A Left 4 Dead-Like Dream

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I barely remember some of one of my dreams from last night, which took place in a large windowless multi-floor/story building that was like a combination of an apartment/dorm/church/hospital/mansion/building, and I remember being on one of the upper floors.

The building was dimly lit and zombies would attack and/or we would come across them in controlled waves/encounters, like in the video games Left 4 Dead & Left 4 Dead 2, where the zombie encounters vary depending on the situation of the gamer(s).

Melee and/or ranged weapons could be found in various areas around the building, and about thirty or more people were scattered around the building; and sometimes I would come across other people, and sometimes we would work together until we would get separated after a zombie attack.

I remember slowly working my way to the lower floors as the dream went on, and various people would work alone and/or in teams; and I probably used a shotgun that I found at some point until I ran out of ammunition, but most of the dream I was probably weaponless.

At some point a group of people and I were attacked by a large wave of zombies that forced us to escape to the first floor and we came across a large open room where most of the survivors were, and this room had an entrance/exit to the outside; and the group of survivors helped us defeat the large wave of zombies.

The large open room had a shelf full of mêlée weapons and I remember looking at some of them, and I even picked some of them up; and they felt real with realistic weight/size/texture, and I remember another man looking at the mêlée weapons too.

One weapon that I picked up was a saber (curved cavalry sword), a second weapon was a hard black plastic blade that seemed useless, a third weapon was a flimsy/weak/bendable thin metal weapon with a wooden handle that seemed useless, and another was a longsword; and I saw machetes, axes, knives, maybe some spears, and more.

The other man who was looking at weapons seemed to be helping lead the other survivors and so we both talked about strategies & our experiences with the zombies, and we were temporarily using the room as a safe zone.

We probably talked of sending some scouts outside to see if things were safe, waiting to see if more survivors were in the building, thinking about whether or not we could clear the building of zombies & make the building a stronghold, thinking about whether or not we should leave the building, making sure that everyone had weapons & trading weapons, setting up teams to guard the entrances/exits, et cetera; but I woke up as we were talking.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Young Shepherdess Paintings

Lazy Overview:

The last few days I have been busy editing my blog and I have not taken the time to type my dreams, so I will briefly type parts of a few.

I remember having several dreams where I found a painting of The Young Shepherdess by the artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau in each of them, In each of those dreams I found that to be interesting, but I did not explore the paintings or think about them much; these dreams were positive, and I think that every dream and/or part of dream after a painting of The Young Shepherdess is in it, probably almost always is positive and I am not attacked so it like it is a symbol of safety/a safe zone or something.