A Team Trying To Sabotage Me

This was my last dream, I did not record the other dreams, so I forgot those dreams, and I am not sure if this dream took place at a college or not or where it was exactly.

I remember an apartment / dorm / house-like building, it probably changed between the three as the dream went on, and I lived there in one of the apartment / dorm rooms / suites / houses with at least three or four men including my former male classmate AP and Brad Dourif or a Brad Dourif-like man and possibly one or more people / women.

Charles Dance Committing Sabotage | A Former Child Actress Goes To Prison

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during the day at a fictional location where there was a facility/operation/compound/community/whatever of people living together like they were trying to isolate themselves from the rest of the world like maybe a disaster had happened, and a group of upper class people seemed to be the overseers of this place.

The actor Charles Dance was one of these overseers (possibly the main overseer), the other overseers that I saw were all upper class men with whitish colored skin who were college aged so Mr. Dance was the oldest overseer it seemed, and the overseers had their own building/offices that they used with connected offices.

The compound reminded me of a fenced in/gated D Junior High School with courtyards, catwalks, various buildings, and maybe a large field; and I was in the dream so maybe the compound had some lower class people like myself, and some middle class people as well.

I can not remember what led up to this and what caused the sudden change in him but at some point Mr. Dance started acting strange when he was inside the overseer offices with the other overseers, one of them noticed this, and Mr. Dance left suddenly after saying that he was okay; and so one of the overseers started investigating, and he noticed that Mr. Dance had stolen some objects from the office and there was evidence that he was trying to sabotage the compound and then he saw Mr. Dance outside the window trying to burn down the overseer offices and probably the entire compound.

The overseers called for others to helped them stop Mr. Dance and I was among the people who ran to help, we ran outside and I remember tackling Mr. Dance and helping arrest him, and we stopped him from burning down the compound; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second/last dream was a long and confusing dream but I forgot most of it, some of the dream took place inside a strange dimly lit windowless building that was a brownish color inside with various tall areas that was several floors tall, and there was a woman with orangish-colored hair with whitish colored skin with freckles who was a former fictional child actress who was there with her husband who had whitish-colored skin with dark-colored hair.

At some point in the dream the former child actress’s husband was found dead, he had been murdered, and it was quickly discovered that his wife murdered him and she tried to cover it up and she lied about it; and so she was taken to jail, and eventually sent to prison.

The dream focused on the boring details before the murder, during the murder, and then after the murder; and later in the dream I was in a fictional city during the day with some of my family on vacation it seemed as we walked around a nice downtown-like area with sidewalks and businesses that you could window shop at.

Oddly the prison that the wife was in was in a building along one of the sidewalks, the building could open and close and adjust its shape as the prison guards controlled it, so we got to see the prisoners during the period where the prison opened up so that they could get some fresh air and sunlight, but most of them were still locked in.

An old prisoner who somewhat reminded me of the actor Morgan Freeman had built a device that he wore on his forearm that could somewhat control parts of the building, but he could not use it to escape yet; and so we watched and listened as he opened some of their prison cells so that they could walk around even though they could not escape the building.

We saw the wife/former child actress among them, there were more details to this dream, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

Something Is Wrong With This Film

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I remember part of several dreams from last night, with one dream showing random people in a city during the day, and each person was a member of various families; and various families had rivalries with each other, some for a very long time.

Some of the families had more peaceful relations now, some were still fighting each other, et cetera; and there was a quick history of various families & their rivalries being mentioned by a voice that was narrating I think.

A man with blond colored and/or grayish/whitish colored hair who looked like an actor from the TV show Law & Order I think was leaving from somewhere and there were other people around too, and a man pulled out a gun & shot him in his head while smiling the entire time.

The man with the gun seemed excited that he had finally murdered the man who was from a family that his family had long been rivals with, but the two families had not fought openly for years; and so this attack was sure to break the semi-peace between the two families.

After taking a moment to enjoy seeing his rival dead, the man with the gun escaped, but many people saw & knew who he was; and the news soon spread among the families.

Old hatreds were renewed and old scars/past aggressions were remembered, as the family of the murdered man started to investigate & prepare to defend their family, and avenge the death of one of their family members; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I had another dream were my male cousin ME and a fictional teenage female cousin came to visit my family and I during the day, I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember us being outside; and one of our cats attacked our fictional female cousin or something like that after she did something to provoke the cat.

My cousin ME got mad, and he was going to attack the cat or did attack the cat; and I remember telling him to leave the cat alone & I told him what had really happened, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

I had another dream that was interesting, it was a mystery themed dream, but I forgot most of it; but I know that it involved a film that was just released, and the creators/performers of/in the film were watching their film for the first time.

From the beginning they/we (I was seeing this as well) noticed that something was not right with the film, the camera movement seemed a bit off, and certain characters were missing from the beginning of the film.

