dream that had a main male character who looked and dressed like Ryu from the Street Fighter video games, and the first part of the video game was a tutorial.

This part of the video game took place during the day, you had to sneak near a gated sewer area where there was a river of water that you could cross to a parking lot area near a building, and some enemy creatures and humanoids were in this building; and one of the things parked in the parking lot was an aircraft that looked like or was a F-35 multirole combat aircraft.

The tutorial tried to teach you how to play the game as you had to sneak around this area, and at some point some of the creatures and humanoids find you and you have to fight them; and then try to fly the F-35 and use it against them, but that is all that I can remember from the tutorial.

During one part of the dream I probably talked with my mom inside a house, later in the dream I think that a fictional pornographic actress or actress or celebrity and I went to play the video game from earlier in the dream, but we played it on a different console or device so this version of the video game did not have a tutorial to help us learn how to play.

I remembered the beginning of the video game but I still did not know how to play very well and I did not know how to play on this new console or device, I tried to explain what I remembered to the woman playing the video game with me, and it seemed that we were possibly inside the video game as we played or something confusing like that; and I was controlling the Ryu-like character and/or was him, and she was controlling a female character and/or was the female character.

We crossed the sewer with the running water/river, there was a bridge/crossing area, into the parking lot and we sneaked into the building; and the first room inside the building was a narrow small multi-purpose room that even had a toilet and maybe sink and maybe mirror in it like it was a bedroom/bathroom/lobby, and the creatures and humanoids were patrolling the building and outside.

We had waited until their patrols were patrolling inside the building before we sneaked inside, without the tutorial we did not really know how to play so we were trying to figure this out as we played, and instead of a tutorial this version of the video game gave you various objectives to complete as a substitute to having a tutorial it seemed; and so we were trying to complete these various objectives.

At some point the creatures and humanoids found us and I told the woman to run back across the sewer bridge and hide while I distract the creatures and humanoids, the objective was to take the F-35 and try to attach something to the front of it that would allow it to shoot bullets at the creatures and humanoids, and so I drove the F-35 on the ground trying to attach the front of it to a large object while the creatures and humanoids chased and attacked me.

Eventually I got the object to attach and then I flew into the air with the F-35 to start shooting the creatures and humanoids until they were all defeated/dead, then I would pick up the woman, and we would fly to our next objective; but I woke up as I was flying around shooting the creatures and humanoids as they probably shot at me.

The end,

-John Jr