Resident Evil | A Visionary | JB

Dream 1

In this dream I was playing a Resident Evil-like video game where I was setting up traps & obstacles to slow down enemies in each level.

Dream 2

In this dream I was on vacation with my family at a hotel.

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The Wikimedia Commons image (photograph) above called Loneliness by Ktoine was one of several images that caught my attention back in maybe early 2016 when I used them in a Daily Prompt that basically summed up how my year had went / felt up until that point & the previous year I think.

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Talking To Ghosts / Spirits At Camp Redwood

I had more dreams that I remembered but I did not record them and I went back to sleep and I let my memory of those dream fade away, and so now I can only barely remember part of one dream that was inspired by me watching episode 8 (Rest In Pieces) of the television show American Horror Story: 1984 before I went to sleep.

This dream took place at Camp Redwood where there were some ghosts/spirits from the show and some fictional ghosts there, and some people who were still alive like myself.

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A Negative Mood Leads To Exercising

Part of this dream took place during the day at what looked like my parents yard and house.

My family, some of my coworkers, some police, some other people, and I were there as well.

At some point I was inside the house either my female coworker TR and / or another female coworker needed someone to get her clothes, I remember TR saying that her husband was supposed to be bringing the clothes, I wanted to offer to get her clothes for her but there were some concerns that I had that prevented me from offering to get them.

My female coworker JB was possibly in the dream before this during a forgotten part of the dream, maybe something negative happened and / or something negative was perceived on my part that when combined with several other things in the dream, led to my mood becoming more negative.

I remember seeing my brother CC about to leave the bathroom not fully clothed so I warned him about all the people who were here, and so he probably got dressed or more covered before leaving the bathroom.

The next thing that I remember is us being inside a Walmart or a Walmart-like store or we were outside in another place first, and then we went inside the store.

My coworkers led by one of our assistant directors Mrs. CH were busy finishing up something as I waited, my mood was negative at this point with me feeling maybe generally sad, hurt, vulnerable, maybe stressed, maybe left out, maybe like my masculinity / social standing / et cetera had been attacked, like I was not happy with parts of my life, and / or some other negative draining emotions that I can not describe or remember well enough.

There was some exercise equipment and pull-up / chin-up bars et cetera inside and outside, there were some men exercising, and at some point I started to exercise to as I waited for my coworkers to finish; and I did strength training like lifting weights and various body weight exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups et cetera.

My emotions were wearing me down so exercising was my way of reducing stress, wasting time, distracting myself, boosting my mood, doing something masculine, trying to challenge and strengthen myself et cetera; but I knew that this was not going to really address the negative emotional / social / mental issues that I was dealing with.

At some point I started jogging inside the store until I eventually found my family again and my female coworker DC and her daughters, and so I joined them as they walked around the store.

I remember part of the store being blocked off so we had to walk around, I remember us complaining about this as we walked, and then near the entrance to the next area we saw a very short man arguing with a woman like he was about to attack her and then another short man started to fight him.

An old man with light-color skin suggested that I break up the fight, and so I broke up the fight and I talked with them as I waited for some employees and / or security and / or the police to come but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Jennifer Lawrence Having Psychedelic Experiences?

This dream was possibly inspired by a video called How The Big Lebowski Became A Lifestyle that I saw yesterday and a part in a video where someone showed how tall Jennifer Lawrence looked at The Academy Awards (The Oscars) compared to Jodie Foster:

How The Big Lebowski Became a Lifestyle

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I was at an indoor / outdoor convention center-like area during the day with other people, and I remember sitting and talking with the actress Jennifer Lawrence as we sat among some other people on the ledge of something that was on the ground level.

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