The film seemed to possibly be a somewhat serious film was supposed to be about an astronaut, maybe John Crichton from Farscape, and I think that it was supposed to cover/show parts not shown on the TV show; but I am not sure, and you will find out why soon. 😉

The film was supposed to also bring in maybe all the characters or many characters from the TV show, and some famous actors (like Bruce Willis, and maybe a few others) & actresses were supposed to make guest appearances in the film.

The film was probably supposed to combine two different TV shows casts/universes into one film, one of which was probably Farscape, but I am not sure what the other one was; it was a pretty ambitious project/film.

But the film that we watched was not what it was supposed to be: the story line was changed & wrong except for the very first few minutes of the film, the characters were changed mostly, many characters were missing & not shown at all, the main character John Crichton might have been missing completely, the guest appearances were missing, the tone of the film was wrong, and much more.

The actors, actresses, directors, producers, I/me et cetera watching the film were shocked/angered/confused/et cetera.

Millions of dollars had been spent making the film and everyone worked hard on it, and the film we saw was like something completely different almost.

It was clear that someone had purposely sabotaged the film/project, and we wondered how did they manage to do that; and so we started to investigate, and people started to make calls.

I forgot most of the details but I remember that a Russell Brand-looking man who also sounded somewhat like Mr. Brand, was in the film and somehow he was the main character in the film that we saw, and so we instantly suspected that he was behind sabotaging the film.

I think that he happily admitted that it was him and the film probably even had clues, and the film probably openly joked about how he had sabotaged the film.

I remember that the Mr. Brand-like man was a member of the British Royal Family probably and he had used his connections/wealth to sabotage the film, and his connections/wealth probably were going to protect him too.

I remember some of his friends and him were outside during the day sitting on a brick area near a walkway as he talked with us on his mobile phone, and the area where he was had a nice small park-like look to it; and I saw a few people walking by walking dogs, jogging, walking, et cetera but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

The last dream took place in an area like where the Mr. Brand-like man had been, and I was exploring it; and it was nice.

I walked up some stairs and found my former female classmate MW and we talked, and not far from the top of the stairs was a field with an L-looking lake in it; and two men who looked like tourists were taking photographs of it.

It was beautiful, as much as something L-looking can be (which is not saying much), and I remember climbing a small tree & jumping out of it or something like that.

I was enjoying my time with MW, who rarely talks to me in dreams, and her & I were going to walk to the lake; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Last night I barely remember some of my last dream and I can not remember how it started, I just remember being with a group of men & women who were traveling with a man who I think was from Africa & he had dark brownish color skin with short black colored hair; this man had a special ability and he could not hear normally, he could only hear things in a distorted way so he could not hear normal spoken language like we could, it is hard describe but I was able to hear things how he hears them a few times in the dream.

We were in a fictional city and I think that we might have arrived by bus to a building, I think that the man from Africa was close to unlocking/discovering something with his special ability, and so we were on a quest to help him or something like that; and he was leading us to something.

We found a woman who also had a special ability, I think that she was an oracle, and she had whitish colored skin with short brownish color hair; and she seemed to be a kind woman.

The woman could see & dream of visions of possible future & past events & other things or something like that maybe, and she had the ability to allow others to see certain things too; and the oracle and the man from Africa could use their powers together to unlock/discover something new, something major/big that I think could help the World or something.

It was almost like there was a legend or plan or that their powers had led them to meet together, because they both needed each other to unlock/discover something, and so this was a major moment for them & us; and everyone was excited.

The oracle went to unlock some visions in the man from Africa, but something went terribly wrong, and the man from Africa started to scream in pain as he was seeing visions that the oracle had unlocked or shared with him; and the oracle and the rest of us became very worried & confused, as the man from Africa screamed in pain.

We rushed to figure out what was going on, and I suspected that someone in our group had sabotaged the oracle & the man from Africa’s power so that they could not unlock/discover something to help the World; and for some reason I suspected that poison was used or a chemical or some kind.

As we tried to make sure the man from Africa was okay, we decided to lock-down the building, and begin an investigation; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The next dream took place at a nice fictional house in front of my aunt JE’s house in D, and my former classmate HT’s family & him lived there, and HT invited me over to swim in the pool in their backyard.

The pool was clean but I wondered if any snakes or other animals could be hiding in the pool, a common fear of mine, but I convinced myself that was not very likely & we began to swim; things were going well, until something scratched and/or bit me and/or HT.

I saw something in the pool and I started trying to pull it out of the pool, but it scratched and/or bit me a few times as I fought it; and eventually I think that I ended up having to kill it to avoid having my fingers bit off, it was a small alligator I think.

I pulled it out of the pool and we were shocked, and I wished that I would have checked the pool before we swam; and HT’s mom came outside.

I was bleeding a bit on my hands but I was okay, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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